The Wailing Killer

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Chapter 15

“I’ll be going,” Liam told his mom before closing the door. He went to his car and sat in the driver’s seat. Before he could turn the engine on, he saw a man in a hoodie oddly looking at him from far away as his hands were on his pocket looking so suspicious. Liam was bothered by it, but he acted like he saw nothing and went straight to the police department.

Day after day, the man in the hoodie keeps on appearing wherever he goes. Watching him from afar, observing his every moment. He came into a coffee shop and tested the man what are his intentions towards him, so this time he would capture this guy.

Liam left the shop and slowly walks away while glancing at his back, checking the man if he followed. Liam hid in the shadow, tricking the man as he turns into a dark alley. The man followed and as he turns, Liam welcomed him with a powerful punch that makes him fall.

The man stood up and fight back, stifling Liam as he pinned him on the wall. Liam was struggling to breathe, but he was able to kick him on his leg, making him lose his balance. Liam instantly took the opportunity to grab the man’s collar and drag him on the corner as he took his gun, threatened him to shot him. Although his gun has no bullets.

“take that hoodie off!” Liam shouted as he still aims the gun at him. The man didn’t do what he said, so Liam was forced to take the hoodie off by himself. The man lifted his head and smiled at him devilishly as blood was at the side of his lip.

“Who do you work for?!” Liam said sternly.

“Anyone on your mind?” The man said, mocking him as he chuckled like a weirdo.

Liam was silent for a moment, and someone popped into his mind. Noah.

· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·

Jax was sitting in the garden area in jail with ace and Gordon hanging out. Many prisoners were also there, chatting and playing. He suddenly stood up and walk away, leaving the two behind. “Where are you going?” Gordon said, yet Jax just raises his hand as he continues to walk. The boys followed him. They suddenly stopped when a woman accidentally bumped Jax, “I’m sorry” the woman said as she bowed her head. Ace and Gordon immediately came towards Jax.

“Uhm excuse me, aren’t you Macey Luella Thompson?” Gordon said as he pointed her, with his brows furrowed in confusion.

“Y-yeah, why?” she replied in a low voice.

“How do you know her?” Jax said, looking at Gordon in confused look.

“News” he replied and shrugged his shoulder.

“You watch too much news” Ace commented and slowly hit him on his head.

“Wanna hang out with us?” Gordon said as he smiled at her. The woman was embarrassed and her cheeks turn red. “sure” she replied with a soft voice. Ace facepalmed himself thinking what went through his mind about inviting a lady in the boy’s area, which is against the rules.

Gordon drags them to the rooftop, which is less people out there when it’s afternoon. “Are you sure we’re safe here?” Jax said as he looked all over around.

“Don’t worry about it— come on Macey”

They all sat on the ground cross-legged. “Why don’t we share something about our life?”

“That’s a great idea” Ace replied as he nods his head and looks at them one by one. “Alright who’ll go first?”

“I’ll go!” Gordon cheered and start opening about himself. “There’s nothing much interesting about me, I’m Gordon Ramsay---no just kidding, I’m Gordon Carter I lived with my sister, I got arrested for faking important stuffs, In short I’m a forger. Now it’s Ace’s turn!”

Ace hissed at him before he speaks, “Ace Hudson, I’m a thief” he said bluntly and turn his head to Jax, waiting for him to speak.

“It’s Jax Griffin Lombardi, a... Killer. Life is a mess, you commit a crime because of the cruel world. They killed my family and friends, all of them, and all I wanted was revenge” At that moment it was silence, the wind passes them and their hair was flying around.

“I’m sorry for your loss,” Macey said.

“Bro, don’t worry, if you’ll have your revenge we’ll help you with that---Well... Your turn, Macey,” Gordon said.

“I’m Macey Luella Thompson, I’m a victim of false accusation”

“So you mean, they blamed you for a crime you didn’t commit?” Ace speaks as he raises his brows.

“yeah,” she smiled bitterly and bowed her head.

“I wanted to clear my name and justice for the victim”

“What a cruel world it is---anyway, both of you we’ll help you---right ace?” Gordon elbowed him and smiled at them.


· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·

“Babe, where are you going?” Charlotte said as she carried her child, who’s now sleeping on her shoulder.

“I have something to do, I’ll be back by 6” he gave her a kiss on her forehead and a kiss on their child’s head before leaving the house.

He went to the police department to request a copy of the crime report of the unsolved case of the Lombardi family’s massacre. But unfortunately, he wasn’t able to get one, but he was only able to see the report.

Right after he departed at the police department, he went to Jax’s old house, his parent’s house. The house was dusty and depressing. The things were still intact like what it was before, rats and insects were already taking over the house. He investigated there and asked the neighbors some questions about the incident.

While wandering in the street, he met a guy walking at the side of the road. “Excuse me, do you live in this neighborhood?”

“Yes, sir” the man replied. He was in his early 20s.

“Do you happen to know about the incident about this house?” Jett pointed at the house. The man came closer to him “Well honestly sir, I witness the incident about this house,” The man replied in a whisper.

Jett’s eyes widened and felt mixed emotions after hearing what the man said. “Mind if I’ll ask some questions?” he asked politely. “sure no probs,” he replied.

“have a seat please,” The man said as he took his jacket off and went to the kitchen to get something to drink.

Jett sat down and waited for him patiently. He places a drink on the table and sat before him.

“So Uhm, about the incident, may I know your name please?”

“It’s Charles”

“Nice to meet you, Charles, Jett” they both shake hands after introducing themselves.

“So Uhm, how do you witness the crime?” Jett started to question him regarding the incident.

“That was 2 years ago, I came from work, I wanted to visit my sister that day,” Charles was talking seriously with his eyes locking to his.

“Then suddenly screams filled the house, I don’t know why but, the neighbors never reacted to something even though they heard it and it feels so weird. I didn’t see the killer though but, he was a man around his mid-40s.”

“Have you seen where the killer went after the crime?” Jett asked him in a very serious tone of his voice.

“No, I was terrified that day. My feet are starting to shake so I run away, I arrived at my sister’s house panting heavily.”

“Is your sister here? May I talk to her about something?”

“Unfortunately, she’s not here, she’s in prison”

-End of chapter 15-

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