Like Glass and Honey

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When Daniel Ramoray re meets with his childhood sweetheart, Lydia Jones, he expects nothing but remorse from her due to their complicated relationship history. However as time passes, they grow closer and the once-forgotten flame of their past relationship re-ignites. Slowly they push aside all their troubles and life with just the two of them seems perfect. But there are more important things than love in the small town of Xynarr that they both grew up in. Teenagers are sick and dying from the overdose of illegal drugs being sold to them from a seemingly unknown dealer. Daniel is determined to get to the bottom of who is causing this, even if it does mean the end of their own romance...or worse...

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My vision was hazy, and my hands were trembling. My breath, low and unsteady was the only noise that could be heard through the dark alleyway. My arms were outstretched, and my muscles flexed. The chips of dried blood were splattered in flakes on the palms of hands and droplets on my crisp white t-shirt.

I inhaled, exhaled…inhaled, exhaled but there was no denying it.

I could not believe my eyes.

The rumble of my engine drew to a close as I drove through the old school gate. There was not a single thing I did not remember. The nostalgia hit me like a wave of the strongest and deepest blue ocean. The lessons, the children, even the fooling around by the corner bookshelf in the low-ceilinged library. I smiled a wry smile…which did not last long.

Every tiny laugh, every smile, every little conversation or enjoyable lesson was replaced. It was like a blotch of red paint on a blank white canvas.

Lydia. Miss Lydia Jones.

I rolled my window down and got out the car to light a cigarette, I sat there for a while blowing smoke into the misty mid-eve Summer day, when suddenly I felt the brush of delicate fingertips of a gentle female touch on my shoulder. I abruptly turned around to see a petite young woman of barely 5’2 in a fitted soft, lilac dress that showed her slim figure off to perfection. Her glassy, dou eyes smiled a gentle loving smile and her rosebud mouth lay in a calm, compassionate manner on her milky-olive skin. ’An angel’ I thought, as I smiled at her briefly, which I immediately regretted.

“It says no smoking, you know?” she said, her voice like a melody of glass and honey. I scoffed and she giggled, which made me see red. “Think it’s funny, don’t you?” I snapped and she looked hurt, like a kitten that had it’s tail stepped on.

She started heading towards the gate and I sighed. I ran hastily after her, “Lydia, look at me,” I said, “I didn’t mean to come across that way…” She laughed sarcastically and flicked her midnight-velvet hair over her shoulder. “Oh, Daniel,” she said flashing me her million-dollar smile,

“I know.”

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