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Chapter 8

Dami’s Pov: The human nature is very simple. We never get satisfied even when we make promises that it’s the last time and we won’t ever do such things again but then again…… nature.

Dami ran as fast as she could to the store, she was late but she had the money. Alex had sent her to a far location, where she had some trouble finding the picker but everything went softly except it got her late, now Shola will run her mouth.

Dami entered the store, Debby had texted her the address when she was on the cab, Shola, Debby and Michael were at the Cashier paying their bill, Shola looked angry, Debby looked bored and Michael looked exhausted. “Where have you been?” Shola snapped “do you know how long we’ve waited for you?” “I know and I’m sorry” Dami apologized “I had to run an errand for my Mum” she lied.

“I don’t care but we will not wait for you to choose you cloths” Shola snapped “Actually” Michael interrupted “I knew something might have come up, so I chose this gown for you” Michael smiled as he raised the gown up so she could see it, it was a peter pan necked flowery gown.

“Thank you Michael” Dami could actually kiss Michael for saving her the trouble “No problem, all you have to do is try it on” “No, we don’t have time for that” Shola snapped “But it’s just one dress Shola” Debby complained “Aren’t you the one who has been telling me to hurry up since?” Shola asked angrily.

“Shola” Debby called, “What?” Shola answered “Girls, don’t worry about it” Dami replied “It seems like it will fit, right Michael?” Michael nodded in approval “So, I’ll just take it” she asked for the price and she took the money out of her purse while the Cashier was counting the money she noticed something “Excuse me, is this blood?” she asked Dami and everyone looked at her.

Dami laughed nervously as she exchanged the naira note with another “It’s probably juice or something else”

Outside the mall where Michael’s car was waiting for him “Girls, it was really nice shopping with you but I have to go, Dami do you want me to drop you at home?” “thanks, Michael I’ll appreciate that” Dami answered

“Thank you so much for today Michael, you saved us a lot of trouble” Shola hugged Michael “Thanks for Today, Michael” Debby hugged him after Shola let him go. Michael and Dami got into the car while waving their friends.

As soon as Michael’s car pulled out of the parking space, Shola’s car pulled over, Shola and Debby hugged each other, said their goodbyes and Shola entered her car. Shola became sober when she entered her car because the moment she had always dreaded of had come, she was going back to the house, the big empty house where she will be all alone.

Debby entered her car but she was shaking, she was tired, she had a headache, she needed relief, darn it. She picked up her phone to text Joseph

Debby: what are you doing?

Joseph texted after a few seconds

Joseph: nothing important, u?

Debby: I need you

Joseph: I’m not ur booty call, Debby and didn’t you say the last time was the last time

Debby: are you down or what?

Joseph: like I could ever say no to you

Debby: where are you?

Joseph: home, don’t worry. My dad is at ur house and u could always tell ur dad that u came to collect ur bible study note, u 4got last time

Debby: ohh, will be there soon!

Debby gave the driver instructions to go to Joseph’s house while she texted she texted her Dad that she was going to Joseph’s house to pick her Bible study note she was looking for.

Joseph’s house was dark but Dami knew her way to Joseph’s room. It wasn’t the first time she will be there as soon as she entered, she took off her shoes, took off her clothes, she became bare before Joseph and Joseph did the same. They kissed, they had to be fast if they didn’t want to get caught. Joseph rolled on the condom, he placed Debby on the bed, and they moved in sync, and quickly they rode to climax together.

After a few minutes, Debby stood up, she dressed quietly while Joseph looked at her “Thank you” she thanked him when she was fully dressed “You know you need some help Debby” Joseph said

Debby went to his reading desk, she picked up her Bible study note and she went to door “I know” she left the room.

Michael dropped Dami at her house “Good night Dami, my regards to your Mum”

“Good night Michael, thanks for the ride” Dami thanked him

“See you at school tomorrow” Michael’s car drove away.

Dami had to get home quickly to hide her new cloth so her mum won’t notice, so she wouldn’t ask her and then Alex sent her a text

Alex: good job, they said you were right on time

Dami: yeah, the place was difficult to locate though

Alex: thanks for today, believe it or not, you saved my ass

Dami: glad I could help, and the cash was worth it

Alex: so next time?

Dami: there wouldn’t be a next time, today is the last time

Alex: that was what you said the last time

Dami didn’t reply because that was what she really said the last time but she let pride get into her head, not only was the job dangerous, it was also illegal, it had cost her a friend. She made up her mind, this time is the last time, the front door opened which meant her Mum was back.


Michael took something out of the shopping bag beside him in his car, it was a necklace. He bought it while they were shopping earlier, Michael examined the jewelry, the first thought that went through his head when he saw the necklace was it would go perfectly with the bangles he had at home, he tried it on, he felt it with his hands then his phone buzzed in his pocket, he quickly removed the necklace.

His phone buzzed again, it turned out to be a phone call from Toby, he picked it up “Hello?”

“Why aren’t you picking up your phone” Toby’s rich voice greeted him “Good evening to you Toby” Michael rolled his eye.

“Good evening” Toby replied “Now, where has your phone been?” Toby asked “I had it in my pocket the whole time, but I had it on meeting mode” Michael explained “Okay, did you have fun at the shopping?” Toby asked

“Why are you asking? I’m sure you would have seen Shola’s statuses by now” Michael replied “Yes, I also watched Florence’s statuses and I noticed it was the same store, so did you run into my girl?” Toby asked hopefully

“Yes, I did. She was with Flo, she was pretty upset though, but you don’t worry about how she will look on Friday, you jaw will fall when you see her”

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