The Doyens

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In the upcoming technological world, many things are forgotten. Mainly our culture and tradition. But what if those forgotten promises results in a hunger for revenge? Amelia with her brother, Ron and friends, Sam and Nancy are about to compete with Damon and his friends Sarah, Jennifer ,Seth and Rachel for the famous ancient cup, The Royal Cup. This competition decides the pride of their own colleges that are rival to each other. It's just a competition between two colleges, so what could go wrong? In the process of winning a competition, there would be many love triangles, heartbreaks, jealousy, humour, betrayal and mainly, uncovering who they truly are... Because they are THE DOYENS. And nothing is easy in their life.

Mystery / Humor
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The Doyens- Copyrights

Books have many meaning behind them. Each book is written by an author and it expresses his/her ideas, creativity and individuality.

The practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own is called Plagiarism. This is a crime because stealing someone’s idea is not acceptable.

Due to many recent issues of plagiarism done by some people, I was scared that I would become one of the authors whose book was plagiarized. Hereby, I want to ensure the copyrights of my book.


All Rights Reserved

The Doyens′ including all the chapters, prologues, epilogues, and associated content is COPYRIGHTED. All rights reserved by the owner and author of this book, Love(lotsofl_ove)in Wattpad and (love141)in Inkitt. Any unauthorized copying and broadcasting of this book without the knowledge of the author on any other platforms is punishable by law.

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Thank you guys.

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