The Art of Fields

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Three: "You guys won't believe what just happened."

A whole week of school passed by quickly and today was the day I was to help Lucas with his date with Emily. I couldn’t tell Emily anything about the date which kind of sucked, a lot. Last week I told Lucas that we should go on a double date with him and Emily while Jake and I went as friends.

Lucas came over and was panicking his ass off. He brought over a bunch of shirts and ties, trying on each one waiting for Jake and I to choose. Jake was there too and tried to calm down the nervous child. I swear it was like telling a child to pick which Ben 10 gadget he wanted.

Jake wore a purple shirt and a grey-ish blazer over it. I settled for a dull golden dress that reached my knee.

Luke spent three hours at my house rummaging with his clothes along with Alan’s. Finally, Jake grew impatient and hurled him out of the house. They both began cursing at each other as we drove to the fancy restaurant. Lucas settled for a coal-black shirt and some grey jeans.

I huffed, “Alright already you’re both assholes. Can we discuss what Luke is going to do when we get there? And how about a Plan B?”

They both groan.

The plan was that we’d get there, and unexpectedly Jake and I would have a ‘romantic walk’ which wasn’t true, we’d leave and then just stalk them from a distance. Lucas rented the whole restaurant, pre-ordered fancy candlelight dinner and some music would play in the background as he would choose the cheesiest way to ask her out. The original plan was for Lucas to go with Emily but he was too chicken to do that.

When we arrived, we sat at our table and Jake tried to calm the shaking Lucas beside him.

When Emily arrived, she seemed to be pretty pissed for not knowing that i was on a ‘date’ with Jake. As the dinner progressed, I could hear nothing but the clanking of metal cutlery. It began to frustrate me.

I glare at Luke and mouth ′say something!′ He just panics and says ′what do I say’. I mentally groan but I ease up when I see the overwrought expression on his face.

You know it’s funny how Lucas could talk to Emily before without any form of nervousness but the minute he realises he’s got a crush on her, bye-bye confidence.

My eyes dilate when I stare at Lucas but he sends death glares back. I grunt internally and decide against speaking. If he wants to bask in this awkward silence, by all means, Lucas, go right ahead.

When all we could hear for the past fifteen minutes was clanking cutlery, Emily clears her throat in agitation, “Okay, why the bloody hell are we here? I know that you two aren’t on a bloody date because come on there’s too much history there.” I cringe my face wondering why that even came up. Nonetheless, she continues not really giving a shit that she just made it a tad uncomfortable for Jake and I. “I know that this awkward silence is killing everyone in this room which happens to be only the four of us for some really weird reason. So, if you guys want to tell me something intense like for instance if my cat died, you might as well tell me right now.”

Emily crosses her arms and waits a few moments. My eyes dig into Lucas who is poking at his food, and at that very moment, I could think about nothing other than stabbing his eye with the fork in his fingers. “Alright guys, see you whenever the fuck.” A squeaky noise erupts as her chair gets pulled back, and she starts storming to the exit.

I say loudly, “Em, come on.”

She turns around with a permanent scowl, “What? Em, what? I just got out of detention, and I could’ve been sleeping throughout the whole day instead of being a part of this weird situation--”

Lucas raises from his chair, “Okay I’m sorry. I just wanted to ask you out in this really perfect way and then I got really fucking dumb. I mean I asked Jake for fashion advice--”

“Hey!” I pat Jake’s leg for comfort as he continues to pout. I had to disagree with Lucas though, except for Jake’s outfits for sports matches, he had pretty good taste.

Lucas takes a deep breath, “You wanna do this again, properly without the two people behind me who are staring at us really creepily.”

Jake raises up, “Okay listen Lu--”

I shove him back down with a goofy smile. Jake rolls his eyes, not particularly angry, but surely did want to give Lucas a slight piece of his mind.

Emily’s hand covers her mouth the entire time, and she finally nods. Her hands wrap around Lucas’s shoulder, and they hug for a long moment. Being a person who wants to puke when moments like these happen, I found it weird how I was grinning like i had a hangar stuck in my mouth. It’s possibly because she’s one of my close friends and I couldn’t think of anyone better for her than another one of my close friends.


It was about midnight when Jake, Jack and Alexie were absorbed in a video game in front of them while they continually screamed death threats and whacked each other with the closest item near them. When Jack started joining in with their way of harsh playing, I knew there was no way I would get a chance any time tonight.

I flick my phone on the bed that I was laying on, and focus on the television they were using. I let out a gruff grunt. Their arguments were getting ridiculous to the point where Alexie claimed that Elmo would murder Alexie in her sleep. After trying to understand how she got that though whilst playing call of duty, I give up and instead turn the television set off.

All this did was feed the hungry monsters with more gruesome voices.

Alexie slides the controller on the ground, “I almost had you.” She glares at Jake whilst looking at him like he was an ant she was about to squash.

Jake rolls his eyes and claims, “Ally, I had a sniper over the tower about to blow your head off. I almost killed the three of you until Ash happened.” he narrowed his eyes at me but a smirk rested on his rosy chapped lips.

“Bullshit.” Jack shoots up from the bean bag and yells, “I had all of you surrounded.” I huff at them and cross my arms waiting. Through the threshold of the door, a shadow emerges walking towards the room. Soon enough, we all catch sight of the she-devil that strolled into my room. She wore a tight pink dress that hugged her body which would have been way too short for a leprechaun and at least five-inch silhouette heels.

She speaks up while swaying from left to right ever-so-slightly, “Oh hey, how are you guys doing?” Bluntly ignoring a word that came out of her mouth, their eyes set back to the television set. Quickly, they go back to their argument. She mutters insults under her breath before plastering a toothy smile in my direction.

“What happened, Tracy? Do you need some clothes? Sure looks like you need some.” A smug look filling my face at my wonderful insult. Tracy came over a lot because my mom thought she was a goody-two-shoes. I don’t really understand it though, she’s wearing a dress that smelt of her drunk ass. I began to think she snuck in through the window of the corridor, else her reputation with my mom would be destroyed.

“You were always really funny, weren’t you? Anyway, I came here for a reason. Can I talk to you?” she suits an evil grin on her face, giving me wrought thoughts.

“Um, sure.” A bit surprised at her offer, “I guess since you decided to sneak into my household so easily.” Since she didn’t retaliate against the point, I guessed my theory was right.

As we leave the room where my idiotic best friends were screaming their lungs out, the corridor was quiet save from the muffled yelling. Tracy looks through her black leather bag and takes out an aqua green folder that said ′Give to Ashley’.

She looks at me from the folder and smirks, “This is a video of you setting the school premises on fire. Oh, remember that day you got high of your ass? How could you forget?”

When I got over the flashbacks and sadness, I was filled with anger and hatred. She was the one with me when I did everything. When I was out of my senses, she encouraged me to do it. But then I realised that I wasn’t that surprised anymore. She was a betraying cold-hearted chick.


She laughs, which resembles Mojojo’s chuckle, “I know, so what I want you to do for me is-”

“Blackmail, really?” I spit in anger.

She replies in a casual tone which just irks me further, “Well duh darling, catch up, will you? So if you would-”

“I would what? Listen to me, you do anything with that and I will punch your face in.” My spit almost choked me when she hands it over to me, “Yeah—you better— uh- give it to me.”

She sang, “Oh Ash, poor little Ash so naïve in the ways of the dark world. I have copies of that with three people. Don’t bother asking who. Don’t bother asking where they are. I own this side of town and I’m the last person you want as an enemy. You might want to be a tad nicer to me. That’s just for proof that I am not lying.” She adds the emphasis on her last word, “And what I would like you to do is this list.” She hands over a pink envelope.

She turns and goes to the same window that I guess she came from. Before she disappears into the night she turns with a smirk, “Ash, don’t make me call the police and do not disappoint me.”

I bore my eyes at her until she left. She probably won’t even remember this in the morning.

I returned back into the room, the arguing was no longer existent as they commence to play truth and dare on my bed.

“You guys won’t believe what just happened.”


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