Hello Satan

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Days passed away and not a single word was exchanged between the two females. It became a kind of ritual with the newbie calling the girl and the latter stretching her palm out to receive the tablet and gulp it down with water before restoring herself to her previous posture.

But today was different. The newbie had made up her mind for compelling Charin into conversing with her and she had a plan for it. As usual Charin was gulping down her medicine when the newbie uttered, “I know you don’t take your medicine”

The girl raised an eyebrow as if mocking the newbie.

“You are aware what I am saying. Every day you pretend to swallow your medicine down but you don’t” explained the newbie as she folded her arms across her chest.

“Then where in the world do they go?” Charin asked with dramatic expression on her face.

“Maybe under your bed?”

In response, Charin just gave a sly smile.

“If you haven’t noticed I came 3 hours earlier than I was supposed to and if you would have been taking in the medicine you would have still been knocked out”

But Charin did notice the early arrival.

Amused, Charin changed her posture in front of the newbie for the first time now bringing her body in a relaxing position with both her hands placed beside her either side on the bed as she laid her body weight on them. Her head was tilted a little to the side as she showed her amusement in the newbie.

“A smart human, I see” Charin muttered.

“What?” the newbie asked.

“Nothing, anyways why do you care after all I am not making any ruckus” Charin remarked shrugging her shoulders a bit.

“Because I am your caretaker” the newbie asserted causing a snort to escape the girl.

“Oh it’s how you take care? I smell worse than a dead rat” Charin complained as she sniffed herself.

“What? How long it had been since you bathe?”

“Two months”

“Oh My God! That’s -”

“Disgusting I know”

“So do you want to take a bath?”

“You really asking me that!”

“Ok but your hands will remain cuffed. I will assist you in washing yourself”

“Scared much? Won’t blame you though, after all you are dealing with a psychopath. I agree” Charin said smugly as she extended her cuffed hands in front of the newbie in surrender.

The cuffs seemed to be of no use at first since the chain of the cuffs was long enough to allow the hands to be kept apart at shoulder length but still it was restrictive for the wearer, for it would slow down her movements. This observation though ridiculed the sense of security which the cuffs provided the newbie, they were better than nothing.

So both the women entered the bathroom and soon Charin was sitting in the bathroom naked with the newbie scrubbing her back. The latter couldn’t help but admire Charin’s flawless naked body. She is young and beautiful. The newbie mentally chuckled for envying the body of an insane girl.

If you will stop dazing over my body, then I am sure we will be finished sooner was what Charin wanted to say to the woman behind but she didn’t for the sake of avoiding hinting the other about her mind. She didn’t want to give even an inkling about what she thinks, what goes inside her head to her so called caretaker. At least not yet. Therefore, she decided to let things unfold on their own and relax under the gentle scrubbing her body was receiving after so long.

However, it was the beginning of a kind of healthy doctor-patient relationship between the two. Though still secretive about herself, Charin at least behaved better with the newbie.


“That patient number 5 you see, his name is Charles. He had an obsession with collecting human teeth. So he killed humans and kept 7 teeth of theirs with him. He had a whole collection of it ranging from those of children to adults.” Charin said as she was telling the newbie about the ‘crazy’ pasts of her indeed crazy room inmates.

“And that lady, patient number 1, she killed her sons because a ghost of a soldier told her to do so” Charin continued giggling as if telling some funny incidences.

“What about you?” the newbie suddenly asked causing Charin to look at her.

“What about me?” Charin asked smirking.

The newbie rolled her eyes at Charin’s attempt to annoy her by repeating her question.

“You know what I am asking you about” the newbie remarked.

“And why would I tell you that? You won’t believe me any way if I say I am not a psychopath” Charin replied sassily.

Is it really the case? The newbie thought.

“That, I will decide. Who knows I might believe you?” the newbie said shrugging her shoulders.

“On one condition then!” offered Charin.

“And that is?” asked the newbie with an eyebrow raised.

“You have to do what I ask you to after I tell you about myself. Don’t worry, I won’t be asking you to help me break out of this asylum” revealed Charin as a chortle escaped her mouth at the latter sentence.

“So deal, Miss Yumi?”

“And what made you think I will abide by my part of the deal, Charin?” the newbie challenged.

Then you don't know me yet, Miss Yumi. Charin thought.

“Oh you will, Miss Yumi! You will!” Charin said in a tone so deep that it sent shivers down the newbie’s spine as mischief swirled in her eyes.

And it got the newbie into contemplating.

There is a possibility that Charin isn't a psychopath. But my professor warned us that psychopaths are very good at lying and convincing you that they are not psychopaths. But I don’t think there would be any harm in listening to her. Maybe I will get a clue about her. The newbie thought.

On the other hand, Charin knew the look on the newbie’s face all too well. She knew what the woman was thinking. But she was sure that her offer was just too tempting for the woman to let go. It was the first time that Charin was willing to open herself to her.

She knew that the newbie wouldn’t let the opportunity go.

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