Unknown Energy

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A large building in lower Middleton, known as the oldest building in town, also known as the Courche house, was where the foster children live. Middleton is a small town outside the city of Vallow, population of about 370. Middleton, is and continues to be a portal to the unknown that not many people are aware of. Unknown beings have been seen, people who haven't been alive for years start to appear as if they were never dead, weird things are occurring. Willow Greene is determined to find out why, with the help of her two friends, of course. together they attempt to come to a conclusion with the background and current accounts of Middleton.

Mystery / Horror
Holly lettau
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Fall was my very least favourite season. It's cold, wet, and the gorgeous fall scenery only lasts a week. Why my parents agreed to move during the fall was beyond me. I mean like, starting off at the start of the school year does make sense. But that's it really. There is no point. Mother has other reasonings as to why it's a good idea, but she refuses to tell me. She always says "darling, imagine starting a new life, leaving your past behind, in a new neighbourhood with new people. You'll make some friends, learn new.. things, and explore the unexplored." By far, one of the most incorrect things I've heard her say, but i kindly agreed.

As I watched the naked trees pass by, I contemplated following along with my parents plans. After all, moving 8 states away feels like I'm moving across the world. Even if we are only 20 minutes out of Middleton. The last thing I wanted was to leave my home town, but who does?

We pulled up to a small townhouse. it was a light pale blue with a black black roof, and a dark brown porch in the very front, leading to a big glass door. "Well, here we are!" Mother exclaimed in excitement. I gave it another glance. It's a cute little house. Not too big, not too small. Definitely not looking too well built. I was definitely not happy about this whole moving situation.

I unclasped my seatbelt. Looking to my left, I realize how much stuff I actually had brought. The truck that brought our furniture and boxes (upon boxes) of our things, did not have enough room to fit my things. So, my clothes, makeup, paintings, blankets and pillows, electronics and everything else i owned, we're beside me, or in the back of the car. My little brother Joseph was spending the night at our great aunt Melanies apartment. Just to keep him out of our way during the move.

My brother Joseph is only 7. He was adorable if you asked me. Bright green eyes, and platinum hair, with a silver tone to it, so bright you wouldn't even notice the patch of brown behind his temple. We don't know where it came from, we always assumed it was a natural birth defect, sort of resembling a birth mark. Everyone has their own imperfection that made them their own being, and that just so happened to be his. He was a curious little kid. Always going out for some sort of adventure to keep his imagination content. His heart was so full of wonder and love. Sometimes he would actually bring home baby animals he would find in the wild, hoping we would take care of them. The fact that we had to break it to him that we couldn't keep them, always broke his little heart.

As I re-entered the state of reality, I realized I was sitting on the front patio. I sat up, and started towards the shiny glass door. My hand was shaking, my upright standing position started to tremble. 'This is it' I thought as I pushed the door open. I let go of the breath I didn't know I was holding, and looked forward, bracing myself for what I would be taking in.

As my eyes readjusted to the bright lights in the room, I was in awe. It was gorgeous! I couldn't believe it. The outside of this house was a total representation of 'don't judge a book by its cover'. As I slowly stepped into the first room, I saw my mother sitting in awe as well. She looked towards me, giving me a sly smirk. "Still pissed?" She laughed. I shook my head, sending the same smirk back.

Straight ahead was a large open hallway, that also lead to two different places. To my very left, before the hallway, was a large room. The walls were painted a very light grey. On the very wall closest to me, was a large flat screen tv, looking to be about 50-60 inches plaqued onto the wall. Opposite that, was a glass coffee table that folds up even more to be level with whomever was sitting on the couch, giving it two layers. The couch, was just beyond it. Black leather couch with a built in loveseat at either end, turning the corner, and attaching to another set of love seats. Along the wall with the seccond set, was a huge window, replacing half of the wall.

Turning around I noticed that the other room, opposite to the living room, was a dining room. Same coloured walls, in fact, the whole house looked to have a pale grey colour to the walls. I very much so enjoyed that part. I feel as it it gives it a modern futuristic look. The dining room had the same large window that took up most of the wall, a long black marble printed table, with y'all black chairs along the table. Walking down the hallway, there was a decent sized bathroom, with a bath, shower, sink, and toilet. It honestly looked to be about as big as my old bedroom, and that was saying something.

Walking down more towards the end of the wide hallway, was a kitchen. Looked like the average kitchen. Six burner stove, a two door fridge with the ice and water dispenser, and a small kitchen table. It had a glass sliding door that lead to what I would assume to be a back patio. I walked out side the door to see a trampoline, hot tub, and a large in-ground pool, with a diving board! Leading to all of us was a hill downwards made by concrete bricks. At this point, I thought this was too good to be true. It was all so nice, I have no clue how my mother and father could afford such a house!

After walking up the stairs led by the kitchen, I saw four different doors. I wasn't too concerned about how my other family members bedrooms looked. I was too excited for that moment. I found the door with a little keychain on it. It was the keychain my older sister gave me before her accident. I was mesmerized by the shiny gold palm tree keychain, I thought I had lost it... I guess it got lost in the love, and somehow founds it's way back.

I opened the door and stood in awe. I took a good look at my room. In love with each and every angle I slid my finger along the wall. It was painted white, with a slight blue undertone to it. My bedroom was absolutely amazing! The bed was a king size, with a black metal headboard. Beside it was a clear glass desk, with a white chair. The chair rolls in and out of under the desk, making. Easy to move around; along with the desk. There was a bay window, with a small mattress under it, where I could step up into it and lay down, read, do anything really. My favourite part was I could sit and watch the sky, the beautiful colours of the sunset.

I squinted my eyes, and just past the house just outside the window, I saw... waves? I couldn't believe it, there was a lake behind my house! I felt like I was in a movie, dream, something apart from reality. It was definitely, absolutely too good to be true.

I turned around to see two more doors. I opened one, which lead to a walk in closet. I pulled the string above me, which lightened the room. It was about 5x5 feet. Shelves everywhere you could lay your eyes. I never had a closet.. no wonder my dresser was missing. I left the closet and turned my body on my heel, spinning around and grasping the large handle on the other door. I slowly opened the large door to see a bathroom. It had a soaker tub, filled with holders along the outside to hold my bathing essentials. Along the same wall was a counter with a sink. Above it was a mirror, outlined in black border. As I looked at my reflection, I noticed the red bump on my forehead that just kept getting larger and larger the longer I glared at it. I leaned closer into the mirror and attempted popping it. "Fuck!" I screeched. Got it.

Sighing in relief, I actually used the bathroom. To be fair, it was a long car ride, and with no stops along the way, your girls gotta pee sometime.


What felt like years of unpacking, was only a short 45 minutes. After laying my final blanket down on my bed, I later myself down along with it, admiring the scenery in front of me. What I did not realize beforehand, was my favourite part about my room. I had a skylight window, taking up half of my roof. If a tree ever fell onto it while I was asleep, well now that would not be a lucky day on my end. But it was gorgeous.

After a couple minutes of admiring my now finished and customized room, I checked my phone for the time. 9:47 p.m.

I attempted to unlock my phone, but annoyingly enough, my Face ID was not working. Numerous attempts later, it worked. "About fucking time!" I said, apparently too loud, because my soon to be 8 year old brother was walking into my room at the same moment. "What's wrong?" He spoke. "My stupid phone isn't recognizing my face" I told him angrily. He shot a small glare and replied "maybe it's because you finally popped that huge boulder on your head, and now it doesn't recognize you."

I shot him a nasty glare and before he knew it, a pillow had knocked him over. "MOM! Willow hit me!" He yelled down the hall, fake crying while he's at it. "Willow Harper Greene! Just because you're pissed off that we moved, has no reasoning to throw things at your brother!" I snickered while walking up to my door and pushing it closed. 'Whatever'

Tonight's dinner was macaroni and cheese and corn dogs. Not much of a fine dine if you ask me, but it wasn't like we have lived here for more than a day. We didn't have much groceries in store for us, so we had to make due with what we had.

I say in my bay window, with my blanket and my sisters keychain. I missed her. I rarely saw her before the accident. She moved away when I was 14, and maybe spoke to me 2 times total during the two years. She looked a lot different from me. Bright green eyes, blonde hair that ran just below her shoulder blades, slender body with intense assets. She was a walking show for every boy who layed eyes on her. About half a year ago, she was in an accident around here. Hit and run. My parents told us she had passed. But I don't quite believe that. They are always spending a lot of time alone talking I secret, and every so often I would hear her name being brought up, along with the words 'Foster' and 'courche'. I couldn't ever bring any thought to those words. But something about it seemed off. There was never a funeral, not one report, nothing.

The day before her accident, she handed me this palm tree keychain as an apology for never being there. She knew I always had a thing for palm trees. It never occurred to me that this keychain would mean so much to me one day, but here we are.

I looked out the window to see someone walking out of the front door of the house across the way. He looked to be about 18, with brown shaggy hair. He was skinny, but not lanky, and was walking towards the beach. I watched as he sat down by the calm water where I once saw fantastically huge waves. I watched him sit and stare at the sky, the starts and moon for about half an hour, and decided that I would go out and meet him.

I hurried down the stairs to meet with my father. "Could I go for a walk?" I asked politely. He looked up from his phone and nodded, while saying a quick "Love you, be safe" and I nodded and replied the same. I walked along the shoreline until I slowly came close, about 10 feet, to this unknown male figure I was watching.

"Hey" I whispered, a little louder than normal. He spun his head around so fast I thought it would spin right off. "Oh shit! You scared me. Hi?" He looked just as puzzled as he did when I made him jump. "Hi, I uh.. just moved in across the road. I saw you sitting here and I thought I would introduce myself...I'm Willow."

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