The Wailing Killer

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Chapter 9

Athena was out of words after she founds out Jax has PTSD. She sat on the bed slowly while still holding the document. What she finds out wasn’t sinking into her mind.

Despite that, she wasn’t expecting that. She recalls something that might be one of the symptoms of PTSD. She notices Jax was always exhausted and lack of sleep, which she guesses was caused by his flashbacks and nightmares.

She also remembers how Jax got really mad when she took the family picture, and she guessed maybe that was the cause of his PTSD, it’s about his family. But what pops into Athena’s mind is the question of, where is Jax’s family?

She held the documents and place them in a safe place. She took the family photo and place it just the same with the documents and other precious things. Then she called Dash to confirm something about the case of Jax.

· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·

Jax nodded as a response to Liam. “Will you tell me, what connections are between you and your friend who died, that makes you commit this crime?”

“He’s no longer a friend. He’s a family, and he’s not the only one who left me. Two others died. Those two bodies found at the lake of cremania are also my family that was killed”

“Can you tell me the name of this family of yours, I mean the gang name,” Liam said as he played his pen.

“We don’t have one, because we aren’t. People mistook us for a gang which is not true. They are just protecting me,”

“From whom?”

“Benjamin Wilson,”

The topic was getting intense and so Liam licked his lower lip as he leans closer to the table and squints his eyes as he glared at Jax. “Tell me everything that you know about benjamin Wilson”

“He’s a criminal who wanted to kill me,”

“For what reason?”

Jax shrugged his shoulder as a response. Liam pursed his lips and leaned on his chair. “tell me more” Liam ordered him.

· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·

Dash took his phone that keeps on vibrating and answered it.

“Can we meet up?” Athena said in a serious tone of her voice. “sure” Dash answered her and hangs the phone.

Dash and Athena met in a cafe. They were both just looking at each other, waiting for one another to speak.

“Dash”. “Athena” together they spoke at the same time.

“you go first,” Dash said as he sips on his drink, feeling the embarrassment.

“What I’m about to ask you is, about the case of your uncle Benj,” Athena said as she leans on the table.

“what about it?” Dash responded to her, while the straw was still in his mouth.

“It says, Jax, killed him, right? May I ask, where are you when the crime was committed?”

Dash was taken aback by Athena’s question. He places his drink back at the table and sat properly, as he leans closer on the table, trying himself to get comfortable. Although his hands started to get cold and his sweats are now showing off. He averted his eyes on Athena as he answered her.

“I’m still looking for my uncle that time when I arrive at the scene, uncle Benj is already dead,” Dash was stuttering as he tried to explain it, avoiding Athena’s gaze, while his eyes were looking over around, trying to get busy. Athena nodded as a response. Yet she feels suspicious about Dash’s weird movements.

“Then, it says that you stand as the witness when the crime did right? Then how can you be so sure, that Jax did it when you just said, you arrive at the scene your uncle is already dead?” Athena raises her one brow as she stares at Dash.

Dash sips on his drink once again and sits properly, leaning on the chair while his feet were quivering. Before he could answer Athena, he licked his lower lip and blinks multiple times.

“After I saw my uncle’s dead body, Jax was not yet far away from running, and I knew it was him because I already saw him from the photo of my uncle” Dash was stuttering trying to explain and doing the same movement he did earlier. Athena nodded as a response and pursed her lips.

Both Athena and Dash finished their drinks and went their separate ways. Athena did not go home instead she came to a police department where the case of Jax and benjamin Wilson was held. Athena was not able to take copyright of the case, but she was shown only the crime report.

After she went to the police department, she was busy scrolling her phone as she crosses the road without looking at the signal.

A car honks loudly and steps on his brake to refrain from accident. Athena was startled and fell on the floor as she dropped her phone also, causing it to crack.

The man in the car immediately came out and helped her stood up. “Miss, are you ok?” as he offers his hand to hers, Athena receives his hand and stood up.

“I’m so sorry—Sir?” Athena’s brows furrowed, waiting for the man to introduce himself. “Noah Carson,” the man said and gave her a half-smile.

“Athena McCarthy”

They both shake hands after introducing themselves. “Again, I’m really really sorry” Athena apologizes to him. “It’s okay, next time watch for the signal young lady,” Noah said and let go of her hand as he goes back to his car. Athena finally cross the other lane and started walking in a hurry. Noah’s gaze followed her before stepping in.

Noah arrived at his destination, he fixed his clothes before entering the room. “Sir” Noah greeted the man who’s now sitting on the swivel chair while smoking.

“The mission... Failed, right Mr. Carson?” he tosses a newspaper on the desk and exhales an amount of smoke in the air.

Noah wasn’t able to respond to him right away because he was thinking about the woman who bumps him earlier, Athena was so familiar to him, and he was thinking about where has he seen her somewhere. He looks at his Boss, and there are some part of them resembles.

The man snapped his fingers in front of Noah to bring him back to reality.

Noah blinked his eyes multiple times when he notices his boss was waiting for him to answer.

“Ahh yes sir, the mission failed, but don’t worry, I’ll find someone who will finish the mission that Benjamin wasn’t able to finish it”

“Good, I’ll be expecting this time, the mission will succeed” The man stood up, place the cigarette butt on the ashtray, and took his coat on the rack.

“Sir, I know this isn’t connected about our topic but, I bumped into someone, and she’s so familiar, she resem---“

“Maybe she’s just one of your girls, Mr. Carson” The man cut off his speech and laugh. He opens the door and left the room, leaving Noah confused.

Noah took his phone and contacted someone to do the mission. “Mr. Carson, what is it” answered the other line. “I have something to let you do” Noah answered him as he smirks.

· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·

Athena found out the victim at the lake cremania was Jax’s companions and she was now looking for the guy named Jett Carson, an X member of Jax’s group of friends.

She came into a bar where usually Jett chills. As she came in, she went to the counter and ask the bartender about a guy named Jett Carson.

“Excuse me, do you know a guy named Jett Carson?”

The bartender lifts his head and answered her “Yes ma’am, he’s a regular customer in here”

“Do you know where he lives?”

“Two blocks from here ma’am,” the bartender said as he continued to clean the glasses

“Alright thank you” Athena left at the bar immediately and went to look for Jett’s place.

When she arrived at the front of his place, Athena knocked. But no one’s answering it. Only after a few knocks, someone opened the door.

“Yes?” The man said as he raises his brow to Athena.

“Uhm, hi are you perhaps Jett Carson?”

“Yes I am, may I help you?”

-End of chapter 9-

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