The differen-ces Between us.

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A young child prodigy, Helene, and her not-so-smart younger sister, Frieda become orphaned when their father dies in a car accident. But was it really an accident? Join Frieda and Helene as they discover the horrible truth about their father’s death

Mystery / Thriller
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Welcome To Me

My name is Helene Alexia Beckett, but my father calls me Leni. Well, at least he used to call me that, now he can’t say anything because my father, Harold Duke Beckett, died at five o’clock two days ago. My sister, Frieda, and I have moarned him but now we need to plan the funeral. Besides, we both know what’s it’s like to live without a parent, out mother died when I was twelve years old. My mother’s death wasn’t that upsetting because she was never really there for us and was always disappointed and there was no ways to make her proud. It was hard for me but I can’t even imagine how hard it was for Frieda. You see I’m what today’s society would call a child prodigy, I do a few things including computer science, sculpturing, and piano. Art helps me escapes from my reality, piano blocks out the noise of all the horrible things in this world, and computer science was always very fascinating to me and it was something to do beside listen to my mother criticize me.

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