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Chapter 4

Bukky’s Pov: I don’t think I’ll have many friends

“Who?” Bukky asked

“Banky, he is the leader of the gang or should I say geng” Florence answered sadly, she pointed to the third table away from their table the cafeteria, the table is full of flowers, most of the faded, cards, pictures and notes “You see that table, that’s where the five of them will stay with their girlfriends and other friends, but since Banky died last year, the guys have not been sitting there, we rarely have lunch in the cafeteria” Florence explained to Bukky.

Bukky tried to look unaffected but she could not when she saw all the pictures and the wishes, and all the flowers and a couple uncontrollable drops of tears ran out her cheeks. Bukky tried to clean it discreetly but Florence caught her.

“Why are you….” Florence tried to stop her tears

“It’s just” Bukky tried to answer but she just cried more.

“Hey, I know it’s sad but I don’t think you should be crying on your first day” Florence dried both hers and Bukky’s tears with tissue “I’m sorry, I didn’t know that you’re this sensitive, I shouldn’t have told you”

“It’s okay” Bukky sniffed as she took another tissue to clean her tears “I’m fine, thank you”

“Well, what do we have here?” A girl asked. Bukky and Florence looked up, three girls were in their sight, the one at the left and the middle had average height while the one at the right was taller than both, she had a sculpted figure, she had a fair complexion. With a pair of arched eyebrows embracing her cat-like eyelashes. She had a straight and carved nose, coupled with a set of dazzling, angel-white teeth gleamed as she blew gently on her crystal clear fingernails she had dark blue eyes gazing at Bukky with curiosity over her puffy, heart shaped lips. Her waist was tapered, her uniform fitted perfectly to her measure, her appearance was perfected by her short hair.

The girl in the middle which Bukky realized that she saw in class earlier, she was the girl trying so hard to get Toby’s attention, she had the ‘china doll’ face except she’s Nigerian, she had a long face which Bukky noted was covered with Makeup, her arched eyebrows was very noticeable thanks to her artificial eyelashes, her noses straight and lips her very lined, she was slim and her uniform was perfectly made for her, the aura around smelled like royalty.

The girl at the left was very normal average girl with round face slim with a reasonable burst, with soft famine curves, she looked very bored already considering they just got there less than a thirty seconds.

“What does it seems like, Shola?” The girl on the left asked the girl in the middle “Florence here is making the new girl cry” she concluded.

“Shola, let’s just go” The girl at the right hand of Shola pleaded.

“No, I don’t think they’ve been properly introduced, new girl. I’m Adeshola, but everyone calls me Shola, this is Deborah, but we call her Debby” Shola gestured to the girl by her right hand side, Debby smiled politely and waved to Bukky “and this is Oluwadamilola, but we call her Dami” Dami just waved.

“Now that we all know each other” Shola placed her two hands on the table and she came face to face to Bukky “you might want to know that Toby, the really handsome half-caste you were flirting with since first period is mine” Shola smiled innocently but the smile didn’t meet her eye “so, you might want to be a good girl and leave him alone, just do what your parents sent to do in school”

“Which is?” Bukky asked

“Face your studies” Shola answered

“Isn’t that what your parent sent you here to do as well?” Bukky asked, Shola, Dami and Florence was shocked but Debby chuckled. “Darling, if I were you, I would take your advice and just do what my parents sent me to do in school which is facing my studies head on”

“Wow” Shola stood up straight “it seems like our new girl is quite a character, I’ll let you get your bonding, let’s go” Shola, Dami and Debby left.

“I wasn’t expecting that” Florence said shocked that Bukky could go from sad to mad

“She pissed me off” Bukky answered.

“Aren’t you going to ask who they are?” Florence asked.

“No, I think I’ll get to know in time” Bukky answered.

“What did you and the Principal talk to about?” Florence asked since she figured that she had to change the subject as she dug into her snacks.

Bukky told her about the instructions the Principal told, Florence explained to her what school breakfast was all about. Turns out that the breakfast are short test students take on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, but it wasn’t compulsory, Florence promised to show Bukky to school counselor’s office when the school break is over.

Not less than ten minutes, Tito came to sit at their table, he had a mischief (mischievous)laugh, Florence asked while looking suspicious “What did you do?” an angry white teacher stormed in to the cafeteria and he scream “TITO!!!!!”

“Oh, the trouble maker strikes again” Florence commented

Tito stood up from his seat feigning innocence “Mr. Tom, how may I be of service to you?”

Mr. Tom walked up to Tito “Did you just ask me that? How could you do this to me? To my car? My baby”

“What?” Tito asked, many of the students around were already cracking up, even Tito was trying so hard to be composed.

“You put bird food on my car, now all the pigeon, all the poop, all the feathers, all on my baby!” The teacher looked so pained, that if a stranger was passing by, they would think that ‘the baby’ he was referring to was real, not knowing it was a car. And all the students were laughing.

“I didn’t do anything sir; why would I do that?” Tito asked

“Don’t play coy with me, the CCTV camera caught you!”

“Dang it! Stupid cameras” Tito tried to look innocent, he turned the teacher towards the entrance of the cafeteria “Well, Mr. Jason, you know the birds were hungry and I just wanted to help them, you know…I’m sorry, I will have the car washed”

“NO!!! you have been doing this to me, now you will follow me to the Principal’s office, then you’ll explain to me why there’s nowhere in the school where you could put bird food to feed your hungry birds expect MY CAR!” Mr. Jason took Tito by his collar and took him out of the cafeteria.

“Let’s go and check out Mr. Jason’s baby” Some boy said and most of the students including Florence ran out of the cafeteria, so Bukky had to follow “Is he always like that?” Bukky asked Florence on the way “Well, Mr. Jason deserves to be taught a lesson but yes, Tito is always like that, he’s a troublemaker” Florence answered.

When they got to the parking lot, a black car was almost covered with bird poop, and most of the students were there laughing hard, some were taking pictures of the car, even Bukky had to laugh because it was so funny. The school bell rang which meant break was over and everybody went back to their classes but Tito didn’t come back to class for the rest of the day.

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