The Wailing Killer

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Chapter 12

Athena’s lip parted after she heard from Jett everything about Jax. She was speechless and doesn’t know what to say. She did not expect Jax suffered a lot more than her. He suffered mentally and emotionally.

Jett covered his face with his hands, trying not to cry in front of Athena, remembering everything about their friendship and how it ended.

A woman appeared and came towards Jett as she was carrying an infant. “By the way Athena this is my girlfriend Charlotte, babe this is Athena Jax’s friend”

Both Athena and Charlotte greeted each other. Athena checks the time and told them she’ll be heading home because it’s getting dark.

“I’ll take you home,” Jett insisted. “no it’s okay, you can’t leave your girlfriend, I’ll be fine,” Athena gave them an assuring smile before heading out.

She walks in the street at night, all alone. A car passed by, and Noah with his boss was inside of the car. She saw Athena walking, their eyes met and switched her gaze to his boss, and suddenly Athena’s expression turned to confusion with her brows furrowed.

The car drove away and Athena was far away “sir do you know the girl that passes?” Noah asked

“what girl?” his boss answered, giving him a perplexed look.

“no nothing” he said as he turn around to look back at Athena.

· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·

After the interview with Jax, he will be heading to the court about his crime in two days, he will stay on his cell in the meantime.

He was there, looking straight at the white boring wall. He was thinking about looking at the guy who killed his family and behind all the deaths because he knew Benjamin Wilson isn’t the mastermind of everything, he can see it through how benjamin said when they were fighting.

Dash went home exhausted. “Honey, you look so tired, want me to cook something for you?” his mother kindly asked him.

“It’s okay mom where is father, anyway?”

“he said he has something to settle” his mother answered him as she finished washing the dishes. He was about to go upstairs when her mother spoke.

“by the way, dash tomorrow we’ll be having a general cleaning in the house, Christmas is coming”

Dash nodded at her as a response and finally went upstairs. He lies on his bed thinking about Athena. He felt sorry for her, but mad at the same time. “why is she so desperate to make Jax the innocent one that obviously he really killed someone!” dash exclaimed and mumbling curse words. He took a photo album with Athena when they were just a child. For every flip, a photo has unforgettable memories. “miss those days” he whispered to himself.

· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·

After a few days, Jax will be sent to court for trial.

He came into the courtroom; the judge was there, the attorney, few people, bailiff, clerks, court reporter, and Liam was there too. He was wearing the orange uniform as they cuffed his hands.

Some people were whispering as soon as he arrived and sat. He can see those frown stares at him, he stayed quiet and ignore the people, and the trial begins.

Mr. Wilson left home without telling his wife and son. He drove, going at the cemetery. When he arrived, he places a flower above a gravestone.

“Never thought you’d be here.... Henry”

He grins as he turns around and saw his old friend, “never thought you’re still alive too... Lucas”

He chuckled silently as he folds his lip before they both gave each other a scowled look.

“what are you doing here, you have no rights to be in here,” Lucas frowned at him as he locked his eyes on Henry.

“Still mad bout the past? Well, I won’t be surprised, you never know how to moved on that is why you’re still stuck about that incident--”

He grabbed his collar as his eyes were full of irritation. “Don’t you speak like you never cared, because of you we became like this!” Lucas shouted at him. His face was red and his veins showed off on his neck.

“Step on this place again and I won’t think twice to kill you with my bare hands”

“Yeah... You should really do that because you already killed someone, so that is not new to you,” Henry said as he smirked at him.

Lucas stayed silent. He tightened his grip on his collar as he pushed him away. Henry fixed his clothes as both of them exchange terrifying glares as they separate ways. Henry went back to his car, mumbling curse words as he drove back to his home.

“Honey! I’m baking cookies will you help me—”

“I’m tired not now” he responded as he went upstairs, but it surprised him to see his son in his room sitting on the floor while looking at an old photo. His eyes widened and instantly came towards him and spoke.

“What are you doing?”

Dash looks at him in surprise, “oh dad, I was just cleaning. Mom told me because Christmas is coming, she told me to clean your room—by the way, father, what is this photo?” Dash handed the photo to his father. Yet Henry was thinking twice to tell him about it or not.

“Oh, it’s nothing, just an old photo when I was your age,” he said stuttering as he was trying to look busy by helping Dash organize the things.

“would you tell me about this photo” Dash said as he waited at his father’s response obediently.

“next time son” he took the photo out of his son’s hand, crumpled it and place it in his pocket.

The evening came, the family was eating dinner, as usual, both his wife and son were happily talking to each other, yet Henry was out of blue, thinking about other things.


He was back to reality when he heard his son yelled at him, “what are you thinking? I kept on calling you yet you never responded, ” Dash complained.

“Is there something wrong, honey?” his wife asked. He looks at them one by one which is now waiting for his answer, “no nothing” he smiled and shakes his head.

· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·

“I pledge Jax Lombardi guilty! I adjourne this court,” The judge yelled as he smash the gavel.

“All rise!” the bailiff said. When the people stood up, the judge left the room.

Jax stayed silent and didn’t say any word or reactions. Liam and the other police officer guided him towards the prison. When he arrived, the prisoner on their cell was looking at him suspiciously as all of them pursed their lips, surveying him from head to toe. The police push him inside the cell and locked them. Jax look at his cellmate one by one. A guy with a piercing came towards him looking so furious.

“hi! Welcome bro!” his aura changed as he happily greeted him and place his arm around his shoulder.

“so lemme introduce ourselves. My name is Gordon, and this is Ace,” he pointed at a tattooed man sleeping.

“what’s your name?”

“It’s Jax”

“wait! The infamous Jax Lombardi?” his eyes widened and covered his mouth from surprise.

He just nodded as a response. “Whoa! Bruh! Now I’ve met you in person, you look like you’re not really a type of person who kills, you’re just umm... More like a shy creepy type guy,” he said as he place his hands on his chin, looking him from head to toe as he squint his eyes.

“shut up Gordon, I’m trying to sleep here!” Ace shouted as he covered his ears with a pillow.

“anyway! Here’s your place, feel at home, even though it doesn’t feel home”

Jax sat on his bed and looked all over around, observing his surroundings.

· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·

“Noah, when will you finish the mission, our time is running” Noah panicked to answer his boss, which is they are now in the car going back to their place after visiting in the cemetery.

“The mission will finish sir, you don’t have to worry about it”

“Make sure of it Noah” he said sternly as he looks outside from the car window. ‘Henry, how dare you showed up in front of me again. Next time, I will surely finish you,’ Lucas thought of himself as he clench his fist from anger.

-End of chapter 12-

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