The Wailing Killer

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Murderers commit a crime to fill their evil satisfaction. Yet not every one of them has the intention to kill them. We know some has a reason for it. When an individual kills someone, society instantly judged and wished for his/her death without knowing the real reason behind the crime. The infamous Jax Lombardi was labeled as a Wailing Killer after his story was revealed in public, the reasons behind all the crimes he did. The life he went through, and how he suffered. In this world, there are no bad guys, they just have their own perspective that no one sees nor understands.

Mystery / Thriller
Heather Orshoski
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Life is never been easy. Agonies are always there.

Society is always been chaotic. Never been in peace.

People are selfish. They always do.

And fate is terrible.

Both Athena and Jax live that way. Their terrifying past led them to make each other's comfort, a place to rest from this cruel world.

But from their parents' terrible past that still clings on, more sufferings and hardship they encountered because of an unforgettable memory that stayed permanent within them.

There are secrets unready to be revealed, but the truth will set them free, however, it makes things more miserable.

In this harsh reality, bad guys are covered in a mask, pretending to be the good guy. Because we all know that the devil was once an angel.

-The Wailing Killer-

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