Hello Satan

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Miss Yumi was confronting Mr. Roger, the head supervisor of the asylum in his cabin. The girl was standing in front of his table while the man clad in a long white doctor coat was standing opposite her just beside his chair.

“No, no, no, Miss Yumi ! Please try to understand. I don’t think that you really know about this institution. Let me tell you then. Our institution is famous- no, let me come at it again. Our institution is the infamous of all the asylums out there for harbouring the serious of the serious insane, even the government dumps the hopeless cases in here. Such a repute we have you see!” Mr. Roger stated in persuasion, a bit annoyed at the newbie for demanding reform of the asylum.

“But sir I am not asking you to release them all out in the civil society. I am just saying that not all of them are mentally ill. On the top of that some of the patients can be cured, they can resume a normal life.” Miss Yumi tried once again to put her point across the now lazy supervisor.

“Ok, I agree that not all the patients admitted here were mentally ill but rather were tricked into entering here as a result of the sinister plots of their near ones, but do you really believe they would have retained their sanity till now? After spending so many years among the insane? Impossible! I, myself a trained psychiatrist, I am going crazy working with them, then these are just some ordinary people we are talking about.” Mr. Roger exasperated in counter argument though his tone was still moderate not anywhere near shouting. The man, thus, smelled of professionalism.

“Oh, then why don’t we lock the staff people too, many of whom have already gone crazy. The treatment should be fair Mr. Roger” Miss Yumi remarked cockily, her eyes challenging the reluctant man.

The man on the other hand, simply raised his eyebrows in question.

“You know sir, what I am saying. You can turn a blind eye to all what is happening in here. But that doesn’t make it disappear- ” Miss Yumi was accusing the man who soon interrupted her.

“Why do you want to reform this place out of blue, when everything has been going smoothly for decades? Why?” Mr. Roger asked in defeat and confusion. To him it seemed that the girl too had gone crazy. Another kind of disorder ‘the obsession with reform’ disorder the man thought while mentally chuckling at his invention.

Miss Yumi however, continued once again showing no signs of giving up to the man any soon before getting what she wanted. “Sir, I wouldn’t be breaking my back in here after so many years of hard training, if I was planning to just sit beside you and be carefree. I am determined to make my training bear fru -- ”

“What do you want?” the man interrupted, finally the exhaustion taking over him forced these words out of him as he sighed in defeat.

“Huh?” Miss Yumi blinked in apprehension.

“What it is you want, Miss Yumi?” the man repeated.

While a smile made its way to Miss Yumi’s face.

“I want you to grant me the permission to transfer this lady out of the room no. 61.” Miss Yumi demanded in victory.

“And why should I do that?” the man asked becoming reluctant once again.

“Because this lady has shown signs of improvement. Transferring her out of that room will precipitate her recovery.” Miss Yumi replied.

“Ok I will do that on one condition. Prepare the evidence and throw that on my face. Prove me wrong; prove that whatever you have been saying is the right thing to do.” The man threw the challenge to the newbie with a friendly smile. His attempt to exert his authoritarian side was failing as amusement started taking over him.

On the other hand, the challenge made Miss Yumi’s eyes sparkle for a second as happiness took over them.

“Thank you Sir. Thank you so much.” The girl smiled in gratitude before turning around to leave the cabin.

“Miss Yumi” the man called out for the leaving figure. The girl halted in her way, her back still facing the man, waiting for him to continue.

“You know one of the two things will happen soon” Mr. Roger continued making the girl turn in curiosity.

“Either you will become me, sitting here beside me nonchalantly” the man said pointing at his chair “or I will become you holding up the revolutionary flag” The man finished pointing at her.

“And I can guarantee that it will be the latter Sir” the girl said before turning around to leave the room.

I hope so Miss Yumi, I hope so. The man thought while blankly staring at the leaving figure of the girl.


Miss Yumi marathoned her way through the busy hallway before she ended up in front of the room no. 61. She excitedly twisted the door knob and pushed it open to witness a surprising scene. Charin interacting with others in the room!

“My turn. I think I am going to lose again” Charin whined as she was playing cards with Martha. However, soon both of them turned their attention to the newcomer.

“You are running late, Doctor” Charin mocked the newbie with a playful grin.

“Because I have a good news, Patient” Miss Yumi replied equally playful.

“You are making good use of the cards I brought you and how come you are interacting with other humans”

“I will let you go for calling me human this time, but hey it was becoming boring in here sitting idle. Also, Martha said I remind her of her daughter so why not mingle.”

“Sure, sure” Miss Yumi remarked giggling.

“So, the good news is that, Martha, you are going to be shifted out of this room”

“What? Why?” Martha asked in apprehension.

“So that you can recover soon and resume normal life. You will soon be able to do things you wanted” Miss Yumi informed excitedly.

“But I don’t want to go back to my family, they won’t accept me, they will dump me here agai- ” Martha said rapidly speaking all her worries out when she was interrupted by Miss Yumi.

“Martha relax nobody is going to send you back. You will stay here with me as a gardener. You will be a messiah Martha. Once you will be able to live a normal life you will pave way for other patients to do the same. You have to recover for me dear. You have to show the authorities that what I believe for my patients is not just my utopia, it is a reality.” Miss Yumi said while convincing and assuring through her eyes as she held Martha’s hands in hers.

“I won’t disappoint you Doctor. I will realize your dream.” Martha nodded in understanding before she zealously promised Miss Yumi as she pulled her into her arms.

On the other hand, it was the first time that Charin was smiling a genuine smile at the scene unfolding before her. Or so Miss Yumi thought.

Was Charin happy for something else?

However, whatever it was it sure involved the newbie since once Charin’s eyes met hers, the former grinned wider and leaned in to peck the cheek of the newbie who was still in the hug before she stood up and strolled to her bed leaving the pecked girl blushing.

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