The Art of Fields

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Nine: 'Parental Advisory Not Required'

I squeal with excitement, “Jackie!” He tugs a smile as he walks up to me from the couch. “Where have you been?”

Jack frowns slightly as we pull in for a brief hug, “Colorado, family business. I have no idea why I had to go for the damn thing.” Rich people problems.

As we depart, I nod and look around. Jake had his foot propped up on the coffee table looking at the screen which Alexie was mindlessly flipping channels through. Chase was engaged in the newspaper on the high tables in the dining room.

Emily, Diane and I hear coarse screaming coming from the kitchen and follow the voices there.

Zoey’s voice cracks through the still air, “--dammit, no! It was our fault we got into the mess so we’ll get ourselves out of it!” Her pose was stiff, her arms folded across her chest and her face deepening into a shade of cherry red tomatoes. The aura around her almost setting aflame.

“Zoey.” I say a little loud and she looks at me away from Lucas, who was burying his face in his hands frustrated. Lucas brings his head up and walks to Emily, giving her a quick peck on her lip. “What happened?”

Zoey sighs but Lucas beats her to it, “I want Nick (Zoey’s brother) to help us clear our names before the police or something starts bringing down doors to imprison us.”

Zoey clicks her tongue and her green eyes pierce into his blue ones, “Nick almost got caught last time, he doesn’t need to risk everything again."

Lucas nods and walks to her, grabbing her by the shoulder, “I know, but we have no choice.” The tone of his voice was truthful and pleading.

Zoey grunts and purses her lips before nodding, “Fine.” A smile appears on Lucas’s features. “But if he says no, I’m not forcing him.”

Lucas nods and they hug shortly. I grab a pack of chips and we head to the living room where everyone was. When we step into the main room, they all were gathered on the couches ridding their prior activities. I take a sit in an empty seat next to Jake who flings his hand behind me.

We spent the next twenty minutes basking and lounging around, trying to fill in Jack about our whereabouts. When we were finally able to complete that story, we move on to our next dire solution.

I rub my calloused hands together and say as silence engulfed us, “Luke, how’s Nick going to help us?”

Lucas rolls his shoulders, “Maybe he can come up with something, I don’t know but it’s worth a shot asking him.”

Jack looks spaced out the entire time Lucas and I discuss the Nick situation. In the midst of a conversation, Jack clears his throat, “As in drugs? You guys did a drug deal? I thought we agreed to stop after..”

“Hunter.” I complete for him, looking at the plain white wall, “I’m sorry guys, I didn’t think--”

Jack sighs, “I’m not blaming you, Ash, it’s just surprising.” He dips his head, and clearly he was having a hard time processing everything.

Zoey presses her lips together, “If Nick gets caught, I don’t know what--”

Alexie pats her back, “Don’t worry, he won’t.”



Zoey and I left the Field’s abode, in my her car. She drove us to her humble mansion. Her house was beyond words huge, so yes, she was rich. To go with the gigantic mansion, she had three sisters and one brother. The house was never really quiet.

Making our way up the spiral stairwell, we stop in front of a door which has Parental Advisory Not Required taped on it. Zoey curls her fists and knocks on the door lightly, before turning the knob and walking inside.

I have never been to Nick’s room all the time I’ve known the Hastings. It was huge which went hand in hand with the rest of the house. The walls had famous metal and rock bands plastered over every inch. My mouth almost fell agape from the similarity of our music taste.

Upon entrance, Nick was sprawled across his bed with earphones plugged in his ears. And for some majestic reason, most of the times I came to Zoey’s place, he never thought of advertising a damn shirt. His blonde hair was tousled and flew in various different directions, looking at the perfect mix of lazy and messy.

“Nice room,” I mutter incoherently, moving my eyes from his fine self.

Nick leans over and sits upon his bed, knitting his eyebrows together at us, “Hey Ashley!” He gets off the bed and gives me a bone-crushing hug before crossing his legs on the bed again.

A couple of university books landed on his sides to give him some form of motivation to study. I chuckle at the sight of his bed before looking at Zoey. She quirks an eyebrow at me, “Geez, Ash, stop blushing.”

My hands have never moved faster than it had as I touch my face. Panic raises in me until I see both the siblings laugh at my frantic state, “Hilarious.” I say with an evident roll of my eyes.

Zoey sits next to her brother who now held a bewildered expression. “We need help with something.” Nick’s hazel eyes move from Zoey to me then back to her, a little enquiry in them. Zoey forces a smile, “Tracy is the one that blackmailed Ashley. She told Ashley to get drugs from this guy called Philippe. Ashley, Alexie, Chase and Lucas did it but Tracy got her henchmen to take pictures or something and filed a complaint to the authorities.” Zoey pulls out her phone and he takes it scrolling through the pictures, his eyes dilating. “We were wondering if you could help us out.”

Nick raises from his seat and walks around his bedroom. I furrow my eyebrows at Zoey who shrugs at me, a calculating expression on her face.

Nick finally grumbles, letting out a deep breath of air. He moves his hand to his blonde hair, “I didn’t want you to get into this too, Zoe.”

“Nick, you don’t need to--” Zoey gets abruptly cut off when Nick waves his hand up.

“No.” He retorts, his eyes calming down, “I’ll help obviously. You’re my sister and I owe some of you.” He looks at me sharing a small smile which I reciprocate. A flash of memories flowing through my mind to when Chase and I had got him out of juvie.

I grin widely gratefully, “Thanks, Nick.”

Nick nods, sitting back on his bed, laying down. “Just call me when you want to hear the plan, cause I’ve got it down.”

“That,” I say, tilting my head, “was quick.”

Nick smirks and Zoey raises from the bed, kissing Nick on the cheek, “Thanks, Nick. We’ll meet you at Chase’s place, you know where that is right?”

Nick nods, “Yeah, see you there.”

We head out of the room and a weight flies off our shoulders as we make our way to the driveway. We slide into Zoey’s Audi, turning up the heater, she drives us to Chase’s place.

Zoey grins from ear to ear, “That went a lot better than I expected.”

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