The Wailing Killer

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Chapter 11

“Today’s latest news, at 2 in the morning 2 body was found at the lake of Cremania, it identifies, there are one of the members of an illegal gang which is now on the wanted list. The body has 12 stabs on their neck that causes its death and the other body was caused death through drowning. The suspect was still not identified, but the authorities are now investigating the crime we’ll have more updates after a commercial break”

Elijah and I were speechless, he clenches his fist from anger, my world shut down again, losing another family. It shattered me so much that I couldn’t even speak.

Elijah stood up without saying another word, and I was left behind in the apartment. I thumped the wall to release my emotions, I mess the room by kicking the table and throwing everything that my hand touches. I shouted at the top of my lungs and I saw myself in the mirror, so drained, my eyes were bloodshot, I looked like a mess.

Then I burst into tears again as I remember our last moment together.

“FUCK!” I shouted as I continuously punched the mirror, the mirror broke and my knuckles were bleeding.

I opened the door as I was about to follow Elijah yet someone falls as I open the door. It was Athena, “What are you doing here?“, she lifts her head obviously she wasn’t expecting me to be here, and I wasn’t expecting her to be here.

She stood up and I passed by her yet I halt as she spoke “Jax, are you ok?”

I wanted to tell her because I need someone who’ll listen to me, someone who will comfort me. But I couldn’t do it. “Please get out” I answered her bluntly.

Yet I felt like she never wanted to get out

“talk to me, are you okay?”

“haven’t I told you to stop getting into other people’s business?” why does she keep on involving herself with me? Why is she suddenly interested in me? What’s interesting to me? I’m not even worth it.

“Just please tell me if you’re okay or not?!” she shouted at me. I turned around as I face her, I came towards her, as I step in, she took a step back until she was pinned on the wall looking so terrified.

I don’t know why, but as I came closer, I rested my head on her shoulders. At that moment suddenly I felt like I was not alone in my battle, finally, I was able to lean on someone, I didn’t even notice I started crying again. Until my vision got blurry and I blackout.

I woke up and saw her looking at my family picture, I immediately stood up and took it away from her. Why is she getting into my stuff? I got irritated by what she did.

“get out” I ordered her, yet she never moved. “I said get out!” I shouted in anger, she panicked and went straight outside, as soon as she gets out I instantly slam the door.

· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·

Athena is in my room talking about the research, yet I couldn’t understand what she was saying right now because Elijah went outside without telling me anything. I was so worried that I couldn’t help myself.

I excuse myself and escape from the window at the toilet. I run away and start looking for Elijah. Then I heard noises from a dark corner. I run in there and saw Elijah was beaten to death. My blood boils from anger that I couldn’t control myself anymore.

I fight back as they gang me up, beating me to death. My vision started to blur and pain is overflowing. I stood up hit them with my bare hands. I know my strength isn’t enough to take them all down, I’m outnumbered.

I fell on the ground when they hit me with a steel pipe. Deep inside I’m crying in pain. I crawled towards Elijah who’s now very weak nearly going to die.

“please live” he whispered to me and then he was out of breath. I don’t wanna think he’s dead, but unfortunately, he really did die in front of me. My world shut once again, my heart shattered once again, I bit my lip to force my tears not to fall, I was shaking from anger, and I didn’t think I would end up killing somebody.

My hands were filled with blood, and dead bodies surrounded me. A memory flashed in my mind, the moment when my family was lying dead in front of me.

I fell on my knees as I held my head, forgetting those memories. I was panting heavily when suddenly police sirens appeared. I run away as fast as I could while tears are falling on my cheek.

I didn’t even know where am I going or where will I be heading, I just end up in a dark street, and a light from a car appeared in front of me that makes me fall. I squint my eyes as a man came out of the car holding a gun. And there I saw him, the man who desperately wants me dead. Benjamin Wilson.

His eyes were full of resentment. My body is already weak, but I still stood up and wanted to fight him, fight him till my very last breath, avenging my brothers who died.

Our battle was very intense, I was nervous and mad at the same time. I felt mixed emotions when I finally met him. We exchanged fists and both fell on the ground, fighting for the gun.

When I was able to hit him hard, he unconsciously fell on the ground blinking multiple times. But then what makes me surprise when he just smiled. A smile of happiness like he saw someone so dear to him.

“This will be the last day, and finally, I’ll meet my daughter once again,” he said to himself and stood up. I was left lying on the ground when he took the gun, when he held the gun I thought that was really the end of me. But I was surprised when he aims the gun at his head.

“UNCLE BENJ DONT!” a guy shouted from afar while running towards us.

“Jax, I’ve been waiting this moment for you to kill me, but I guess you couldn’t kill me from that weak body of yours, so I’ll do it on myself, it doesn’t matter if I’m going to hell for what I’m doing, at least I’ll saw my daughter once again,” he said as he smiled a little at me, then he pulled the trigger.

Blood was splashing all over my face, and I was out of words, my whole body was quivering and from what all happened my mind couldn’t process it properly, all I ever think about that moment was to run away. Runaway from all of this mess.

And so I left him on the ground. I run away from there without looking back. I burst into tears again remembering everything that happened today. I end up in the woods, I was on my knees panting heavily, catching air to breathe on.

I saw an old cabin in the woods, and I stayed there for the night. I went to a lake to wash. I saw my reflection on the water, I looked so messy. The drips of my hair wipe out my reflection.

I spend the night in the cabin, but I wasn’t sleeping, I was weeping about how my brothers passed away, feeling all alone again, feeling I have left again in this cruel world.

After that day, an old lady came into the cabin “Oh dear! Young man are you ok?” I rubbed my eyes and squint them to look at her clearer.

“Oh I’m so sorry for interrupting in your sleep, but do you need help?” she said again while bringing logs on her arm, she was around 70-80 year old.

“Uhm... Grandma, I need food” I said in a low voice. The old man woman smiled at me with no teeth, her eyes disappeared and her charm shines.

“of course! Come with me” she turns her back at me and led the way, I followed her like a child. As we arrive at her place she let me sit on her small chair and table.

“I’ll cook porridge for you” she places the log on the fire as she stirs on a pot.

She places the porridge in the bowl and handed it to me.

“Please enjoy, I’m sorry thats6all I could afford to feed you”

“it’s okay grandma, this is enough, I really appreciate it” I answered her with a smile.

“oh! What a handsome young man, if I’m younger I would surely marry you” she said as she teases me.

After two months, I stayed in her place and were getting to know more about ourselves. Within that two months, I was also thinking to surrender myself and take full responsibility for what I did. For my crime of killing 5 men.

I never told grandma about my past and what I did, I don’t wanna scare her. But I know if she knew the true me, maybe she'll get mad at me.

I left her as I told her I’ll continue my studies, before leaving she even gave me a good luck kiss on the forehead, and with that, I missed my mom, I saw my mom on her and I couldn’t help myself to tear up again. I gave her a very last tight hug before I depart from her.

-End of chapter 11-

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