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Chapter 20

Florence’s POV: I got a notification from my phone, I checked my phone and it turned out to be a message, from the son of the owner of the pharmacy across the alley i and Bukky scoped the last time. His message was a picture, I opened it and what I saw shocked the hell out of me. Bukky was right, the killer could be anyone but it’s definitely one or two of our classmates!

Toby led Bukky to the sitting room, it was brighter than what she saw on Saturday, all the furniture was white, the floors and the wall was the same color, even the lights

“This is the living room; you know that already” Toby told her

“Your mother really outdid herself” Bukky said in awe, the living room was very beautiful.

“Come, I’ll lead you to our personal living room” he led her to another living room room which matched the former living room, the only differences i spotted between this living room and the other was the family portrait, and different pictures, some of Toby’s, Eve’s and a man who seems like Toby’s father. there was a bar at the right side of the living room, it was filled with all kind of drinks both wine and alcohol.

“This is the real living room, that one you saw was the what you could call the waiting living room, and here” Toby pointed to the bar “is the bar, come let’s go to the dining room”

Toby led her to the dining room, it also matched the two living rooms “Do you want to see the kitchen?” Toby asked.

“No?” Bukky answered. She'd be invading their privacy too much. She also felt Toby was showing his family riches off.

“Okay, let’s go upstairs” Toby said

“Huh how many rooms?” Bukky asked as they climb the stairs.

“The last time I checked, eight” Toby said trying to act funny.

“Eight? I though you’re the only child” Bukky replied.

“I never told you that” Toby turned to look at Bukky but she looked away in and Toby smiled “here we are”

They arrived at the top floor which was a long curved hallway, it was also painted white to match the living rooms downstairs, Bukky recognized Toby’s room it was the fourth room down the hall “this is my parent’s room” it was the second room in the hall “and you know my room. You’ve slept there”

“By accident” Bukky stressed “why is your room further from your parent’s room?”

“Nothing, I can change room anytime, there are eight rooms here”

“Why eight rooms though?” Bukky asked

“Dad wants a big home, three to four children. You know as a Yoruba man” he joked “so when he built his house, he did to his taste.”

Toby gestured towards the stairs and Bukky nod her head positively, it seemed like Toby didn’t want to show her his room today, maybe some other time.

“Next place is the garage, while we’re on our way. Tell me something about yourself. Who are you?” Toby asked as they went down the stairs

“Wow, it sounds like you let a total stranger into your house” Bukky joked and Toby smile cheekily.

“Okay, my name is Bukola Adebayo, but call me Bukky” Bukky concluded

“Wait? Is that all?” Toby asked clearly amused and he was enjoying it, Bukky was a puzzle which he can’t wait to solve

“You asked who I am? What answer do you expect?” Bukky smirked. Now they already left the stairs and they were walking towards the front door

“Come on Bukky, where you’re from? do you have siblings? What are your hobbies? Thing like that” Toby opened the front door for Bukky so she could go out first and Bukky did smiling

“Okay” Bukky waited for Toby to close the door so he could led her to the garage “I’m from Ondo state..”

“So am I” Toby interrupted her, Bukky looked confused so Toby explained “I mean my Dad is from Ondo state, Akure which part are you from?” Toby smiled genuinely

“Akure how much further?” Bukky asked, her heels were killing her

“Sorry, should we skip the tour to the date?” Toby asked

“Wait this is not the date?” Bukky asked

“You thought the tour was the date? We better hurry” Toby took Bukky’s hand in hurry to pick up the pace “can you walk fast in those?” Toby and Bukky looked down to Bukky heels and Bukky mumbled “I can manage”


Toby led her to the swimming pool besides the house, the first thought that was ‘wow, that’s a big pool, I guess when you own a construction company you go all out when you build your own house’

There was a table and two chairs which were placed opposite each other, a flower vase was on the table, there were rose petals in the pool, stay with me by Sam Smith was playing gently in the background, but Bukky couldn’t figure out where the song was coming from, the sun was setting and it looked like a scene from a movie. It was very romantic.

“We just got to the date” Toby winked at her as he led her to the chair, he gently pulled it out for her to sit down and he went to his seat

“Wow Toby, this is wow very beautiful” Bukky breathed in taking the fresh scent of expensive perfume into her lungs“I mean how did you?”

“Glad you like it” Toby answered

“Is your mum cool with this?” Bukky asked

“You won’t believe but all these was her idea” Toby answered and the song Hello my love by Westlife came on

“How close are you to your mum? Because I though it’s strange that she smiled at me on Saturday and now this? She planned this?” Bukky was surprised

“She’s my best friend” Toby blushed

“Like a first love? Are you a mama’s boy?” Bukky teased

“Hey stop that” Toby blushed and Bukky mouth hanged open, she can’t believe that Toby, the strong athletic rich handsome guy is a mama’s boy and he blushed at the mention of his mum, what was going on?

“Okay, listen” Toby stopped blushing and became so serous “my mum is my best friend, and I guess you can say she’s my first love. When we first came here, my mother and I were a little bit lost, she is a white woman married to a Yoruba man and I’m bi-racial. It was not easy mixing and bonding with the people here at first. I guess that was how it happened, during that time I got really close to my mum and like that we tell each other everything, happy now?”

“Yeah I guess, but you were totally blushing when I mentioned your mum earlier” Bukky pointed out

“That was because I didn’t expect that, that we will be talking about my mum on our date, it’s our first date so let’s enjoy it, so what drink will you have?” Toby asked

“Why would your mum plan this” Bukky inquired

“My mum wants me to have a normal high school experience; what will you be drinking?”

“Grape wine please, So I gotta ask why a date at your house?”

“Because you hardly eat at school and I noticed you didn’t eat anything at Debby’s party so I figured you are a shy type when it comes to eating in the public so here we are” Toby answered with an easy smile and statement melted Bukky’s heart a little bit, she has always been a shy eater.

“why don’t I get you that wine and you can tell me all about you” Toby winked as he left the table

Then she got scared, it’s crazy but she thinks it’s happening, her heart was beating fast, she was falling for him, but Toby is a suspect to her brother’s death how can she possible fall in love with him? and to make matters worse Unbreakable by Westlife started playing


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