The 3 of Us.

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"we must repay our sins" The story of 3 people, who wants to changed.

Mystery / Drama
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we may, to be.

I was sitting on bench while seeing and hearing the beautiful ocean waves.

“I wanna die” I whispered

Then 5 random people approach on me

“Alone Ms.?” one boy asked
“No” I said
“Then, why you here?”
“Why not?” I asked
“Then get out Ms.”
“You don’t belong here”

I just stared at them, looking each faces. The 3 girls was laughing and one boy was wearing a headphone while looking at ocean.
He didn’t see and hear anything.

I left.

I sit on other bench, and someone approach to me again

“Are you alone Ms.?” She asked
“Hmm, waiting for someone?”
“Ok, I see, can I sit with you?”

We’re just starring in the ocean, waving and listening on birds, making noises.

“Nice weather” she said

*Few minutes have passed*

Then 1 person approach to woman, sitting beside me.
“Hey, you ready for the ride? Im really excited”
“Of course I am, then lets go”
“Get it on baby!”
“Ah, good bye Ms.”

“You know her?”
“No. I just sit beside her”

They left.

I turn my eyesight on the right side, where I was sitting on past few minutes.
They’re still there. 3 girls and 2 boys.

I stood up and went for them.
“Why you here?” the boy asked me again
“Can you please kill me?” I said, wearing a straight face
“What you saying Ms.? Get the hell out!!”
“Please!” I even bow on them
“Hahaha you joking Ms.? Its funny though” The girls laughs on me again
“Ms. Get out!” the boy said
“Huh? Kill her, she wants it” the girls said
“Yeah! Yeah! Punch her!!”
“Huh? I won’t do it. Im tired”
“Oh! c’mon”

I asked again “Please kill me. I want to die”

“C’mon Ms. why you wasting your life?”
“I bet his boyfriend ditch her hahaha” They laugh
“I don’t have a boyfriend” I said
“Then, that’s it! She wants to die, cause nobody loves her”
“Hahaha what a poor girl”
“Hey, be her boyfriend”
“Eh? I don’t want an ugly girl”
“Hahaha I know right”

I just stared on them. And I asked again “Please, kill m-”

I was startled.

“Why? Why do you wanna die Ms.?” The person, who only asked me was the boy sitting on the edge

“Because I hate my life. I don’t want to live anymore”
“Then, why?”
“What? Is it not enough?”
“No. I want other answers”
“Suffering from this world, I want to restart my life”
“We all suffers. You think, when you die, you’ll incarnate again as human?”
“Then why Ms.?”

All of us was silent. Waiting for my answer. Even those guys, just staring on us.

“I wanna know Ms.”
“Then, if I said.. will you really kill me?”

All his friends was shocked on what he said.
“Hey, you serious bro?”
“Haha you think, he can do that?”
“Of course not. Hahaha what a comedian”
“IM SERIOUS!” He shout
“Hey, hey, hey!”

Then those guys started to panicked
The boy, stood up and trying to stop us

“Please. Please leave us” he said

So, he sit again. Watching us.

“Ms. Im serious”
“I see”

It was the moment of silence, all we can hear was the the ocean waves.

“Because I once, killed someone”
I said “So, I want to repay my sins. I want to die”

They’re all frightened.

“Can I know, who was it Ms.?”
“It was my friend on the past, his name was Al”

“I see” he said
“Then wanna do it together Ms.?”

“Hey, hey, hey! Really dude, what you saying? Its not funny anymore! Stop it!”

“Ms. lets do it. Together.”

“Hey! Stop it!”
“Aldren, stop it already!!”

Those guys was seriously scared.

“Aldren?” I asked
“Yes. My name is Aldren” He was smiling.

“I see” I smiled on him
“Lets do it. Together Al”

I pointed at sea. “There” I said

“Let’s do it. Fei”

He knows me. Even though, I didn’t tell him my name.

“Hey stop that!! Please, stop it already!!! It’s not funny!” the guy was trying his hard to stop us. While the girls was all scared and started to cry.

“Im happy Fei”
“Im also, happy. Al”


“Didn’t I said it already, I killed someone before?”
“Please don’t stop us”

“I-I also killed someone before, and it was my.. It was my Brother!! But I don’t wanna waste my life, It was accident”

“Then, lets do it together”
“No. I don’t wanna die! That’s why, stopped it already!”

“You’re just scared, that’s all. Your sins needs to be petrified”
“Lets kill each other.”

Then the girls screams and run as fast as they can
“You guys, all crazy!”
while crying. Because they’re all scared.

“Then, let’s do it. The 3 of us, Rald”
“My sins..”
“Yes. Don’t run Rald. It was your fault.”

“Its funny cause we’re all murderers”

“Let’s do it. Mr. Rald”
“You’re not alone, we’re here for you.”

“You two right. I need.. my sins..”
“Yes, that’s right. Let’s do it.”
“Let’s do it, together of us, Al.. Ms.”

“Yes, Mr. Rald”

We started to walk on the sea.

“This is it” Al said
“My sins...”

We walked.. Until our heads where no longer can be seen.

Our sins.

“Thank you. Al”

"Im sorry"

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