The Wailing Killer

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Chapter 16

The rain burst that night, Jett went home in drench clothes. He instantly took his upper clothes and place them in the laundry.

"How's your day?" Charlotte said as she came towards him. She took some dry clothes that she prepared for him to change.

"I got some few information about the Lombardi's massacre"

"so you really went there?! Haven't Elijah told you about it to stop because it's dangerous?!" she exclaimed in frustration.

"Babe, Jax needs me"

"And we need you too" charlotte replied as he took a glance at their child. He was silent for a second. Both of them lock their eyes on one another.

Jett pulled her and held the back of her head to lean it against his chest in a protective manner.

"I promise, nothing's gonna happen to me" Jett pressed his lips on her head and caress her back, consoling her.

Jett couldn't stop thinking about what he heard with the witness about everything, it's best if he could talk to his sister too but as he said she's in jail for a false accusation.

The following day, he went to visit Jax in prison. A phone jail visit. Jax arrives in his orange uniform, there are officers in every corner of the room, Dexter was there too. He sat and took the phone on his side.

"Jett," he said as his eyes were cornered by tears.

"How are you?" he replied.

"I'm doing fine, I made some friends in here too," Jax said as he smiled at him.

"That's good. I have to tell you something, about the incident"

Jax automatically raises his brows, because he knew this is regarding his family. "I met the witness of the crime" he continued. Jax leans closer to the window, with his curiosity flows within him.

"Tell me more about it"

· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·

"Athena I have to go"

"But we just--" she wasn't able to finish what she's going to say because her father stood up and fix his things, ready to go.

"Alright," Athena said with a weary tone of her voice. Her father came to her and kiss her on the head before leaving.

Athena's gaze followed her father going back to his car. And an idea came up with her mind. 'following him isn't bad, right?' he thought to herself. She checks at the window if her father already left.

She took her things and immediately called Dash. She wasn't bothered her father was far away from her because she got a GPS on him that she put earlier in his pocket.

Dash arrived with his motorbike. He took his extra helmet and handed it to her. Athena took her phone and check her father. "Cemetery?" she said after checking where her father is heading to.

"Why would we go to the cemetery?"

"Who knows? Let's go"

Dash drove fast, like their soul was being pulled from it. When they arrive, Athena was panting heavily. He hit him on his arm, giving him a mocking look. "Jerk! We could've died earlier!"

Dash just chuckled and avoid every Athena's punch. They hid before a big tree, peeking to take a glance at Lucas. He was there, standing before a gravestone. He places a flower above it and he crouched down to caress it.

After a minute, he took his leave and went back to his car. Athena and Dash hide again and waited for him to leave.

"Is he gone?"

"Yeah yeah it's clear"

They check their surroundings once more before going towards the gravestone her father visited.

When they arrive, their brows furrowed from confusion. "Who's Aria Darling Hendrix?" both of them asked each other uncertainty.

· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·

Liam left the convenience store after he bought some food. His phone notified something and he took it to check it. While he's on his phone, a man covered his mouth and drag him into a dark corner. The man was covered in a mask with a dark hoodie, dark pants, and boots, placing a knife on his neck.

Liam was able to kick his kneecap that makes him lose his balance. He was able to get away from the knife and pinned the man on the ground. He took the knife and toss it away from him.

"I guess he won't really stop until I die, huh?" he tightened his grip on his hand that makes the man scream in pain.

He took his phone and called Keanu to bring him his handcuff in his office.

When Keanu arrives, his eyes widened from surprise. He immediately handed the handcuffs and her brother place them in the man's hand. He also pulled the mask off and the man's face revealed.

"Tristan?" Keanu exclaimed.

"you know this guy?" Liam pointed at him.

"He goes to the same school with me"

"Unlucky for you, you won't be able to go to school now, cause you'll be in prison," Liam scoffed at him.

"anyway, the food I bought fell. Go buy another one" Keanu nodded as a response and obediently do what his brother told him.

'What a coward Noah, if you want me dead, kill me with your own hands'
He thought to himself and smirked before dragging the man to the police station.

Later that incident, Liam and Keanu went back home, bringing the food they bought. "what took you so long, dear" their mother asked as she took the plastic and place it on the table.

"we've run something, don't worry about it"

They both sat at the table waited for their mother to serve the food, their father suddenly speaks while his gaze was still on the newspaper with a cigar in his mouth. "How's work, Liam?"

"tough" he replied bluntly. Their mother served the food and the brothers dig in.

"How tough is it" his father continued to ask.

"Brother has a strong opponent," Keanu answered instead.

Their father's brows furrowed in confusion as he stopped eating.

"what do you mean?"

"There's someone who wanted to kill me" Liam replied as he took a spoonful of food.

"Oh my! You should be very careful, honey," their mother answered.

"Don't worry, if anything might happen to Liam, I'll be there to help," Keanu said and even showed his biceps to his parents.

"Hush child! First, you should finish college and follow your brother's footsteps"

"Of course mom, I will, and both Liam and I will be a partner in crime," he said in witty.

All of them chuckled at Keanu for being silly. After their dinner, the brothers went to their room. The door opens and Keanu went inside to his brother's office.

"Bro, you should be very careful next time, who could've thought there's anyone who wants you dead"

"Yeah, this happens lately after I held the case of Benjamin Wilson" Liam replied while he's busy reading and flipping documents on his desk while wearing his specs.

Keanu saw the profile of Jax on his desk. He took the document and read it all. "How long does he'll stay in prison?"

"Lifetime, " Liam replied him.

Keanu puts back the document on the desk and went back to his room. He rubs his hair with a towel after taking a shower and sat on his bed, thinking about the time he gave Athena a bracelet. He smiled and lies on his bed. His cheeks were burning and he can't help but to feel butterflies in his belly.

· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·

The night was getting deep; the street was complete silence and the moon shines brighter, giving the only light to their neighborhood.

Liam was peacefully sleeping on his bed. Footsteps were heard in his bedroom, that makes him awake. Yet he never opened his eyes, but only observed the sound. The creaking floor started to make noise slowly, and there he found the presence of someone by slightly opening his eyes. His hand that was covered by the blanket slowly moved to take his gun under his pillow.

Together the man and Liam took their guns fast as a flash of lightning aiming at each other. The man was in the shadows, wearing completely black clothes.

"step on the light" Liam said in a low dark voice.

The man slowly moved on the light, still aiming the gun at him. And there his face revealed. Liam wasn't surprised anymore.

"now you showed up, coward"

"Any last words, Liam?"

"I'm the one who supposed to say that, Noah"

Noah was about to pull the trigger, but then the door opened and Keanu appeared, aiming a gun at him. Noah panicked as he was thinking twice to end Liam right now or not, but he was outnumbered so instead, he shot the sprinkler above the room, and water is splashing everywhere making them deflect, and he took the opportunity to left the room by jumping off the window.

Keanu was about to follow him, but Liam stopped him.

"Don't follow him, it's dangerous"

The light of the house started to appear, and their parents panicked going to Liam's room.

"What happened?!" Their father asked in concern. They looked all over the room and their mother wasn't expecting. She covered her mouth with her hands and came towards Keanu "Are you ok? Liam, what happened?"

"My opponent just came by"

· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·

The prisoners were in the cell, sleeping peacefully. The police officers are in their office and some were taking rounds to check the area.

Dexter was roaming around checking Jax hour by hour. He went to the office and told the other officer that he would take over for a minute and give him a break. The other police agreed to it and left the room.

Dexter sat on the swivel chair, place his feet on the desk and keep an eye on the monitor where the CCTVs are.

On Jax's cell, he keeps on glaring at it. He took a cigarette from his pocket and started to lit it. A minute has passed, he heard someone fell in the hall that makes him panic and accidentally left his cigarette on the desk with the documents in there.

Dexter runs towards the hall and saw the other officer lying on the ground wheezing, trying to catch some air to breathe. Dexter searched his inhaler, but nowhere to be found. The police pointed at the comfort room, dexter immediately went there and search for it.

When he found it, he instantly gave it to the officer. "Th-thank you," the officer said, stuttering. Dexter sighed in relief.

Both of them went to the canteen to get some water and calm Andrei (the other police officer)

They were there for an hour. Then suddenly the alarm started to make noise. Alarming that a fire has been detected.

The prisoners woke up from the noise and the fire was getting stronger, spreading towards the cell.

The cell gates were automatically open to evacuate the prisoners. Jax and the boys were confused. But then something comes up with their minds. The boys immediately joined the crowd, taking themselves to the exit.

From on their way, they saw Macey making herself out of the crowd. Jax pulled her and drag her with them.

Ace break a window by his elbow and told the others to escape. "Wait, are you sure about this?" Macey said in concern.

"Don't worry about it, come on! This is an opportunity, " Gordon said and entered the opened window and jump off. Ace followed, Jax escorted Macey to climb up and jump on, and Jax came after her. Macey and the boys succeed to escape the prison.

-End of chapter 16-

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