Hello Satan

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“Good Afternoon Ma’am”

“Good Afternoon. I have an appointment with Dr. Weimer” Miss Yumi informed the receptionist.

“Ok let me check ma’am”

“Oh Yes it’s here. You will be called in five minutes ma’am. Please have a seat”

“Thank you”

Miss Yumi had decided to pay a visit to the doctor who had prepared Charin’s Psychopathy Checklist. As expected, the doctor undersigned in the report turned out to be one of the famous psychiatrists ‘Dr. Weimer’.

It was the high afternoon time which meant that the morning shift of the doctor was about to end. The clinic would be closed for the lunch time and would resume its operations not before 5 ‘o’ clock in the evening. Since Miss Yumi went there in the capacity of a junior psychiatrist, Dr. Weimer found it suitable to have an appointment with her after the patient attending time was over. Miss Yumi had never seen the man, only heard his name but she was aware of the influence which the doctor had. Therefore, she had a personal reason as well to finally meet the doctor she had heard about a lot.

“Miss Yumi Chan”


“Please go inside”

Without wasting a second Miss Yumi stood up from the reception couch and walked into the doctor’s cabin, finally seeing the man face to face. The man was in his 50s; his grey hair in his receding hairline told the tale of his years of labor in the profession. A pair of black rimmed glasses sitting on his sharp nose, fair complexion and a wrinkle free skin made the man pleasant to look at. His tall lean youth like stature belied his age.

“Hello Dr. Weimer, Dr. Yumi Chan here” Miss Yumi greeted the doctor with a slight bow of her head while introducing herself.

“Hello Dr. Chan, Nice to meet you! Have a seat” Dr. Weimer reciprocated politely.

“Thank You”

“Sir, I wanted to talk to you about a case” Miss Yumi said as soon as she made herself comfortable on the chair.

“Oh yes, yes, Miss Ruby had informed me. If you don’t mind, may I have a brief introduction about you Dr. Chan?”

“Sure sir, I am student working under Dr. Robert Cooper. I have recently submitted my thesis on former asylum inmates in rehab”

“That’s quite an interesting bio you gave me here, Miss Chan. It is such a pleasure to meet the student of my friend Dr. Cooper. I would like to read your thesis someday”

“That will be an honor for me, Sir” Miss Yumi remarked politely making the senior chuckle.

“Ok so coming back to work. What case do you want to discuss?” the senior asked.

“Sir, here” Miss Yumi presented Charin’s file to the senior “Sir, it was the case regarding Mr. James Allison’s adopted daughter. Have you administered it?”

“Oh yes, I remember this case. What do you want to ask about it?” the senior asked while going through the file.

“Sir, I want to know about your sessions with this girl” Miss Yumi replied.

“Like a brief?” the man asked as he looked up from the file.

“You can say that”

“Ok, give me a minute, I need some time to recall” the senior requested the woman as he closed the file and put it down on his table. He then, turned around on his office chair and opened an overhead shelf picking out a thick file before turning back to his visitor.

Opening up the file, he went through some pages before he felt ready to answer the woman.

“Ok so if I remember correctly, this girl was adopted from an orphanage by Mr. Allison and his wife. After a fatal attack on them by the girl where Mr. Allison lost his wife while he himself sustained some serious injury, the girl was admitted to some asylum since Mr. Allison believed the girl had gone insane. Being a family friend and doctor to Mr. Allison, I was called to see what was wrong with the girl. I remember I had a number of sessions with the girl, conducting direct interviews with both the girl and Mr. Allison. The case file you have brought was the result of all those interactions” the senior explained.

“Sir, not to question you, but did you smell any foul play at that time?” Miss Yumi asked cautiously so as to not to appear disrespectful.

“Foul Play? Like?”

“Like was she a victim of some abuse and was presented as an insane to discredit her version of story”

“No, there was no such thing. The girl never said anything like this. In fact, she was behaving quite creepily, she was describing the murder in sickly detailed manner. I understand your concern Dr. Chan since I am aware that labeling someone as a psychopath is a matter a life and death. Therefore, it took me innumerable conversations with her, as you can see how thick the file in my hands is, to finally give my opinion”

“So according to you, is she a born psychopath?”

“Well that’s difficult to say because I was able to reconstruct very little about her childhood”

“And how did the orphanage authorities reacted?”

“Well, they refused to comment. But I know they were both shocked and frightened after all the girl was formerly under their care”

“Do you know anything about the orphanage, Sir?”

“Yes, it was called something like Happy Home”


Standing just in the front, was the very orphanage Miss Yumi had heard about just an hour ago. Miss Yumi after getting her answers from Dr. Weimer bid the senior a goodbye before rushing to this place. The cab which brought her here now strolled down the road behind her in search of a new passenger.

The orphanage was located in the countryside and hence was surrounded by trees and open fields. The constant flow of fresh cool breeze would make one realize just how much greenery the area had. The place felt like a paradise, even more so to the female who had grown accustom to the chaos of the city.

Miss Yumi carried her legs forward as more and more of the orphanage architecture came into her view. The structure was large, designed in harmony with its natural surroundings. Even though it was an orphanage, the place gave more of a high school vibes with kids in uniform and the adults carrying bundle of books zigzagging their way through the crowd. Bewildered at the commotion, Miss Yumi quickly caught hold of one such soul in a hurry. It was a nun, covered in a grey habit from head to toe.

“Excuse me! I want to meet the supervisor in here. Could you guide me to their office?” Miss Yumi asked the nun.

“Oh you are looking for Sister Elise, I guess. She is the supervisor in here. Sorry Miss as you can see I am in a bit of hurry right now” the nun said pointing to the bundle in her hands with her chin “so I can’t accompany you, but don’t worry, Sister Elise’s office is just right the corner. You will find it easily. Now if you will excuse me!” the nun in the haste left for her destination while Miss Yumi hesitatingly moved in the direction pointed by the nun.

Soon a door with a plate labeled ‘Office’ came into her view. She knocked at it twice before allowing herself inside. Inside was another nun, sitting on a chair, with a book in her hands. The nun had been reading the book before Miss Yumi interrupted her. It seemed that the grey habit was the formal wear for the nuns in here, since this nun too was wearing one.

“Good Afternoon! How may I help you?” the nun, looking as the same age as Miss Yumi, asked her.

“Mmm, I want to meet Sister Elise” Miss Yumi told the nun.

“Very Well! She is with the kids right now! I will get her in a minute or so. Till then have a look around” the nun said politely with a smile as she stood up and placed the book on the table.

“I am just coming” the nun again assured as she left the room to fetch the person asked for.

In the meantime, Miss Yumi explored the office walls which were overwhelmed with photographs of kids. Kids whom this orphanage gave refuge to. Some photos were black and white while a lot of them were colored ones. It appeared as if each and every child who got a refuge here was captured by these photographs. A source of the place’s history these photographs would be then. And suddenly somebody familiar in one of the photograph caught her eye.

That somebody familiar was a girl around ten years old sitting in a group of children smiling oh so sweetly at the camera. Her blood red lips made her easily recognizable. The dense color of her lips made her look like a snow white. The girl didn’t fail to amaze Miss Yumi even in her childhood.

“What can I help you with, Miss?” the voice cut short the woman’s room inspection. It was Sister Elise, a lady in her 60s, who had just entered the office room.

“Good Afternoon Sister. Let’s have a seat first” Miss Yumi requested at which the old nun nodded.

“Sister I want to know about someone” Miss Yumi asked after both the women settled down on the chairs.



“Charin? We have a lot of girls in here named Charin? Which Charin you are talking about, dear?”

“The girl who was adopted into the political family of Allisons”

The statement made the old nun froze for a moment before she said “Sorry, I don’t know who you are talking about. May be you have come to wrong place. Now if you would excuse me!”

The old nun stood up abruptly as she reached for the door suddenly treating the visitor rather coldly.

“I have come to the right place, Sister. Why don’t you want to talk about her?” Miss Yumi said to the old nun who was now quite eager to get away from her.

“I told you Miss you are mistaken”

“Oh then who is she?” Miss Yumi said pointing at Charin’s photograph on the office wall.

“Isn’t she Charin?” continued Miss Yumi.

“How do you know about her?” the old nun asked surprised.

“I am her caretaker”

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