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Chapter 22

Bumola’s Pov: You’re a failure

“It should have been you” Bukky felt her arms going numb the moment Bumola said those words to her, she let go of her mother and the maid took Bumola upstairs. All Bukky could do was watch as her mother ascended the stairs, tears rolled down her eyes. It came as a disbelief to her.

Her phone beeped, she took up the phone, she had two text messages, one from Toby asking her if she got home safety and the other from Florence about the plan, that alone snapped Bukky out of her shock state.

As she went up to her room, she replied Toby that she made it home safe and sound and replied Florence as well.


Shola went straight to her room when she got home, she had started having second thoughts about using Kels to make Toby jealous, not because she grew a conscience but because of Kel’s Nene or Nana, Kel’s grandmother was too forward, she was asking Shola a lot of question for first meeting, Shola felt like she was marrying Kels even Kels was embarrassed on her behalf, she even invited Shola to dinner.

Shola couldn’t say no, why? Because it would be rude and also Debby’s parents were there so if she said no. Debby’s parent might give Debby a restraining order so she won’t hang out with her. Debby was not the cause of the he problem she has with her parents afterall.

The dinner was awkward, Kel’s Nene asked her a lot of questions, Shola couldn’t remember the last time she had struggled to keep a conversation this much, meanwhile Kels ate his food in silence, ignoring both Shola and his grandma, Shola wished she could be like him that moment, she wished she could shut out the world like Kels.

Shola laid on her bed so tired that she didn’t know when she dozed off into the blurry world of meqningless dreams.


There was a knock on Shola’s door, then another knock, then the door hinged, the person had let him or herself in. Shola woke up and sat up in annoyance - Who bangs into anyones room without permission - but she came face to face with her house maid, a woman in her mid-thirties wearing the maid uniform which Shola forced everyone of their personal maids to wear. She looked very surprised.

“Madam, you no go school today? (Madam, won’t you go to school today?)” the housemaid asked stunned.

“What?” Shola frowned until she picked her phone and the time said 7:31 am, she overslept and she was late already! “Jesus!” She screamed “I’m late, why didn’t you wake me” Shola lamented as she rushed to the bathroom, while her house maid looked at her struggling with everything like an uncoordinated fellow. ‘Serves you right’ The maid thought within herself.

“I don wake you like that yesterday or last week (I’ve never done that before, why start now?)” the house maid murmured to herself because if Shola heard what she said she was in serious trouble, she just left the room to give ‘Madam Shola’ all the privacy she deserves.

In less than fifteen minutes, Shola was rushing down the stairs in her school uniform dashing outside to her car, commanding the driver to drive to school as fast as he could.

Since she didn’t have time to apply makeup properly, she settled for something light in the car, she applied her foundation and powder, she decided to use a nude lipstick, she was so busy concentrating on her makeup that she didn’t notice that her phone had been burning up due to calls and messages.

The ride to school was thankfully fast but that didn’t stop Shola for being late, she dashed from her car straight to the classroom, she noticed that the school was littered but getting to class was her main concern, when she got to the class entrance she stopped to catch her breath, she was never to be caught unfresh. She brought out a dark glass from her bag to cover up the swollen bags under her eyes, she planned to tell the teacher that she was a little sick that morning.

When the glass was in position, her breath was normal, Shola opened the door all confident and smart, as she stepped into the class, the Principal, Mrs. Akin and the rest of the class turned to look at her, some sent pitiful look at her direction, some curious, some scornful, some were laughing.

Shola couldn’t understand what was going, she was just late “Why are you late Miss Bent?” the Principal’s calm voice was the first Shola heard.

“I heard a bit of headache this morning, I overslept I’m sorry it won’t happen again” Shola explained coolly, she felt like she was caught in a mouse trap.

“My office, now!” The Principal commanded and Shola went out of the class, she proceeded towards the Principal’s office, and she noticed the littering of the school, then her phone buzzed in her bag, she removed the phone and she gasped. Too much notification, 28 missed call, 1459 messages on what’s app, 17 phone text messages, the message she got from Dami was two seconds ago read

‘Whatever you do, don’t read the note littered on the floor’

“What note?” Shola though out loud, she picked one out of the pile of notes on the floor, she didn’t bother to hide her disgust as she picked the note and the floor, and she read it

’This is dangerous Banky, should Toby and the guys finds out, we’re dead.

You hear me, DEAD!


She removed her glass to she read it again but it was the same

’This is dangerous Banky, should Toby and the guys finds out, we’re dead.

You hear me, DEAD!


She read it over and over again but nothing changed.

Shola looked like she saw a ghost, her hands fell in defeat, the imaginary headache she claimed to have started suddenly, she was in trouble, she was busted, she had been careful and now everybody knows, her life was finished!

“This isn’t my office Shola” The Principal started her, Shola’s limbs went weak, she almost fell down but she caught by the Principal “Are you okay?” the Principal concerned voice rang in her ears, the Principal help her to her feet “You look like you’re about to pass out”

With the Principal’s support, Shola was able to walk to her office but two men were waiting for them at the door, one of the was wearing a police uniform while the other was on mufti.

“Gentlemen?” The Principal said as a calm as she could

“Good morning ma, I’m Officer Musa” Musa and his colleague showed the principal their IDs “we are from the area command, we have been waiting for the Principal Nancy”

“I am the Principal, Mrs. Nancy, what do I own this pleasure?” the Principal asked even though they all knew it was a pleasure

“Can we talk privately?” Musa asked while looking at Shola, the Principal understood the gesture

“Sure, Shola wait here while I attend to these gentlemen of the police force” the Principal said, Shola obeyed the Principal, she sat down at the waiting area and while the Principal and the two men entered her office.

After about minutes of what seemed like an icy conversation between the Principal and inspector Musa ended, the Principal came out of her office “Shola”

Shola stood up from her seat she had been able to compose herself, the worst thing that could happen is that she might have to change school, she could do this but look on the Principal face said otherwise but Shola didn’t let it scare her.

“The police officer would like to have a word with you”

The Principal entered her office not even bothering about Shola’s response. She entered into the office after the Principal, Inspector Musa had already arranged the visitor’s chair which normally was besides each to opposite each other, Inspector Musa was sitting on one, the Principal went to her seat which was across the table, the other officer was standing.

“Hi, I’m Officer Musa” Musa greeted her with a fake smile

“I know, I heard you outside” Shola answered

“Is that so? Why don’t you come sit so we can get this over with” he gestured to the chair opposite him, Shola sat down all confidence, she didn’t know where the strength was coming from but she was thankful.

“What’s your name?” Musa started

“Adeshola Bent”

“Did you write this note Shola? Can I call you Shola?”


“To which question, note or name?”


“Why” the officer asked, the office became quiet, Shola didn’t answer “Why did you write this note Shola?” he asked again

Tears rolled down Shola’s eyes, it was first time Shola cried after her mum died.

The end!


Thank you all so much for reading Banky. Yeah, I know not the end you excepted but there will be a sequel to this. And by the way, its coming soon!. Let’s journey together!

Well unto the next one.

I have to appreciate my editors Akande Charis Toyosi (he also made the cover), Joke, Jerrywhiz, Oso Dammy, Michael and Folashade (She baby), you’re all amazing friends thank you for everything.

To all my friends who had a share this story with their friends, to those who have liked, commented and added it to their reading list. God bless you all. I love you all

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