Hello Satan

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It was a full moon night. Miss Yumi was still in the asylum busy vacating a patient’s bed in room no. 61. The bed belonged to Martha, now an ex inmate of the room, since, as promised by Miss Yumi, the old lady was now being given her own room, the very next night. The moon peeking through the room ceiling window served as a torch light for the caretaker in the now dark room.

Flattening the last crease in the bed sheet of the now redundant bed, Miss Yumi looked around in the room. Her patients were fast asleep; their faces visible under the soft moonlight looked quite at peace more than they ever could be in their lives.

Standing almost in the middle of the room, Miss Yumi looked like a farmer who had come out in broad daylight to inspect his field; examining each and every stalk of his crops before smiling contently at the progress his crops had shown. For her this asylum room was like a plant nursery, where she was sowing the seeds of sanity, waiting for them to sprout into young saplings ready to be transferred into the real world as had been the case with Martha.

Wanting to look a little longer at the subjects of her care and affection, Miss Yumi sat down on the freshly made bed. Roaming around in the room, her eyes finally rested on the girl, she had reluctantly come to admire. Just two beds ahead of her, Charin was sound asleep. A sapling so different from the others in her field that the woman wondered if she was some weed or some other useful crop she wasn’t aware of.

The girl’s fair skin was shimmering like white snow in the moonlight which was pouring in from the overhead window. At that moment, the girl resembled the sleeping beauty from the children’s story book. She looked so innocent.

But don’t all humans look a bit more humane when asleep? It’s the only time when these creatures are disconnected from this world, untouched by its goods and bads. Miss Yumi thought chuckling.

So surreal, so beautiful the girl was looking that for the moment, Miss Yumi began to sympathize with Mr. Allison’s desire for the girl. Who wouldn’t want to possess the girl who could look so angelic, so pure? Truth being said, her bad evil self which was buried somewhere deep inside her would also like to do the same. What’s made the girl even more intriguing was the evil manipulative devil she becomes once awake.

Miss Yumi’s train of thoughts took her back to what she got to know from the orphanage.

“Charin was a silent kid. Not to mention a well behaved child. Yet she was a kind of mysterious and non conformist since the beginning” Sister Elise told Miss Yumi about the childhood Charin.

“Non conformist in the sense?”

“In the sense that she used to be amazed by the people whom the society despise, be it the criminals, the underdogs, the insane or the devils in the tales. I sometimes couldn’t even take her to the church because she used to always ask the father why people don’t like Satan. To her Satan was her lover, she used to admire him. The father used to get angry with her and used to scold us for letting such things get to her mind. We, however, never took her seriously, discarding her words as mere childhood fantasies. But we never knew that our neglect will ruin her this way. What she did is not a trivial matter. Even today I find it difficult to believe that this lovely girl, this little life I had nourished in my lap,” the nun said raising her arms and showing her palms “had become a nightmare. I think the very Satan she used to love had finally taken over her pure innocent soul” the old lady lamented as a few tears left her eyes.

“She is a black sheep for us now. You see now why I didn’t want to talk about her. I just want to forget her as some bad dream. It pains me to recall how I saw the destruction of an innocent life and I couldn’t do anything. Her memory brings back the little girl I used to cherish and my eyes refuse to believe that she has grown up into a demon” the old nun continued sniffling.

Witnessing the scene, Miss Yumi was now feeling guilty for bringing back the nun’s painful memories. Hoping that her guilt would lessen a bit Miss Yumi apologized “I’ m sorry to hurt you, Sister. But it is necessary for me to know the truth”

“No, no, don’t apologize my child. I am happy that someone cares about her and taking care of her when I can’t afford to even see her” the nun said in her now hoarse voice while wearing back her pair of glasses after she wiped her tears with a cloth.

“Sister, did you meet her after the incident?”

“Yes, I did. But she wasn’t remorseful a bit. Infact she said that the couple deserved it”

“Did she say something about sexual abuse?”

“Yes she did. But Mr. Allison said she was lying”

“And what made you believe him and not Charin?”

“How can’t I, he is such a generous man, even after the tragedy he continued to look for this place. The poor man is taking medication for his depression since the tragedy. Even the doctor testified that she has gone insane. The physical examination reports too deny any sign of sexual abuse on her”

Now that Miss Yumi had recalled her visit to the orphanage, the situation appeared to be more messed up than before. She was unable to reconcile what the doctor told her with what she got to know from the nun.

Two persons, two different versions of the same girl. Given the stature of both of them, it is difficult to ascertain who is telling the truth. The more I am trying to know the truth, the more messed up the situation is becoming. Atleast I now know that Charin wasn’t lying about the orphanage.

The only option left now is to rely on my own observation because something in me still says that there is something about Charin which nobody knows about.


“Hi baby!” Charin playfully greeted the newbie who had just entered the room, startling the caretaker.

Did she just call me baby? The newbie thought feeling a bit awkward, though not as much as before since she had become accustom to Charin’s weird behavior but that didn’t mean that she doesn’t feel awkward anymore. On the other hand, Charin was standing beside her bed with her hands folded; completely untouched by the awkwardness the woman was feeling.

“Hey come on! Close the door and come here. I have some work for you” Charin called for the newbie who was still standing at the door.

“Oh yeah” the newbie said closing the door behind before walking to the girl.

“Were you waiting for me?” the newbie asked curiously.

“Yeah, kind of because you are going to fulfill your part of the condition today” Charin replied as she lightly clapped her hands.

And the next minute, they were both standing side by side as Charin carefully observed everything the newbie was doing while the latter supplemented it with some explanation.

“You see I am giving her a tablet since she is quite cooperative otherwise I would have to inject her with the medicine which earlier I used to do” the newbie told the girl about the patient she was currently tending to who went by the name Heidi. The woman was suffering from schizophrenia.

“What if we give her more than the required dosage?” Charin asked as she picked up the said drug packaging from the trolley behind the newbie before going through the chemical components printed on it.

“Just say over dosage will worsen her condition” the newbie replied before moving over to the next patient while pulling her trolley behind.

“And what is it?” asked the newbie.

“I will just follow you around the room while you give me layman explanations of what are you doing” Charin explained the task the woman had to do.

“Why do you want to know what I do?” the newbie asked Charin furrowing her eyebrows as the demand confused her as usual.

“See one day you will be gone and we will be left at the mercy of some other human and then who knows what he or she will drug us with. So as a precaution I just want to be aware of the right medication for us” Charin replied shrugging her shoulders.

“I won’t”


“I won’t leave you on your own. Even if I do I will make sure that even a better person will step in my shoes”

Done recalling their recent exchange, Charin walked ahead to catch up with the newbie.

“Hi Charlie” Charin greeted the patient, a man in his 40s with whom the newbie was interacting with right now.

“It’s Charles” the man countered.

“No I will call you Charlie” Charin teased being aware of the short temperament the man had.

“Do you want to see your teeth in my collection?” the man threatened the girl reminding her of his past pursuits.

“No, both of you stop it. Here, take your pills Charles” the newbie intervened distracting the man from the annoying girl and then moved over to the next patient. Amused at how the man who once used to be one of the wild ones here instantly gave in to the newbie, Charin leaned in a bit to inquire the man.

“Hey Charles, do you like Miss Yumi?” Charin asked staring at the figure of the newbie.

“Yeah maybe” the man replied as he too followed Charin’s line of sight.

“Perfect! Then I want you to take care of her since she is going to stay here for a while” Charin said turning her face to the man before she winked, leaning back from the man.

The man however, raised his eyebrow annoyed at Charin’s way of beating about the bush.

“Don’t hurt your head man! You will soon understand” Charin patted the man lightly in encouragement before following the newbie.

When the duo was done interacting with everyone in the room, Charin asked newbie a question which was lingering in her mind since the beginning of this venture.

“Well, I saw you didn’t use insulin shock on anybody in here”

“Why would I do that? Nobody needs it in here”

“But earlier we used to get it frequently, well the noisiest amongst us sure did”

“I don’t know why would they do that but insulin shock shouldn’t be given unless necessary and in my case only as the last resort”

“But do you have it with you?”

“Yeah here” the newbie said as she drew out a packed syringe from the clutter of drugs on the trolley, bringing it at her eye level for Charin to see.

“Haven’t used it ever and I hope I don’t have to in future as well” The newbie said keeping the syringe back on the trolley.


“Because it’s one of the cruel ways of handling your mental patients. Insulin shock means that too much insulin is being injected into your body that your blood sugar will come down drastically, leaving your body with little fuel to stay operational. Consequently, your body and brain will shut itself down falling into coma, which usually lasts for a week”

“Wow, I am feeling lucky to have you here now” Charin remarked feeling blessed.

“Oh you realized it now?” the newbie asked the girl with an eyebrow raised and arms folded, somewhat upset at the lack of gratefulness the girl was having till now.

“Of course not, it was because of you that I could finally stop pretending taking the medicine” Charin asked a bit intimidated by the newbie for the first time.

It’s because what you need is not medicine but my close observation. The newbie thought.

“Ok, now can we both go inside the bathroom and bathe me?” Charin asked the newbie.

“Then go, who is stopping you. You aren’t having your hands cuffed anymore” the newbie said as she tilted her head a bit.

“No, you are coming with me” Charin said as she took newbie’s hand and dragged her away to the bathroom.

Quickly undressing herself, Charin sat down in the bathroom butt naked as the newbie stood in the corner watching the show. Not sensing any movement behind her, Charin turned around to see the newbie still leaning in the corner, hands folded across her chest.

“Hey come on, just get started” Charin called out for the newbie eagerly.

The newbie, who was lost, thinking who knows what, finally shook her head before straightening herself and deciding to focus on the task at hand. Picking up the soap, the newbie stood behind her and started rubbing it on the girl’s body covering her into foam. Now taking the hand shower, the newbie began washing her body which now glistened under her hand.

So soft the skin was feeling that the newbie felt the need to caress it again and again. Her eyes moved to Charin’s face which was relaxed with her eyes closed as the girl seemed to enjoy the bath.

Is it the water or is it my touch you are enjoying Charin? Was getting you washed just an excuse for feeling my touch on you? After all, you have been washing yourself on your own since long.

Miss Yumi leaned down to rest her lips on Charin’s bare shoulder as her eyes flicked repeatedly from the supple skin to the relaxed face of the girl. Finally coming in contact with her delicious skin, Miss Yumi’s lips proceeded towards the crook of her neck and then to her earlobe while she felt the girl stiffening at the action who nevertheless kept her eyes closed.

“Miss Yumi, Miss Yumi” the voice of the girl broke the trance Miss Yumi had fallen into.

“Why did you stop?” Charin asked bewildered looking up to the newbie who in return repeatedly blinked her eyes in confusion. The newbie saw the hand shower still in her hand washing the girl’s shoulder for a minute now as if it had been paused. Realizing what she had just day dreamed, the bathroom became suffocating to her. She wanted to leave from there immediately.

“I am sorry, I just remembered I have got some work to do, you continue” the newbie said as she anxiously put the shower in place before hurrying towards the door.


The bathroom door was closed shut with a bang and the newbie was pinned against it by Charin before the former could leave the place. Wetting newbie’s clothes, Charin pushed her wet naked body into hers as her hands gripped the newbie’s arms tightly pinning her shoulders into the door.

Already tensed the newbie became more panicked as she struggled in the girl’s grip.

“Stop running away from me. Why can’t you give yourself to me? Aren’t you aware what I feel for you? Huh?” Charin said gritting her teeth in frustration.

“What are you saying? Leave me” the newbie said still struggling to free herself.

“Say you don’t feel anything towards me. Say you don’t like the feel of my body” Charin dared the woman in her grip.

“You have gone crazy! Leave me” the newbie said now screaming.

“Having difficulty answering? Huh? Then let me make it easier for you” Charin said before crashing her lips onto the woman’s.

Infuriated at the act, the newbie felt a sudden surge of energy as she pushed the girl away who landed on the wet floor of the bathroom before turning on her heels and rushing outside.


Rinsing her face in the staff washroom, the newbie found herself finally relaxing. Watching her reflection in the restroom mirror, the newbie finally found herself able to think.

When in the world, I started liking girls. And on the top of that when I freaking have a loyal boyfriend! What happened to me in there. Where in the world that thought of touching her like that came about? Am I finally going crazy too working in here like what Mr. Roger always says? I am a heterosexual with a boyfriend for God’s sake.


Miss Yumi heard someone laughing at her frustrated figure. With the thought of confronting the owner, Miss Yumi looked into the mirror once again only to find her reflection laughing at her. Miss Yumi just narrowed her eyes at the scene unable to understand what was going on.

“Heterosexual? My ass! And a lovely boyfriend? Again my ass!” the Yumi Chan in the mirror said laughing loudly.

“Dear Yumi when you start reminding yourself some facts about you, take it as a sign that they aren’t facts anymore. Something has changed that they cease to define you” the Yumi in the mirror said.

“What do you mean?” Miss Yumi asked the evil one in the mirror as her hands gripped the restroom counter tightly in anger.

“I am afraid you are denying this truth, but let me speak it out for you. Your heart no longer belongs to your boyfriend alone” the mirror Yumi said grinning widely. Turning away for a moment from the real Yumi, the reflection resumed her eye contact with the latter before whispering “You have fallen in her trap. You have fallen for Charin” soon bursting into a fit of another laughter.

Unable to retain her sanity anymore given the noisy laughter of the woman behind the mirror, the real Yumi picked up a metal bottle from the floor before throwing it on the woman smashing the mirror into pieces.

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