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A girl rain never knew she was immortal and a boy search for immortal and kills them what will happen when the boy gets to know about her secret

Mystery / Thriller
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Chapter 1

unplugged my alarm clock and threw it across my room , making it hit the door with a loud bang.

I flopped my head back on my pillow groaning.

"Why schooool?" I moaned.

Bill rushed into my room in a hurry.

"Sweetie , it's your first day of your new school!" He shouted.

Groaning again.

"Why bill?"

"Aww don't be like that! Darren has made your breakfast aswell, so come down when your dressed."

With the sound of 'breakfast' I jumped out of bed and straight into the shower.

I let the boiling water hit my skin, causing my skin to go red and blotchy.

After my shower I leaped into some black skinny jeans and a black top and rushed down the stairs for my morning meal.

"BACON!!!!!!" I yelled running through the living room.

I ate my breakfast and straightened my pitch black hair leaving enough time for me to do some light makeup. I checked my black matte lipstick in the bathroom mirror and walked to the living room being met by my two gay foster parents, Bill and Darren.

"Honey, the neighbours will be kindly taking you to school today because me and Bill have work early."

Great, just what I needed .

My negative thoughts where interrupted when there was a knock at the door .

"I'll get it!" I said.

I ran to the door and opened it and seeing what was before me , I gasped.

It was the most gorgeous human being I had ever seen in my life.

The boy was roughly my age with light blue eyes and messy dark brown hair.

" Come in if you want?" I said staring into his eyes.


Omg, my heart melted inside .

I opened the door for him and he smiled at Bill and Darren.

"Uh, hey!" He said.

"Hello Luke , is it still okay for you to take rain to school?" Asked Bill .

"Yeah, I've parked just outside for us."

I looked at the clock. Time for school.

"Bye rain , sweetie pie!"

"Bye guys!" I shouted.

I walked after Luke and my heart stopped.

He brought a motor bike! Hell ya!

"She's a beauty ain't she?" Luke said.

His eyes lit up with excitement when he said it.

"Yeah, wow. She's amazing!"

"Come on , we're late."

"I didn't take you to be the one that likes to be on time for school"

He let out a devilish smirk and roared the bike to life .

"Nah, I'm going to the skate park and I'll go to school for lunch then go to town."

I thought take me with you! But I only said;


Don't stalk me, thanks.

More to come

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