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Chapter 6

Bukky’s Pov: PS: Florence is a kdrama fan.

Bukky’s brother has been dead for about six months, isn’t that enough time for a girl to mourn her girlfriend? She’s not a permanent family member and what else, they are still teenager. They are still at the early stage of their life.

“Why should she not have a birthday party? It’s been about six months Bankole died, it’s not like she’s his mother or sister and she’s still young to put her life on hold” Bukky told Florence reasonably.

“I know she’s not his mother or sister but” Florence signed “What?” Bukky asked

“It’s just there is this Korean drama I watched, the boy died and the girl didn’t stop loving him and he’s around to save her from danger” Florence answered with awn “So, if I’m getting you, you’re comparing real life, Debby’s life to a Korean drama?” Bukky’s statement came out as a question, she realized Florence is a kdrama fan which explains her reaction.

It took about ten minutes of intense conversation to convince Florence that Debby throwing a birthday party is not a mortal sin “That’s why Nigerians don’t find true love” Florence concluded, then she asked “How did you know that BANKY died about six months ago?”

Bukky froze. “You told me” she lied hoping Florence won’t notice.

“Okay, what are you wearing to the birthday?” Florence asked

“What? You’re going?” Bukky asked a little bit surprised “Yes, everyone is going, you’re going right?” Florence asked.

“Yes, I will be going but I don’t have what to wear” Bukky answered “So, shopping after school today?” she asked Florence. “Yes”

Toby was staring at Bukky across the cafeteria and he asked Michael “Isn’t she beautiful?”

“it depends on who” replied Michael

Toby rolled his eyes “I meant Bukky”

“Oh, the new girl, she’s okay her nose is cute” Michael replied. “Why do you always look at every girl’s body in detail?” Toby asked because he had always wondered, Michael is the only boy he knew that that knows how a girl’s face is, skin tone, how she walks, female clothing, cosmetics, jewelry basically everything that makes a woman, that’s why he is every girl’s favorite.

“I don’t know; it’s fascinating” Michael replied.

“As fascinating as it might be, please do not check my girl out” Toby answered.

“Well, you were the one who asked me the question and I answered” Michael countered. Toby nods in agreement

“By the way, I’m thinking of asking Bukky if I can pick her to the party?” Toby asked

“I don’t know man; I have only talked to the girl like one time” Michael replied.

“Talk to who?” Shola asked as she came over to their table but nobody answered “seriously, you guys won’t answer. Okay, I’ll find out my way, where is Tito and Kels?”

“Tito must be somewhere causing trouble and Kels must be somewhere being alone” Michael replied

“So, are we still on today? You promised to come with us?” Shola asked Michael “Yes” Michael replied. Toby stood up and he was going towards Bukky’s table while Shola held his arm “Toby, I came to see you”

Toby took a deep breath and turned to Shola “What is it?”

Shola looked up and down “I don’t know how I can explain this to you” she looked down and she looked at Toby’s face “My dad will be coming back on Friday and the driver will be the one to pick him up at the airport, so I need you to pick me up on Friday”

“Can’t you take a taxi?” “Can’t you go pick your dad at the airport by yourself” Michael and Toby asked at the same time.

“Well, I can’t take a taxi or any other car service because it’s dangerous, you remember what happened to me the last time and Michael” she turned to Michael with a ‘you’re not invited to this conversation’ look before she answered “Dad is just coming to town for a brief meeting, the driver will pick him up, drive him to the meeting and drive him back to the airport when they are done, so can you pick me up, please” Shola pleaded.

Toby really had no choice now but to say “Yes”. Shola squealed and hugged Toby as she was chanting “Thank you”, Toby tried to wriggle out of her arms “I’ll see you on Friday, it’s a date!” she yelled the ‘date’ so everybody can hear “and Michael, I’ll see you this evening” Shola pecked Toby besides his lips and walked away.

Toby sank back to his chair, Michael tapped his shoulders gently and said “Don’t worry, another time will come”

As Shola got to her seat where Dami and Debby were seated “I can’t believe you Shola” Dami said as she and Shola exchanged high-fives.

“Well, I’m glad I keep surprising you” Shola answered clearly impressed with herself

“Since that is settled, is Michael tagging along for our shopping because we don’t have time anymore?” Debby asked seriously.

“I must tell you how disappointed I am at you for still doubting me Debby, yes he will be tagging along and will be picking our dresses for us. Happy?” Shola answered and Debby let out a huge breath.

“So, will you be coming along?” Shola asked Dami

“I don’t see reasons why I won’t” Dami answered “Just come prepared, I don’t want to be embarrassed like last time” Shola smiled but the smile was reaching her eyes

“Shola!” Debby warned

“It’s okay Debby” Dami calmed Debby

“Don’t worry Shola, your princess ass will be disgraced” Dami stood up “Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go meet my mum” Dami left.

“What did you do that for?” Debby asked Shola when Dami was out of earshot

“I’m trying to make sure what happened last time won’t happen” Shola answered back

“But it was a mistake” Debby threw back but Shola snorted “You really expect me to believe that” Debby just sighed, God knows she’s tired of those two always fighting.

Dami couldn’t believe Shola would bring that talk back, she was trying to conceal her anger when she stormed into her mum’s office. The Principal looked up from her laptop to the door “Well, it seems you have no respect for my office”

“Mum, I’m having a bad day” Dami answered as she sat down on the chair, the Principal’s raised her eyebrows “I’m sorry Mum”

“Having a bad day?” the Principal asked “all school days are bad mum” Dami joked but the Principal didn’t find it funny

“I heard Debby is throwing a birthday party” the Principal asked

“How did you know that?” Dami asked

“Hello” the Principal answered, she waved her right hand to herself as she said “Principal here” Dami smiled softly, no matter how her day is going, her mother will always make her feel nice.

“Well, Mum-principal I was hoping…….”

“No” The Principal interrupted




“I said no Dami, I can’t give you money for shopping. You know things are tight right now, I don’t need to explain that to you, you will have to wear what you have before.” the principal went back to what she was doing on her laptop before Dami came in.

Dami just sank further into her chair then her Mother asked “Did you guys give Bankole’s sister a nice reception yesterday? I forgot to ask”

“Who?” Dami asked a little bit confused. “

The new girl, Bankole Adebayo’s sister that joined your class yesterday, did you guys welcome her nicely?” Dami couldn’t believe it, the new girl Bukky is Banky’s sister

“Damilola?” Her mother pressed

“Huh” Dami collected herself from her thoughts

“Yes, we were very nice to her as a matter, Debby invited her to her birthday” Dami told her mother.

“Good, I won’t want the girl to feel out of place” Principal concluded.

“I have to go Mum, I have something to do” Dami stood up to leave “Okay, see you later” her mother answered without glancing to her direction.

As Dami stepped into the hallway, she bumped into Alex. “Watch where you’re going Alex” Dami snapped, “Sorry, I was looking for you” Alex replied

“What!” Dami asked a little bit angry, “Why? Your mum didn’t give you money for shopping? You know you could just come back?” Alex gave her his infamous cocky smile

“I told you the last time, I’m not interested anymore, I WANT OUT” Dami answered and she walked away from Alex.

“Today’s job is 30bea” that stopped Dami in her track and she turned back “What?”

“30 bea, I would have done it but I have other things to take care of” Alex answered as he walked up to her “so, Dami are you in or OUT?

Dami said the last time was the last she would ever take the job but she needed the money, especially after how Shola spoke rudely to her earlier, she didn’t know when she said “I’m in”.

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