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Chapter 5

Bukky’s POV: ‘First I must find out who wrote the note

When Bukky got home from school, her father was all packed up for a journey “Glad I could see you before I leave” he said as he embraced Bukky

“Good afternoon Daddy” Bukky greeted her Dad

“How did you get home?” Bowale asked as he released Bukky from his embrace

“I took a taxi; mum gave me some money” Bukky explained

“That won’t be necessary from tomorrow” A man came inside “this man will be your driver from tomorrow, and here” Bowale removed a atm card from his wallet “use this to get whatever you want for now, it’s mine, I’ll see to it that you get your own when I come back. The password is your birthday”

“Thanks Dad, when are you coming back” Bukky asked her father because she was going to miss him so much, her mother hasn’t been nice to her as long as she can remember, after her brother who is the only companion she had in the house, it was her father. But he only does nice things out of the ordinary when her mother is not around.

“Hard to say but I promise to come as fast as I can” he embraced “be a good girl take care of your mother, she needs you most now and I have to go or I’ll be late for my flight” he turned to take his bags, Bukky helped him with one and she escorted him to his car outside. They said goodbyes and he left.

When Bowale left, Bukky told the driver to ready at 7:10 am the next day.

Her uniforms were already waiting for her in her room when she got there, it fit perfectly. Tomorrow, she must go back to the school, she doesn’t want to be paranoid but something about the note kept bugging her. She knew who the note was referring to, it ‘Toby and the guys’. ‘First I must know who wrote the note’ she thought and she will start tomorrow.

The next day, after the ‘school breakfast’ at the class, the rest of the class arrived Bukky figured the arriving students are those that don’t take the breakfast. As usual since there is no teacher, everyone was talking to each other, Florence was asking Bukky if she had problem with any of the question at the morning breakfast, Bukky was explaining the ones she had problem with until Debby, Dami and Shola squealed loudly.

Everyone attention was on them, and they did it again “Common, it so early in the morning for

this!” Kels yawned over their squealing.

“What is it?” Toby asked

“This is” Shola gave Toby an invitation card

“It’s my birthday invitation card, it’s this Friday” Debby explained happily, she then shared invitation cards to the rest of the class “We are so sorry for the noise”

At that moment, Tito entered the class, Debby shyly gave an invitation card to him “I hope you come” she told Tito, she went to Florence’s table, gave both Florence and Bukky their respective IV, and she smiled politely to Bukky.

When Debby returned to Shola’s table, Shola asked “I get why you invited the Fatty” referring to Florence “but why the new girl?”

“Because she’s new and cute, I don’t know, I just want to nice” Debby answered.

“After what she did to us yesterday?” Dami asked

“She didn’t do anything to me or you” Debby shrugged

“But she did something to your friend, our friend” Dami explained

“Forget yesterday” Shola told Dami and she turned to Debby “You can’t just invite anyone to our party”

“It’s MY party Shola and I can invite whoever I want” Debby shrugged.

“But, Debby” Dami emphasized on Debby

“Don’t you both have to go meet Michael, I though you guys need his help on picking a dress” Debby reminded them, she needs to change the subject because it doesn’t end well whenever Shola and Dami gang up on her.

Shola rolled her eyes and she went on to Michael’s seat to talk to him about her shopping plans and Dami followed her, was relief.

Bukky noticed that Florence has been looking the IV card since with a surprised look, “May I ask why you’re surprised?” Bukky asked

“It’s just” she looked more confused than surprised

“What is it?” Bukky asked

“Nothing, never mind” Florence hesitated. Bukky asked again “Is there something I should know?” Florence was about to answer but a teacher came in and Bukky had to go back to her seat so Florence just said “Later”.

When Bukky sat on her seat, she waved to Tito and Tito smiled back. During the lesson, Tito slipped Bukky a note saying ‘did you like my stunts yesterday?’

Bukky wrote back ‘No, it was very inadequate’

Tito slipped another note back to her and it said ‘Why, I put in extra efforts just for you to enjoy the show’

Bukky replied him her reply ‘because it’s wrong to do what you did to a teacher’s car. And by the way, since you went home early yesterday, why do you look tired?’

Tito replied ‘trust me, you don’t want to know (insert winking face)’

Bukky looked at Tito and he winked again and she smiled but she noticed how tired he looked, it was very unusual. Then an idea slipped into her mind, if it was an amination, a light bulb would have on her head. Notes, yes, note.

The note had to slipped to her brother in class by one of his classmates, now she had to check everyone’s handwriting to find out who the person is. She was hopeful for the first time in months.

During break, Bukky and Florence were at their table and Florence was eating her food faster than usual as if she was running away, Bukky just silently watched her.

Florence took some of her water, Bukky still said nothing then Florence said something “I wasn’t going to say anything because of how you reacted yesterday but I still can’t keep this to myself”

Bukky gave Florence time to sort out her thoughts and Florence continued “It’s just that I’m surprised”

“About what?” Bukky was confused

“She acted like he was her heaven and earth” Florence continued “Who?” Bukky asked

“Birthday party?” Florence asked

“Debby?” Bukky asked confused, what has she got to do with this?

“I don’t know what to say” Florence said

“You don’t know what you are saying clearly, you have been confusing me” Bukky confessed.

“Okay, I’ll explain” Florence took deep breath “you have to promise me you won’t cry like you did yesterday”

Bukky don’t know where this was going and how it concerned her brother but she nods anyway. “Okay, so the girl Debby who shared her birthday invitation in class this morning is Banky’s girlfriend when he was alive” “What?” Bukky asked shocked because she and her brother was very close and he would tell her if he had a girlfriend but she was surprised that she was finding out for the first time.

“You see why I’m surprised, even when she wants to prove that she has moved on. I don’t think she’s supposed to throw a big birthday party to prove it” Florence kept on ranting.

Bukky was hurt, her brother tells her everything but it was the time she discovered that he had a girlfriend, she was starting to realize that she was about to find the side of her brother she had no idea that existed, the Banky’s side. Who BANKY was?

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