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Sasquatch Revenage On Humans

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SASQUATCH Take over the world with revenage.

Mystery / Thriller
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Sasquatch revenage Deep in the weeds there was a creature 8'ft tall 3'ft between shoulders still the same old Sasquatch but violent and angry not friendly at all after being shot at injured by people only time I only shot at them is to protect my family and myself durning researching.their bringing there force against humans researchers hunters anyone who invades their territory they will do like human protect their family From day one when ever that was they were here for a reason.watcher to protect the earth against humans from destroying it. And were still destroying it. Polluting the air, oceans. No their angry with humans and have ways to destroying us with no problem which humans don't know about, They could be friendly if we treated them right Stories of woman being kidnapped by them to be their bride.it did it to my daughter but I rescue her but I had to shoot the Sasquatch To it to release her without hurting her. I like to meet a friendly Sasquatch, But after I been through and family don't know if we ever have any friendly Ones just hostile creatures who will invade the earth along with the Aliens taking over the earth will know when that time comes. But my family and I enjoyed researching Sasquatch we learn a lots by the habit of the Sasquatch but people lost their lives by researching Sasquatches hunting their food source. Sometime in the future people going to wake up see aliens that looks like us controlling the earth along with the Sasquatches of the world And human will exprireon planet earth .

The End !

Star Writer Jerry G. Smith

June 26, 2020

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