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Chapter Six

Though I almost decided against it, I called the police. The first rule at any crime scene is to never run away. But I just knew that it was going to look quite strange: me being at the scene of two murders in less than a week. But nothing quite prepared me for the hell these guys gave me.

“I already told you. I came up here to question him when I heard two shots. I kicked the door down because it was locked.”

“I see. And what were you going to question him about?” asks the on duty officer. “Now you know I can’t divulge that information.”

“Well, Mr. Morrows, you’re going have to come up with something better than that.” “That’s all I can give you.”

“Then, we’re going have to place you under arrest.” “Well, you gotta do what you gotta do.”

“I’ve gotta confiscate your weapon.”

“Here, no problem,” I say, handing over my gun.

At this point I felt entirely frustrated. It really didn’t look good for me and all I wanted to do right now was go back home, crawl under my covers and never come out.

I had to spend the night in a holding cell with ten other suspected criminals. It was no joy being cramped up in a piss drenched room with men who obviously could have used a bath. I was approached just once, but after putting his fat ass in place, the rest kept their distance. Needless to say, it was not a cute night.

It was after 10 o’clock the next morning when I finally was ushered from the holding cell to an interrogation room. The two Internal Affairs guys who had paid me a visit earlier the day before, walked into the room.

“Mr. Morrows, it looks as if you came to visit us sooner than you thought, huh?” jibes in the heavier set agent.

“Yeah, I know. Look guys, you may as well know that I’m not going to say a thing without my attorney.”

I guess I must have pissed them off earlier, because now they wanted to try to play hard ball.

The other agent jumps up from his chair and get so close to my face that I can smell his filthy breath; in fact, I probably could have told him exactly what he ate that day.

“Look, ya’ goddamn queer, we’re tired of fuckin’ around here. I don’t give a damn who your fuckin’ father is. You’re gonna fuckin’ talk or we’re going to find a reason to kick your little faggot ass.”

I laugh a minute then stop. I look him dead in the eye and say. “You know I haven’t had the opportunity to stomp a hole in someone in a long time. If you feel like a man today, why don’t you take off the handcuffs and we’ll see who’ll be kicking who’s ass.”

The slimmer agent pipes in, “Alright, that’s enough from both of you. Sam, sit down. Sam, I said sit down. Look, Mr. Morrows, you’ve been involved in two homicide cases in less than a week. It looks more than suspicious that both victims were involved in a drug bust that is being investigated for police corruption. And lo and behold you were a detective right up to the time when your “boyfriend” was giving a very light sentence from that very drug bust by one of your father’s judge friends. Now if you don’t wanna talk, we have no choice but to hold you responsible for both murders.”

I breathe in heavily.

“I understand exactly what you’re saying. But, everything I’ve said before is true and--” Before I could utter another word, the door swings open and in walks Minna Townsend.

All eyes shifted to the door of the interrogation room as Minna strides to the table and places her briefcase on it.

“Mr. Morrows, don’t say another word. Gentlemen, I am sure you are aware that you are abusing your authority and are neglecting my client’s rights. Bail has already been set and paid for, so my client and I will be leaving.”

“Oh, no, Ms. whoever you are. Your client still has more questions to answer. Until they are, he will not be going anywhere.”

“Now.., I’m sorry what was your name, officer?” Minna asks. “Special Agent Rabinowicz.”

“Well, Agent Rabinowicz. Unless you and your buddy over there want me to file charges of disregarding my client’s right to counsel, then I suggest you allow my client to leave right now. We will set up another time when you may interrogate, question or whatever it is you seem to do, when I am with him. Now, do you understand or will I need a translator?”

And that was all she wrote.

We were on our way out the door when I turned towards the two agents.

“When can I pick up my gun?” “We still need it for evidence.”

Minna grabbed me by the arm and whispered in my ear, “I’ll see that you have it by tomorrow.”

Sitting in the passenger seat of Minna’s BMW, I interrupt the silence:

“Now, if I remember correctly, Jonathan Feldman was my attorney. Uh, could you let me in on the switch?”

“Well, I guess I do owe you that much, but, before I explain, would you like to get your vehicle?”

“Yeah, I guess that would be the smart thing to do.”

Minna drove me to Brooklyn to pick up my Jeeep and thankfully it was still there untouched. We decided to rendezvous at her office.

Sitting in her office, with my head in my hands, I look up and ask, “Okay, Minna, spill it.

I don’t like surprises.”

“Listen, Trevor, I want you to calm down. This was not meant to be a surprise. I’ve worked with Jonathan Feldman on many cases. After you called him from the holding cell, he contacted me. He felt that I could better assist you than he could, especially since we’re business neighbors.”

“Alright fine. I’m sorry. I’m just too stressed right now. So, I guess you know the deal huh?”

“Bits and pieces of it. I want to hear it from you so that I can get a clearer picture.”

In twenty minutes I caught her up on everything, up to the point of being arrested for two murders.

“I see.” She says while steadily writing on her note pad.

“I see? All you can say is I see? I was hoping for something a little more insightful.” “Trevor, I’m not going to kid you into thinking that everything is going to be okay. For the moment it’s not. But with my help, then everything will be before I’m done. What I want you to do first is go home and get some rest. I’m going to make a few phone calls to find out what the I.A.B. and the DA have. It will be better to know what we’re up against.”

“I appreciate that, Minna, but I really don’t need any sleep. I got enough of that last night in jail.”

“Suit yourself. But, what are you going to do?” “Well, I was hoping to work on my case.”

“I really wouldn’t suggest that right now. The best thing for you to do is to keep a low profile.”

“I can’t do nothing.”

“Alright fine, but keep everything on the down low. I would like you in here by 9:00 tomorrow morning. So you get a good night’s sleep tonight.”

“Yes, ma’am. And uh listen, I appreciate all that you’re doing.” “Oh, don’t thank me. You’re gonna get a bill.” She says laughing.

I decided that I would go home and at least shower and check my messages. When I get home, of course the light on my answering machine is blinking like crazy.

“I’m not even going to attempt to listen to them right now.” I say to myself.

I took a long hot shower. Afterwards, I lay down on the sofa in the living room with a sandwich and turned on the television. After about thirty minutes of watching some mindless talk show, I fell asleep. I guess I must have been more tired than I thought, because when I woke up it was six o’clock.

“Damn.” I yell as I jump up from the sofa. I remembered what I had planned to do tonight... try to get something on Edward Lyons. And tonight would be the perfect night, since I already knew that Mr. Lyons was meeting Pamela later. All I needed to do was to follow him from work and get some pictures.

I picked up the phone and dialed his office to make sure he was still there. “Edward Lyons’ office.” came Jainie’s voice from the other end.

Disguising my voice I asked. “This is the security office, could you tell me how long will

Mr. Lyons be in the office?” “One moment.”

After a short pause she returned to the phone.

“He should be here until 7:30, but why are you asking? At that I hung the phone up.

Is there a problem?”

I quickly dressed and headed towards the city.

I sit in my jeep across from a very chic restaurant, where Edward and whom I assume must be Pamela are having a very cozy dinner. He picked her up in his chauffeured driven limousine at her apartment where she stood waiting. I can see how she was able to get this man to stray from his wife. Pamela was drop dead gorgeous, even by my standards. She had long flowing black hair and was wearing a very short and very tight fitting red dress that left absolutely nothing for your brain to imagine. Her legs were smooth and seem to go straight to heaven.

They made it quite easy for me to get a few explicit shots of them. You would think the two of them were rabbits the way they were all over each other. I was quite certain that the photos I already had were enough, but I wasn’t going to stop until I had them both butt-naked, doing the do.

I waited over three hours taking a few shots from my vantage point. Fortunately for me, they were sitting near the front window. As they came out of the restaurant laughing arm in arm, I started my jeep, waiting to follow. They proceeded to go uptown and I followed keeping a very nice distance between us. They ended up at Pamela’s apartment building. They got out of the limousine with their lips locked. If they were on the floor I would swear he was giving her CPR.

This was going to be perfect.

“But how in the hell am I was going to get inside to snap these pictures? I ask out loud.

After half an hour passes, I come up with a brilliant idea. I walk through the revolving doors of the apartment building and am immediately stopped by the doorman. I flash him my old detective badge.

“Yeah, how ya <loin.” I say using my best corny cop accent. “Listen, the couple that just went up...”

“Who, Ms. Miller?”

“Yeah, what apartment is she in?”

“3C on the third floor, why, is something wrong?”

“Naw dude. I have the guy’s wallet,” I say showing him mine. “Well, I’ll be more than happy to run it up to him.”

“That’s okay, I’ll just be a minute. What did you say the apartment number was?” “3C on the third floor.”

“Thanks a lot.”

I hope the doorman doesn’t take it upon himself to call up to the apartment.

I make my way to the third floor. I notice that the floor contained four sets of apartments on each side of the hallway. The hallway also had two windows at each end of the floor.

I walk towards the window which faced the park and unlocked it. I figured this would be my way in when I returned later that night. I make my way back to my jeep and waited.

At about 11 :30 I got up enough nerve to put my plan into action. Dressed entirely black, including a skull cap, I grabbed my infrared goggles, camera, my set of door picks and put them in my leather bag. I strapped the bag on my back and put my gloves on. I walk across the street towards the apartment building. Walking around the side of the building that faced the park, I grab hold of the railing to the fire escape. It took me a good ten minutes to reach the third floor and as I get to the window, it was still unlocked. I lifted the it and began to crawl in. Just when I was about to bring my head on through the window, I started to hear voices coming from the elevator. I quickly jumped back outside onto the fire escape and pressed up against the wall of the building. Sweat pours down my face as I try to catch my breath. The voices get closer and closer and then a heavy male voice comes from the inside.

“Someone keeps leaving this window open,” he says, closing the window. “Damn,” I mutter under my breath.

Five minutes pass as I stand out on the fire escape wondering what to do next. I bend down to see if the jerk left the window unlocked and, thank the stars, he did.

I then quickly climb through the window and walk towards Ms. Miller’s apartment door. I look at my watch: it’s after midnight. I’m certain they were either in the middle of having hot nasty sex or sleeping. Either way, I needed to be extra careful breaking into the apartment.

I kneel down to get a better view of the first lock. It was your regular apartment lock and it only took me three minutes to pick it. The other lock however, proved to be a little more difficult. I was making good progress when the door to the next apartment swung open. I hastily stood up and faced an elderly woman with two white poodles in her arms.

“Good evening ma’am” I say nodding to the lady. I then proceed behind her as she walks towards the elevators.

“Good evening. Are you just coming out from Ms. Miller’s apartment?” she asks, looking at my camera.

“Oh yes, she was having a dinner party.”

When the elevator reaches the floor, I immediately say, “For crying out loud, I forgot my keys,” and I quickly turn around towards Pamela’s door.

“You have a nice night.” I say to the lady. “You too, young man.”

I finish unlocking the door and make my way in. Quietly shutting the door behind me, I took a quick view of the apartment and could tell it was huge. Whatever this woman does for a living, she’s definitely getting paid. I looked down to the floor of the foyer and it was a gorgeous green marble that lead directly into the living room. She had paintings practically everywhere, and by the way my nose was twitching, the flowers in those crystal vases were real. The room was dark except for a dim light shining in one corner of the room.

Suddenly, after quieting the pounding in my heart, I could hear noises coming from the opposite side of the room. I tiptoe my way past the dining area and realize the noises are snores coming from the bedroom. As I get to the bedroom, I kneel, quietly pushing the door open. I then put the goggles on, enabling me to see in the dense darkness. And a sight it was. Pamela was lying naked on her stomach, ass all up in the air. Edward was lying on his side with his arms wrapped around her.

I began to snap some pictures thinking that these shots would surely satisfy Mrs. Lyons. Who knows, I may even get a bonus. I had a few good shots, when I felt something brush up against my leg. It was her goddamn cat. With my nose already itching from the flowers this cat’s hair was throwing my allergies into a fit. The first sneeze came quietly, but I knew once I got started, I wouldn’t be able to stop. I started to back away from the bed towards the door. I was almost home free when an atomic sneeze erupted from my nose, breaking the dark silence in the room. The two immediately awoke.

The lights were turned on and there we all were, mouths open. Their mouths were open because they just woke up to a black man standing in their bedroom. My mouth was open, because kneeling on the bed in front of me were not a naked man and a naked woman, but two naked men, one with a wig.

I quickly got my faculties together and said, “Say cheese!” And then I started snapping pictures so furiously, I could only hope that half of the shots turned out okay. I turned and ran out the bedroom door, with Edward Lyons finally getting out of his state of shock, running after me.

I knew I couldn’t wait for the elevators, so I ran down the hall to the stairwell. On my way down to the lobby, I put my goggles and the camera in the leather case still draped around my back. I was certain I had made it unscathed, until I got to the lobby. Waiting for me was Hercules himself, or so it seemed. An immense giant knocks me over when I push open the door from the stairwell. He grabs me by the collar and push me through the revolving doors of the apartment building. I quickly scramble to my feet, but the big monster grabs my arm, nearly tearing it out of it’s socket. His first punch met my eye hard, causing me to see all the constellations of the universe. A couple more to my stomach knocked the wind out of me and just about brought my spleen to my brain.

“Alright, gee, let’s not make this anymo’ worse than it is. Jus give me the film and I promise not to fuck you up too badly.”

“Aw c’mon man. I don’t know what the hell you talkin about. Let me the fuck go, you’re fuckin breakin my arm,” I moan, coughing up blood.

I then quickly twisted my arm away from him, and dropped to the ground. With my right foot I kicked him in the unmentionables with so much force I think I could have replaced his eyeballs. As he bent over with pain I quickly got to my feet and brought my knee to his cranium. Goliath fell backwards to the pavement.

“Tell your boss that the next time he sends someone to kick my ass, he better make sure he gets somebody who can,” I said, kicking him in the ribs.

I went home in pain. I had no idea that I was going to end up in a fight tonight. But it sure as hell felt good. I tum the key in the door to my condo and had to stop a minute. The punch to my face had really knocked the hell out of me. I wobbled my way upstairs into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. Every inch of my face had swelled up to the size of a grapefruit. I turned the hot water on in the bath tub and put some Epson Salts in it. I undressed slowly, because my body was aching.

Letting the water run in the tub, I went downstairs to get the bottle of wine I bought on my way home. When I got down to the kitchen, I decided I needed something a little stronger. I went to the cabinet and pulled out the liter of vodka. I poured myself half a mug full of vodka and went to the refrigerator and poured some orange juice to fill up the mug. I walk back upstairs with drink in hand. I slid into the tub slowly, letting the alcohol and hot water lull me into a deep sleep.

The phone rings, waking me from a dream. I look at the clock in the bedroom and it was 4:37 in the morning.

“Who the hell would be calling me this early in the morning?” I ask myself.

By this time the water in the tub was cold, so I cautiously stand up, drape my robe around my naked body and walk into the bedroom. By the time I reach the phone, the ringing had stopped. Still feeling like shit, I pulled the covers back from my bed and stretched out across it. I laid there for awhile not thinking of anything, just looking at the ceiling. I slowly drifted off to sleep trying to put the past few days behind.

By the time I wake, it is late in the morning. I try opening my eyes, but my left eye wouldn’t obey my mental request. The knock to my eye had left it swollen. Realizing that I overslept and was extremely late for the meeting with Minna I jumped up from the bed, but had to immediately lie back down. I finally was able to get a little stabilized. There was just no way I was going to be able to meet with Minna.

I picked up the phone on the night stand beside my table and dialed her office number. “Williams, Goldstein and Marshall” Michelle cheerfully greeted.

“Hi, Michelle, this is Trevor Morrows”

“Mr. Morrows, where are you? Ms. Towsend has been asking me all day if I’ne heard from you.”

“I know. Is she available now?”

“Sure, I’ll patch you right through.”

I heard a click and the sultry voice of Oleta Adam s cam e pouring over the line. “Trevor, is everything okay?” Minna asked.

“Well, yes and no.”

“Alright, out with it. You were supposed to meet with me two hours ago.”

“Minna, look I’m sorry. I got myself into a little jam last night and I really don’t think that I could’ve made it even if I tried or wanted to.”

“Are you okay? What happened? You didn’t do anything stupid to affect the case did you?”

“Hold up Minna, damn. First, what I did last night had nothing to do with the case. Secondly, I had my fucking face smashed in by some oversized pitt-bull. So right now is not the time for the third degree.”

“Look, Trevor, I apologize. That wasn’t very professional of me. Is there anything I cando?”

“Yes, you can catch me up on your progress regarding my case.”

“Well, I can definitely do that. But listen, I don’t have time right now. Why don’t we meet for dinner and we can discuss it then.”

“Um, going out of this house is not what I want to do today. My eye looks like a golf ball on steroids.”

“What the hell happened? No, never mind. I don’t want to know. Tell you what, I’ll bring over some Chinese food and you can fill me in on it later tonight. How does 7:00 sound?”

“Sounds good. Be prepared for what you’re going to see. you have my address?”

“Yes. And don’t worry, I’m sure it’s not that bad.”

I mean, I really look bad. Do

“Oh, yeah, before you hang up-I thought you had your own law practice?” “I do. Why?”

“Well, when I called, Michelle answered the phone with Williams, Goldstein and

Marshall. I don’t get it.”

“I know, not many people get it right away. I’ve found that it’s hard enough being a black attorney in New York. It’s even worse being a black female attorney. I figured it would be to my advantage to have it assumed that I was part of a partnership. And having a Jewish name in the firm’s monogram doesn’t hurt either.”

“Hmm, that’s pretty smart. I guess I’m gonna have to keep you.” “Well, Trevor, right now you really don’t have much of a choice.”

Minna proved to be punctual, arriving at exactly 7:00.

“My word, who did this to you?” Minna cried looking at my face with concern. “It looks worse than it really is.”

“Are you sure you’re okay? It looks like you need a doctor.”

“Minna, I’m fine. Anyway, I thought you were my attorney, not my mother,” I return, smiling.

“Okay, fine. I won’t say another word about it. Where shall I put the food?”

“Right over on the kitchen divider. What’d you get anyway?”

“Mu Shu Gai Pan, chicken and broccoli, shrimp fried rice and some shrimp rolls.” “Who are you planning on feeding, the New York Giants? I don’t eat that much.”

“Who was talking about you? I just so happen to eat a lot, especially when I’m working.”

We both sit down across from each other. Minna places her briefcase and folders on the counter beside the Chinese food.

“Now how do you eat all this and manage to keep such a impressive figure?” “Well now, Mr. Morrows, I didn’t think you noticed.” She teased.

“And why is that?” I said with my eyebrows raised.

“Well you know. Because, you know... “ She stammers.

“Come now, Minna, you can say it. Because..., say it with me, because I’m gay. And just because I’m gay doesn’t mean I can’t admire a woman’s figure, especially if she works hard at it. Or in your case eats hard at it.”

“Very funny,” she says laughing. “Look I’m sorry. It’s just you don’t look gay at all.” “Well, that’s because being gay is not a look, Minna. You don’t look like an attorney.” “I get your point.”

“Good, now let’s leave the rest of this conversation for later and get to work.”

Minna updated me on what the DA’s office had while we ate.


“Well, first off, I spoke with the assistant DA and even though they are trying to snag you on both murders, they really don’t have anything to go on. They tested the shell that took Raymond Johnson out and compared it to your gun and found they didn’t match. But, they want to know why were you there. And so do I.”

“As I told the beat cop, I was investigating a case and had to question him.”

“Wait a minute. I thought you told me that the case you were working on had to do with a cheating husband. How is Raymond connected?”

“He’s not. Look, Minna, if I tell you this, you’ve got to keep everything confidential, because it involves someone on the force.”

Minna drops her fork and looks at me with serious eyes.

“Trevor, granted we haven’t worked together that long; but let me help you understand, I’m working for you so anything you tell me is just between you and me.”

“Alright. John Langston, the head detective on the force at the 96th precinct used to be my partner when I was on the force.”

“Yeah, okay. I remember that.”

“Well, anyway, after Mitchell died in my house, I called John to help me keep it quiet.” “Trevor, you used to be a cop, why in the world would you try and cover it up, if you didn’t do it? It really looks as if you’re guilty.”

“I wasn’t trying to cover it up because I felt I was guilty. There are some extenuating circumstances that you may not understand.”

“Try me.”

“Fine. Do you know who my father is?” “No, who?”

“Stephen Anthony Morrows.”

“You mean Supreme Court Judge Morrows? I knew your name sounded familiar. I have stood in front of him on many occasions.”

“Yeah, well, not only is he a Supreme Court Judge, but now he’s planning on running for mayor. You know as well as I that the media would have a field day with all of this if they found out. So you can understand that I had to be discreet about all of this. But it seems the harder I try, the more shit I keep stepping into.”

“I see.”

“Well, anyway, like I was saying - I called John to help me keep it quiet, but it didn’t take the DA long to try to tie Mitchell’s death to the drug bust in Queens a few years back.

And because I left the force soon after the money and drugs were missing from the bust, they assumed that I had something to do with it.”

“I remember reading about Mitchell’s case. Wasn’t he let off with an easy sentence?” “Well, I did speak to my father, and I guess he called in a favor.”

“You still haven’t told me why you went to see Raymond.”

“I was getting to that. Raymond was part of that drug bust. As a matter of fact Raymond and Mitchell were the only two that got off scott free. Now, I know why Mitchell was let off light, but I’m not sure how Raymond was on the streets in less than a month. Come to think of it, that has always been his gift. We would bust his ass for dealing drugs and no sooner was he locked up than he was back out doing it again. I’d like to think he had a good lawyer, but I believe someone else is behind it.”

“Let me ask you Trevor, who knew you were going to see Raymond?” I think for a minute.

“No one but John. But I’m sure that who ever killed Raymond did it out of a bad drug deal. I just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

“Well, I don’t know. If someone thought you were getting too close they may have thought Raymond was a liability.”

“Well, I really can’t think of anyone who would try to do something like that.”

“Anyway, we can try and figure out that one later. Right now, slide me over some of that chicken and broccoli.” Minna says. “Oh, and by the way...I have something for you.”

Minna opens up her briefcase and pulls out my.38 revolver and hands it over to me. “How did you manage to get this from holding?” I ask, gripping the revolver as if it were a long lost treasure.

“Well, I told the DA that you needed your gun for work purposes. And by the way your face looks, it looks like you need a little more than just this gun.”

“I know. But if you think I look bad, you should see the other guy.”

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