The Art of Fields

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Two: "You wear spongebob underwear."

The sun shone sharply through the grey curtains of my room. My eyes snap wide open, and the quaint darkness to light ratio was low making it wonderfully pleasant for me to be awake. My stomach growls, but I continue to stretch until my insides finally feel like they’ll eat itself. Taking a brisk shower, I make my way downstairs hearing a couple of voices that weren’t supposed to be there.

I manage to make it to the last step of my staircase when Lucas appears into my vision.

Lucas ‘Luke’ Scott attends the same school as me but he was senior. Our families were pretty close because once at a party our parents were arguing with each other, it was actually really intense but when they cooled down, they became pretty good buds. He looks me from down to up and crosses his arms, “Not a very morning person, are you?”

Lucas was the eldest of the group. He took most of the responsibility of us and made sure we didn’t accidentally kill ourselves while, for instance, opening a can of tuna. He was also the moody guy that could probably kill someone and the next minute dance like he was the fucking Queen of Sheba.

“I. need. food.” I try shoving him away from the kitchen door but no, I was friends with a stubborn kid wasn’t I?

He smirks and stands tall, “Say the magic words, Ash.” He unravels a granola bar and holds it high up beyond my reach. Damn his demonic height.

“Give me that or else!” I jump repeatedly but no avail.

“Or what, shortcake?” His hazel eyes glinting in amusement. I was starving and that’s no way to treat a starving friend.

“I’ll tell Emily you like her but you’re just too shy to ask her out and that you wear Sponge Bob underwear.” I smirk knowing I won this battle. No, our friendship was platonic so I hadn’t slept with him. It’s his fault that whenever he hangs out with my brother, he leaves his laundry all over the damn place.

Emily ‘Em’ Tunson has been my best friend since I was a fetus. And I’m not even exaggerating. We did everything together. We learned how to poop together. We learned how to vomit on other people together. And of course, we learned how to annoy the living hell out of humans together.

Lucas winces and declares defeat by handing me the bar of healthy goodness.

I head up the stairs taking two steps at a time, whilst chewing on the healthy goodness. I quickly put on some short and jumper before heading back down.

Just as I was about to go down, my phone vibrates indicated Zoey was calling. “Can I speak to Ashley?”


“Can I speak to ‘I’m not a morning person’ Ashley?”

“Hmm, maybe.”

And that’s how my wonderful morning commenced. Note the sarcasm.

I sit on the couch with my family and guests all over the place whilst munching on my cornflakes. Ricky and Alan were arguing over whether avocado was a fruit or vegetable. For the first time, I actually agreed with Alan, it’s obviously a fruit.

Lucas was playing cards with Sam and was teaching her poker. Aunt May, Ricky and Sam’s mom, almost killed him for that. The adults yapped about whatever it is that adults yap about. I get restless and decide to scoot next to Lucas who was currently mixing a pack of cards.

I explained, “You should ask Emily out, she already likes you.”

He narrowed his eyes at me and turned back to shuffling the cards, “Maybe but I don’t know. What if she says no? What if she actually thinks I’m a douchebag? There are so many bad scenarios. Wait, Sam don’t use that word.” He looks at Sam with narrowed eyes, and she nods slowly with a ghost of a smile on her lips.

“Well, you were right about the douchebag part.” I smirk and he rolls his eyes.

I raise my arms, “Okay, okay, I’ll help you out. You could have just said so, I’ve got the perfect thing.”

He made those ‘why am I friends with her’ faces to which I grin widely.


Monday morning, I drag myself to school and was greeted by Diane in the morning who looked especially enthusiastic. I didn’t even have to ask why. We had PE today and let’s just say, Diane loved it. Diane, Zoey, Chase and I were the basketball junkies.

Chase Tyson was the hysterical one of the group. No matter what, he would always cheer someone up. It was like his inbuilt reaction to situations. One of the reasons I love him as my friend but also hate for being an oblivious idiot.

This one time I told Chase to get the car keys from my house because my hands were dirty. He literally spent an hour searching for the damn keys which was on the damn coffee table in the middle of the damn living room. Apparently, the keys ‘blended in’ every time he looked at the table. Honestly, I’m not a very patient person and I don’t know why I didn’t slap him.

When we got to the court, Coach blew the whistle and the game began. It was the juniors, us, against the sophomores. The game progressed and I cursed after every mistake. Nonetheless, l scored two points and assisted a couple. Well, wasn’t it my lucky day?

After two hours of sweat, joy and enthusiasm, we hit the showers and leave to class. Class after class rolled on and at recess, we ran onto the football field as it rained outside. My school on the other hand was telling the kids to go inside because we’d get sick or something, but I made sure we walked as slow as tortoises. It hardly rained where we lived, if we were lucky we would get a week of rain in a year and that was it. We cherished rain.

“Ashley!” Jack screams with a wide grin before engrossing ourselves in a conversation as the class room whirled out of control.

Jack Evans was the clueless idiot and inappropriate one of the group. He would say the most random things at the most random times. I wondered how his brain functioned. Just like the rest of the guys I hung out with, he had the whole I’m dark and mysterious thing going on.

I get onto the bus, which Alexie, Alex and Gavin were in. We had back seat privileges since there were no seniors and to be honest sometimes, I’d love the ride home better than the whole day at school. It was joyous in our bus, how we yelled at each other, shared food and our random conversations. Our discussions could solve world problems.

Alex and Gavin were hilarious. Alexie and I always believed they were gay and ran away for their marriage, however, they weren’t. And I quote, they liked the v more than the d.

When I got home, I fall on the couch as mom screamed for me to eat something. When mom gave up, I heard her call Ricky. Little did I know Sergeant Rickster was on Team Mom. A few minutes later, I was in excruciating pain because a 70-ish kg guy sat on my back.

“I can’t ... breathe!” I let out exasperated.

“Get up and eat.” he said as he begun playing on his phone on top of my back.

“I’m in pain, get off me!” I said as I tried to bite his hand. Obviously, I couldn’t.

“Promise you’ll eat? Or do you want me to get Sam?” I couldn’t see his face but I knew he was smirking.

“You evil.. little.. promise.”

“You sure?”

“Yes, geez!”

And finally the elephant got off. Sure he was all muscle but he was down right heavy.

Ricky and Samantha were home because it was their vacations. Ricky went to a law master degree university hoping to be a officer some day. Police force in my family, oh how great isn’t it? Sam was in primary school. Their parents were pretty cool and they didn’t have to worry much about their kids because they relied on Ricky to do most of the babysitting.

The rest of my day went by pretty quick after that as I locked myself in my room and engulfed myself in loud, thrilling Linkin Park music. Sometimes, and very rarely, parties are too stressful for a Friday night.


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