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Chapter 3

Bukky’s POV: New school, new rules, new people, new world, new but broken me.

The rest of the class passed by in a blur, Bukky didn’t understand what was going on, she knew she needed answers and ‘Tito’ will provide them.

During break, Florence walked to Bukky seat “Hi” she said

“Hello” Bukky replied

“I’m Florence and I’ll be your tour guide, if you’re not doing anything now, I’ll like for us to get started” Florence told Bukky.

“Can’t we do that after I come back from the Principal’s office? she asked me to come see her” Bukky told Florence,

“Okay, I’ll be excepting you after as long as it won’t take long” Florence answered, then she turned to leave but stopped when Bukky started talking “Hmmn, can you point me to the Principal’s office?” Bukky asked

“Okayyy, come with me” Florence answered with a warm smile, Bukky got up from her sit and followed Florence.

On their way to the Principal’s office, Florence tried to describe some places to Bukky while making some crazy jokes which made them both laughed softly, Florence was greeted by almost everybody, Bukky had to comment “Wow, you’re really popular”

Florence laughed “Not really, but yes. I’m the vice-president of the school’s writing club and nothing happens in the school without my knowledge”

“Really?” Bukky asked, Bukky wondered if she knew what might have happened between her brother, the unknown writer of the note and Toby. It might seem crazy but she’s was having a bad feeling about the note since when she read it.

“Yessss, girl all you have to do is ask” Florence answered “We’re here, I’ll wait for you at the reception while you go inside and do your business but if you spend more than ten minutes, I’ll leave because I don’t joke with my stomach and I’m really hungry. If you don’t meet me after ten minutes, just get anyone to lead you to the cafeteria, I’ll be there”

Okay was all Bukky could say because Florence was talking to fast, it was obvious she was already hungry.

The principal’s office was warm, spacious and very awkward for Bukky, she was sitting on the visitor’s chair, while the Principal scanned her just as she had that morning. After a few minutes, she placed a sheet of paper on the table opposite Bukky and she started taking “Will you explain to me what happened there?”

Bukky picked up the paper and it was her last report card from her last school, she looked up but before she could react the Principal continued more softly this time “I talked to Principal of the last school you attended, I was told you were one of their best students” The Principal sigh, she left her seat and walked to Bukky, she placed her hands on her shoulder “I don’t understand what you’re going through but I have also lost someone dear to me once, so from now on, once a week, you will be seeing the school’s counselor”

“But!” Bukky attempted to protest

“I’m not finished. You will be having the school’s breakfast, it’s not mandatory but for you. It is! Who did your teacher hand you over to?” The Principal asked

“A girl called Florence”

“Yes, Miss Dikko, she will explain what the school’s breakfast is to you and she’ll guide you to the Counselor’s office and I do not want to hear that you missed any of your appointments or your breakfast” Principal declared “You may go now, but come back to see my secretary to see if any of the uniforms sizes you” She tapped Bukky’s shoulder “It’s going to be alright, okay?”

“Yes ma, thankyou ma” Bukky stood up and she left the office but she sincerely wished it was alright.

Florence was about to leave the secretary’s office when Bukky came out “Thank God you’re out” She waked towards Bukky and pulled her to follow her rather forcefully and quickly and she continued “If you had stayed another minute, you wouldn’t have met me here”

“What’s the urgency?” Bukky asked

“My stomach, that’s what” Florence answered.

In the cafeteria, Bukky waited while Florence went to get her food, then the Bukky’s knight and two other boys came to her seat and they sat down.

“Hi, I noticed you were in the class earlier, Tobi?” he extended his right hand to her. Bukky noticed he said ‘Tobi’ instead of ‘Toby’ which was different from what Mrs. Akin said in the class that morning, “Tobi?” Bukky asked with a confused face as she shook his hand

“Yes, long story but you can call me Toby or Tobi, which ever one you choose” Toby was explaining “and this is Michael and Kels” Michael and Kels waved to her, Michael and Kels were wearing their uniforms but they still glow, Michael was all dressed, he had the perfect jawline with a low cut, Kels had the average good-looking Nigerian face but he still rocked it with his short dread hairstyle, and it seemed the three of them are a magnet for girls because almost all the girls in the cafeteria was looking them.

Florence came back to the table, she sat down on a chair beside Bukky, she dropped a tray containing a couple of junks and two soft drinks, she looked at Toby with suspicious eye, she was about to talk but Toby beat her to it.

“Before you start to talk Flo, I’m just trying to be friends with her” Toby said

“I wasn’t going to say anything; I was only going to tell you that I am not giving you my food” Florence rolled her eye, she picked one of her biscuits and the soft drink and she offered it to Bukky with a warm smile “here, these are for you”

“I’m okay, this is not necessary” Bukky attempted to return the food back to Florence but Florence returned it

“No, I brought it for you because I can’t be eating here while you look at my mouth………”

“But I can look at your mouth” Toby interrupted Florence Bukky smiled at Toby’s statement but Florence ignored Toby and went on “Accept it as a school warming gist or an invitation to be my friend, so accept it”

Bukky really can’t say no to Florence, so she accepted it “Thank you”

A girls came over “We noticed that you guys aren’t eating; you can have these” they offered them three cola drink.

“No, that won’t be necessary” Kels answered, “We are okay, thank you” Michael answered but Toby collected one “I’ll just take one” with a bright smile

“Oh, is there something wrong, it is really good” the girl said as she tried to open one of the cola drink, it gushed out and poured on the table and on Michael’s face and body “ha!!!, oh my God, I’m sorry” she exclaimed, she attempted to clean Michael’s face but he stooped her.

“No” Michael removed his own handkerchief and he gracefully cleaned himself up while the girl kept chanting the sorry mantra, Michael cleaning himself up was so magical, it felt like a scene from a movie, after he was done, he took the girl’s hand and he placed the handkerchief and placed it in her hand “It’s okay, ok go and enjoy your break” he spoke so softly that the girl became so calm, she apologized again and left.

All the time Toby and Kels were trying hard to hold their laughter, as soon as the girl left they started laughing “come on, Mike, all these girls try so hard to get your attention but you won’t even look at their direction” Kel said with fake sympathy “Poor girl”

“First, it’s Mikael not Mike and I love at their direction, I just try to avoid calamities as what that just happened now” Michael answered.

“Yeah, that’s enough, back to you” Toby turned his attention to Bukky “So, have you decided which name you’ll be calling me or you’ll be calling me sweetheart from now on” Toby blinked at Bukky but Florence rolled her eye snapped her fingers right in Toby’s face “Really, Toby has it ever occurred to you that your charm isn’t going on ever female in this school?” Florence asked

“Well, it isn’t working on you, so, I guess not” Toby joked, which made Florence punched him playfully on his shoulders “oww…..” he pretended to be hurt “be careful with your girl punches, you could have hurt my shoulder” Toby said with sarcasm, which made Bukky, Florence and the two guys behind Toby laughed.

“So, have you decided?” Toby asked Bukky

“Well, I’ll call you Toby” Bukky concluded

“Well, for now, it’s okay” he stood up “we will make it sweetheart later” Toby kissed Bukky’s right hand, blinked to Florence and then left with the other two guys.

“He is something” Bukky said after Toby left

“Yes, I’ll tell you that”

“What’s the deal about them” Bukky asked Florence.

“The deal about them is that they are the richest, athletic and good-looking guys in the entire school” Florence answered in awe “there are five of them, you see, Toby or Tobi, his dad is self-made CEO of construction company and his mother is English, Toby is their only son, Michael was born in the states but his family moved here when his father suddenly decided to pursue politics, and he’s father is the minister of justice, and Kels’s grandmother is of the board of directors at one big cooperation, so they are big deal and you might have met the fourth one, the one that made that dramatic entry in class this morning, Tito. He sat beside you, Tito’s father is the Alhaji Usman the great film maker married to two actresses, all of this family are all involved in the show business. The last of them and the original leader, who is late, God bless his soul is Bankola Adebayo popularly known as BANKY”

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