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Chapter 7

Bukky’s Pov: “Florence, I’m Bankole’s sister”.

Bukky stood awkwardly at the living room, Florence had given Bukky her house address at school and she was there to pick her up for their date to mall. Bukky though Florence was joking when Florence said “When you get to my house, ask for ‘Fatima’ not Florence” at school. Bukky asked why but Florence said “When you get to my house, you will know why” and Bukky knew why the moment she entered Florence’s house. Florence is a Muslim.

Bukky just thought she had the native Fulani look because she was one of their descendants or something but the pictures of her families’ pictures proves she is a direct descendant, too direct.

Florence came out from a passage wearing an Ankara gown with a black hijab, before Bukky could say anything, Florence smiled and said “Let’s go”

“What was that” Bukky asked as they entered the car, as soon as Florence entered the car, she peeled off the hijab over her head “That was my house”

“I know that” Bukky rolled her eyes.

“Well, if you must know, my dad is Fulani……”

“I got that part of the gist” Bukky interrupted

“…. BUT….” Florence emphasize on the ‘but’ “my mum is Igbo and she’s Christian, and under my father’s roof I stay by his rules. Hey, that was a good line” Florence praised herself

“Focus” Bukky snapped.

“So, at home I’m Fatima but any other place I’m Florence”. Bukky was still confused but she decided not to press further.


Florence knew her way round the shopping mall and Bukky just simply followed her until she entered a store, they went through dresses and pick some to try it on.

The store attendant leads them to the changing room, after the first three dresses, Florence c chose hers and Bukky had to go for two extra times before Florence finally said “Yes, this is the one, we will have the rest of these cloths too” she told the attendant as she handpicked some of the cloths.

Bukky went back to the dressing room so she can change back to her normal cloths when Florence asked her” What’s the password to her phone”

“Why would you ask?” Bukky asked

“Because I’m bored” Florence dramatically yawned, Bukky just rolled her eye collected the phone and unlock it “But I must warn you though, you won’t be finding anything interesting there”.

The first app Florence went to was Gallery, as she stepped out of the dressing room, she really couldn’t find anything interesting, there was not screenshots, no meme, no videos, just a couple of camera photos when she dived in right away. One photo made Florence froze.

Bukky came out the dressing room after trying all she could to unzip her dress “Florence, can you help me with this zip, it’s a little difficult for me” Bukky turned her back on her but when Florence didn’t move Bukky turned to her “Florence” She tapped her then she looked at her phone in her hand and she saw that she was viewing a video of her and her brother Bankole, it’s was the video they made the day her Father gifted her that phone as her birthday present the previous year, Bankole had called her his sister and she wished her a happy birthday.

Bukky’s first instinct was to pull the phone from Florence’s hands, then she looked up to her face and there it was, the pitying expression. “Why didn’t you tell us, tell me” Florence asked softly with a low voice

“Because of these, the awkward silence, the sympathy” Bukky sighed “I can’t deal with that over again” Bukky felt her eyes water

“Is that why you cried the first time I talked about him but you were not are the funeral” Florence started crying too

“I missed it” Bukky replied

“Bukky” Florence pulled Bukky into a hug and she accepted it. “I’m so sorry, it’s going to be okay, okay” Bukky pulled out of the hug as she said “Thank you”.

“O my God, are you two lesbians?” Shola’s royal voice broke them out of the moment.

Shola and Debby stood in front of them

“What do you want, Shola” Bukky sniffed

“OMG, I’m feeling déjà vu, right now” she laughed

“Shola stop” Debby said

“Do you always make her cry, Fatty?”

“I think I do" Florence joked as she and Bukky wiped off their tears and composed themselves “What? Can’t I ask harmless questions” Shola snapped as Michael came with two Store attendance carrying what looked like a mountain of cloths.

“Hey Bukky and Florence” Michael waved and they waved back “Bukky, is this the dress you want to wear for the party?” Michael gasped

“Yes” Bukky answered

“Nice choice! All you need are nice shoes and bag, with the right wig” Michael smile

“Hey, you’re here to shop for us not them” Shola complained

“Apparently, they don’t need my help” Michael replied impressed.

Bukky shot Florence a look and Florence answered “Trust me, if Michael said you look good, you really look good.”

“In that case, let’s go so some other people could shop, unzip me” Bukky turned her back to Florence and Florence unzipped her dress and Bukky went to dressing room to change.

“Shola and Debby, try these cloths on” Michael commanded, Shola asked Debby “where the hell is Dami?”

“I don’t know” Debby shrugged

“I don’t care, all I know is that after I finish choosing my dress, I won’t go over the process of shopping for her again” Shola snapped as she and Debby picked a few dress from the attendance and they headed to the dressing room.

When Bukky came out of the dressing fully dressed in her normal cloths. “Are you leaving now?” Michael asked

“Yes, we are done shopping” Florence answered, Bukky was exhausted to even talk

“Can’t you stay? I want to know you more than this” Michael was referring to Bukky

“I wish I could but it’s been a long day, I want to go home”

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