The Wailing Killer

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Chapter 13

Liam was in his office getting busier in other cases. Someone came towards him and handed him a folder.

"Sir, this is the autopsy result of Benjamin Wilson that you requested"

"Thank you" he took the folder, and he immediately opened it. From what he read about it, it turns out Benjamin has planted a bomb on his neck. There was a photo of the bomb along with the document. He took his magnifying glass and place it on the photo. There it was written 'Finley'

It was like a name for where it was created. And he got curious about that company name. He instantly opened his computer and search for this name. There he found a website, It was stated Finley company, they created bombs and weapons like guns; they are a supplier for business.

His mind was puzzled after knowing about this, how come this company was connected to Benjamin Wilson, he thought of himself. He took his coat and went out of his office. He wanted to confirm something, and he plans to look for a shop that is contracted with this company.

He left the shop after confirming about it, now he was heading towards the company's address. He came in and asked the front desk clerk for the president of the company.

"Do you have any appointment, sir?"

"I just want to talk to him please" Liam insisted as he leans closer.

The lady type something on her computer before answering him, "The president is currently in a meeting, would you mind if you'll just wait for him?"

"how much time left for the meeting to be finished?"

"about an hour, sir"

Liam clenched his fist as he gritted his teeth from frustration 'damn it!' he thought to himself. He nodded to the lady and turned his back on her. Instead of just sitting in the corner, he decided to look around and observe the people and the place to not waste his time.

· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·

Athena was at her school with Keanu together with the student council, they were preparing for the homecoming; they were assigned by professor Brown to organize the event. After their meeting, they decided to do the preparation after new year. All of them packed their things and one by one left the room, Athena and Keanu were the only one's left. Keanu was holding a box planning to give it to Athena, his hands were shaking from nervous, and big sweats are coming off on his forehead "Uhm... Athena" he said as he stutters, she turned her head and waited for him to speak as she places her bag on her shoulder. "yes?"

Keanu handed her a box, her brow raised from surprise, "what's this?" she asked as she looks at the box with confusion.

"It's a Christmas gift," he said as he hides his face, which is now his cheeks were red as a tomato. Athena smiled at him and took the box in his hand. She opened it and saw a bracelet inside.

"This looks expensive, are you really sure you'll give this to me?" she said as she took a closer look at the jewelry.

"y-yes" he answered her and bit his lips from embarrassment.

"Thank you Keanu" she smiled at him and wears the bracelet. She tilted Keanu's chin and look at him, "I told you to stop bowing, remember? Chin up"

Keanu was about to say something when suddenly Athena's phone rang, she took it and saw her mothers' name. She answered it and excuse herself. "Athena, I'll be coming home before Christmas, let's have dinner together, sweetie? I'll bring Mykel too if you don't mind?"

"yeah sure," she said bluntly, and hangs the phone, Athena agreed to it for the reason her mom wouldn't bother her again right after. "Keanu I'll be heading home, goodbye and thank you for the gift, merry Christmas by the way," she said as she smiled at him and left the room without waiting for Keanu's response.

Her mom went back home with her new husband. They are in the kitchen; he was helping her to prepare the food. The door opens and Athena came in greeting them. Her mom was smiling at her as soon as she came in. She smiled back with a bitter smile. They're on the table, eating silently. Her mother keeps on glancing at Athena, which is expressionless. Mykel, her fiancee notices the awkwardness between the mother-daughter relationship. So he decided to excuse himself to give them space and time to talk.

"Is there something wrong, Athena?"

"Nothing, I'm just happy for you, that's all," she said without looking at her mother. Athena finished her meal and stood up, "I'll be going, take care" she didn't wait for her mother to reply then just walked away, straight outside. She saw her stepdad smoking in the garden, Mykel turn his head and smiled at her, before Mykel could speak Athena spoke first.

"Take good care of my mother, if you'll hurt her, I will haunt you forever" she said threatening him, she squints her eyes at him and gesturing him 'im always watching you,' Mykel chuckled at her and exhaled thick smoke in the air, "your mother is already hurt, she kept on crying every night thinking about you and your late father. But don't worry, I'll stick by her side and comfort her" giving Athena an assuring smile.

She blinked and stayed quiet for a moment, she nods her head and looked at Mykel straight in the eye, checking if he was telling the truth. Then right after she takes her leave.

She doesn't feel like going back to her apartment so she called Dash to go with her for a drink. Both of them are in the bar, they were on the counter drinking light beers. "So you met your stepdad?"

"Yup, I think I can rest assured that my mom is safe with him," she answered as she sips on her drink.

"By the way Athena, I found an old photo of my father in his room, good thing I was able to capture it on my phone before he took it away from me," he took his phone into his pocket and open at the gallery and he handed the phone to Athena.

"Oh! my father is in here!" she said happily, but her smile fades away after she saw another person in the photo. "But who is this?" she pointed at the man on the left side. "That's what I'm curious of, but dad never told me something about that guy," he said and gestured the bartender to get him another glass.

"I never heard my father spoke something about him before"

"same, my father was also acting so weird these past days"


"like he kept on going anywhere without telling us where he has gone to, mom was really mad at him---by the way, tomorrow is Christmas, any plans?"

"I'll just stay at home"

"again? come on! That's a special holiday," Dash exclaimed. Athena just smirked at him and finish her drink.

· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·

Blood was everywhere. Dead bodies are on the floor, I can hear the beat of my heart from silence. I search all over the house. And saw a guy standing on his back. He slowly turns to me and smiled like a creep. The thunder raged and suddenly the lights were out and everything was dark.

The lightning flashed and in just a blink of an eye; the man was already in front of me, his face was blurry only his mouth was only seen, smiling right at me. His smile is weird, and that causes an electric run all over my body.

"Hello darling" he whispered.

I woke up panting heavily again; I looked all over my room and everything was dark; I turn my lamp on and check the time, it's already 3 in the morning. "the same dream again?" she said to herself as she rub her face.

"what's with that dream?! What does it have to do with me?!" she shouted and sighed heavily.

"It's Christmas, the season to be happy, but it doesn't feel one" Athena said to herself, she stayed under her blanket and tears cornered on her eyes. She stayed up all night and didn't even fall asleep, fearing to dream the same dream again.

Early in the morning, she went to a small cafe to have her breakfast. She ordered a southwest veggie wrap and a cappuccino. She stayed at a small table, waiting for her name to be called.

"Order for McCarthy" the lady yelled. She stood up and went to get her order. As she took it, a hand also took the coffee. She was confused and turn her back, and there her body was motionless as her lips parted and even stop blinking, she gasped from surprise as she saw the person in front of her.

"Fa-father?" she said, stuttering.

-End of chapter 13-

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