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///“If God really exists, I would rather give myself to Satan”/// Was Charin possessed by demon as the father in the church believed her to be? OR Was Charin vengeful as she thought herself to be? OR Was Charin a psychopath as the doctors claimed her to be? ___________________________________________________________ The time bomb was ticking in the back seat. The girl was ready to jump out of the moving car as her hand clutched the car door handle ready to pull it anytime. The act didn't go unnoticed by the man sitting beside her on the driver seat who grinned at the sneaky attempt. "If I am going to die, you are coming with me Charin" the man said as he accelerated the car, the view outside the window blurring into faded colors . The sudden speeding up caused both the figures in the car to jerk back in their seats. The situation made the girl chuckle. "You might me crazy Allison, but I am crazier" with that the girl forced the car door open and tumbled out of the racing car as the vehicle continued to move forward before it exploded with a boom.

Mystery / Thriller
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On a deserted road stood a Victorian style structure, neglected and forgotten. The space gave medieval vibes, situated uneasily in the middle of a 21st century modern city. The huge clock on its colossal tower was out of order, showing 12 ‘o’ clock for decades as if to conform to the stagnant lives of its inhabitants. Despite its beauty, there was some eerie feel about it which tags along with the visitor inside the structure. The eerie feeling precipitates as one strides along its endless corridors with innumerable closed doors. It’s behind these doors that the source of the eeriness laid – the patients.

Not some normal patients, but patients with all kinds of grave mental disorders known to medical scientists till date.

Yes, the building was an Asylum, a dumping ground for all the unwanted specimens of humanity. A place which can rival death in making a human a thing of past and to make a human disappear from the society just like that. This particular asylum was a despised island amidst the sea of civilization, entrapping the humans who were ‘declared’ a danger to the civilization.

While new patients declared dangerous would occasionally pour in, it had been a long time since the place saw a new addition to its caretaker staff. It was close to miracle that a brilliant student trained in psychiatry, on her own will, decided to work in this dreaded place. Miss Yumi Chan was what she called herself.

“So Miss Yumi I heard your fascination with serious cases of mental disorders brought you here, is it true?” asked one of the senior caretakers who were sitting around a round table playing cards along with the newbie.

“Yes ma’am you heard it right” replied the newbie with a small smile.

“I wish I could encourage you but alas you are going to change your mind soon” remarked another senior caretaker as she looked boringly at the cards in her hands.

The newbie was about to say something when an ear piercing scream of a patient scared her out of her wits. The offender was a shabby lady in her late 40s who out of blue started screaming like a mad woman she was.

“AHHHHHHHH! Go away! I said go away! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

The mad lady then turned to the women in uniform playing cards and started laughing hysterically.

“I scared you, didn’t I? You weaklings! You cunts!” her mouth laughing and throwing all kinds of abusive words their way.

Irritated by the lady, one of the senior caretaker stood up abruptly grinding her teeth and dashed out of the room. She returned with a bucket of cold water, emptied its content on the mad lady and turned the empty vessel over her head. The cold water shocked the lady into silence as she collapsed on the floor.

“Miss Yumi, come with me. Let’s get this shit clean” the senior called for the newbie.

“Y-Yes ma’am” the newbie stuttered as she tried overcoming her shock and stood up right away for assisting the senior.

“I will bring a stretcher” the newbie offered.

“No” the senior rejected baffling the newbie.

However, her confusion was soon replaced by horror when she saw the senior dragging the body on the floor and out of the room, pulling the lady by the collar of her wet clothes. The newbie felt her heart beat anxiously at the cruel scene unfolding before her eyes while her appalled figure followed the senior silently into the adjacent room.

Miss Yumi removed the wet clothes of the lady and patted her dry with a towel. She asked for spare clothes for changing the lady into but got an unexpected reaction from the senior.

“No need! Let her go about naked so that she learns her lesson” the senior hissed as she looked down upon the lady in abhorrence.

“Ma’am, this is not right” the newbie dared to object as she stood up from her perch on the floor with the wet towel in her hand.

“Miss Yumi, when you live with shit you become shit” the senior snapped and left the room leaving the two souls alone in that room.


It had been two weeks and the job was already becoming unbearable for Miss Yumi. It was not the patients who made her uneasy but the caretakers who stripped the former of their humanity on a regular basis. During this short period, Miss Yumi discovered that not all of them admitted here were mentally ill but were being made into one through unnecessary dosage of strong medicines.

Thinking about all these things Miss Yumi was hurting her head like hell, before she halted in front of a closed door. Room No. 61, it read. She unlocked the assigned door with a key only to witness ten patients, some of them chained to their beds. Many were screaming as if possessed by some ghost, others were laughing at no one in particular. Only a young inmate of the room was silent, a young girl in the sky blue uniform assigned for the patients. Her head buried in her knees while her jet black shoulder length hair hid her face.

Quietly closing the door behind her, she pulled out a cardboard which had the profiles of all the patients in the room clipped to it. She flipped the pages as terms like schizophrenia, Alice in the Wonderland syndrome, multiple personality disorder greeted her eyes. She walked further into the room with one hand pushing the wheeled trolley stocked with the medicines while the other held the cardboard. One by one she approached the patients and silenced them with a syringe before she was left with the quiet girl. The newbie felt that the girl would be easier to handle or so she thought. She checked her profile:

Patient 8

Name: Charin

Age: 20 years old

Admitted here at 15

Status: Psychopath

The last term really gave her goose bumps. She was both afraid and excited at the same time. It was true that psychopaths fascinated her the most and now she was about to encounter one but wasn’t it too soon for her? She once again gave the girl a glance and gulped.

Psychopathy is among the most difficult disorders to spot. The psychopath can appear normal, even charming. Underneath, he lacks conscience and empathy, making him manipulative, volatile and often, but by no means always, criminal. They are objects of popular fascination and clinical anguish: adult psychopathy is largely impervious to treatment, though programs are in place to treat callous, unemotional youth in hopes of preventing them from maturing into psychopaths.

The newbie recalled the professors’ lectures from her college training days as she kept looking at the girl blankly. Taking a deep breath, she strode closer to the girl.

“Charin” she called for the girl.

Alerted at an unfamiliar voice, the girl’s body stiffened as she opened her eyes before lifting her head to see for herself. There stood the newbie, a pretty curvy woman clad in white uniform, innocent and naive, she thought. She checked her out from head to toe before snapping.

“Who the fuck are you?” Charin asked coldly.

“I am Yumi Chan. Your new caretaker” the newbie replied politely as if trying not to trigger the girl.

Unamused Charin extended her left palm towards the newbie while looking straight into her eyes.

“What?” the newbie asked confused. Her eyebrows furrowed.

“Medicine” replied Charin.

“No, first I need to check your vi --”

“No need. Now medicine and fuck off” Charin interjected with anger now evident on her face stopping the newbie midway as she was taking out her equipment to check the vitals.

Deciding not to trigger her further the newbie abid by what Charin asked her to do. Quickly, the girl gulped down the medicine with water and went back to the position she was before the newbie disturbed her.

Taking her cue, the newbie scurried herself out of the room and locked the door behind her. She released a breath which she didn’t know she was holding as she patted her chest lightly.

It was more nerve wrecking than encountering an extremely attractive man, she thought.


It was night time. Mr. Roger, the asylum supervisor, was going from room to room, ensuring that the asylum staff has left for their home and the rooms were locked properly, when he reached the room where Miss Yumi was still working. So immersed was the female, that the male felt guilty to disturb her.

“Not even a month and you are already serious about your work, Miss Yumi. Quite a sight to behold!” Mr. Roger remarked smiling as he stood by the door, leaning on the adjacent wall with his hands folded. The male was carefree to look at, too carefree for his profession. Clad in the typical white doctor coat, the man was a smart, finely built 35 year old male.

“Oh Mr. Roger, I am about to leave in half an hour” Miss Yumi spoke with a smile before turning back her attention to the files she was reading.

Not convinced with the female, the man walked halfway inside the room. “Your dedication to your work is appreciable Miss Yumi, but trust me when I say you wouldn’t want to stay here alone at night. So now leave this work and go home and rest, hm” the man spoke as if speaking to a child.

“Are you trying to scare me?” Miss Yumi asked chuckling, her hands still holding a file.

“No, I am giving you a fact. Now hurry up and pack up” the man said before he left the room proceeding with his inspection.

Miss Yumi somehow gave in and stood up to pack her belongings. After making sure nothing was left behind, she switched off the lights and came out of the room locking it behind her. Still able to hear the man’s footsteps in the hallway, Miss Yumi loudly bid the man a farewell with a ‘Good Night’ to which the man reciprocated, before she moved towards the reception area. Hanging the key on the reception wall, Miss Yumi exited the asylum premises and went towards her car parked outside. She unlocked the car, got inside, fastened her seat belt and adjusted the rear view. The adjusted mirror now showed the asylum building behind.

“Wow! Is it really looking this spooky?” Miss Yumi commented on the reflection before peeking out of her car window to see for herself. The asylum indeed was looking like a haunted house with not even a trace of light. The structure was now drowned in complete darkness, looking almost abandoned. The absence of street light wasn’t helping either. The eeriness which the structure emits sporadically during the day was now at its zenith.

Chuckling at the observation, Miss Yumi turned back to the front and turned the ignition on. “I guess it was what Mr. Roger was talking about after all. I wonder what he is still doing inside” Miss Yumi spoke to herself before driving off to her residence.

On the other hand, somewhere in the asylum, a soul was smiling creepily at the moon, the only source of light in the room.

“You were long awaited Miss Yumi Chan. So, nice to meet you”

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