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Southern Love Exposure

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Southern Hospitality

Mystery / Thriller
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Southern Love Exposure to Georgia

We as family headed to the far south to Georgia big plantings Large old mansion and Southern Bellsall dress up in their gowns and showing their southern hospitalitY . The single Ladies were looking for a man to have a relationship no matter to them if you were single or married they had rich parents like the son Summertime And The Living Is Easy. I like to help them out but it won't be me for I was already married with three children maybe find love for a lonely friend single and looking for a soulmate. I will not cheat on Sasha no after the reason, But it look very teptingBut I couldn't live my life that way tI'am looking to find Sasha and Rebecca with my final trip this year. I watch Sasha and Rebecca did the research stay in hotel rooms two different rooms Rebecca stayed in the other room the twins decided to stay home maybe b1ecause they knew what we went through.they brought in the luggage we arrived at 6:00P.M. Ate supper .than took a tour of plantings and Masions we got back about 8:00 P.M. We rested a bit than went to lobby to see if anyone had information on Sasquatch sightings. Sasha and I were madly in love with each other she went to her room we went to there room We were invited to stay at the mansion a couple day, they had plenty of room. Serve breakfast eggs,bacon, gritts, biscuitsThat morning we all went hiking in the mountain they did the research I was there to help and protect them. If we come face to face within yards of a Sasquatch I brought a 44 revolver magnum with me. Sasha and Rebecca both found Sasquatch tracks large 18" inches long 8" inches wide they learn to plaster paris casting. Didn't see any Sasquatches I know there in the wooded area We head back to the mansion we ate supper Rebecca went to her room work on a report on Sasquatch research Sasha andIrelax for the evening to tell supper time.we went to Wendy's and ate supper than came back to the mansion Sunday morning we woke outlookout the window from second floor and seen a hairy creature moving about by tree line of forest we called Rebecca she open curtain and it was closer out looking for his breakfast maybe a young deer. We three went down for breakfast they had a like a bed & breakfast where we ate breakfast I told them about the Sasquatch in the wood line. Next to the mountain. We ate breakfast Sasha and Rebecca decided time to go researching. In same area but different path We three ran across a fresh long dark bron hair hanging from tree, I t was 7:30 A.M. E.T. WE Seen it walking through the woods than we heard tree breaking over Than the smell can it getting close. I Had the revolver 44 magnum for emergency reason case it decided to attack . We collected the evidence It got within yards. We didn't have any food to feed it. I took the camera. Shot a half dozen photos it got closer checking out my daughter and closer told them t get behind me ! I Pulled out my revolver ready to fire if neeor was it after my young bride I open fire head and chest shots it drop to the ground . Didn 't belive to be dead but took quick blood samples and bag them. He didn't move much where I shot it I couldn't find any bullet holes . We gather the casting headed back to the mansion. We got back to masion by noon. Clean up the castings outside . Ate supper watchTV next morning got up got dress open the curtains look out toward the mountain Hairy large creature out in the field eating on a young deer, it was about 8'ft tall. So it survived now I'am sorry I shot it. Maybe It won' try to attack anyone else. That morning we got our equipment evidence ate breakfast paid the owner of the masion and give him back some southern hospitality and we three headed back to Kansas stop by Tennessee to visit family Got home on Tuesday the twins were ok and healthy going to school almost ready for college the trip was great.

The End

Starwriter Jerry G. Smith

June 23 2020

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