The Wailing Killer

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Chapter 17

"Today's news, recently the Arkace prison was on fire at 12 in the morning, the fire was wild that cause 5 fire trucks to come on the scene to fight the blazing fire. No one got a serious injury, but some prisoners escaped in the incident. Stay tuned for more updates after the commercial break"

The incident was the talk of the town, Jett knew the news and instantly went to look for Jax. Athena was also informed about it, and she's damn worried about him. She went to the scene and asked the authorities about the incident.

Dexter was in an ambulance getting his wounds treated and the other officers. The prisoners were on the evacuation area guarded and started to headcount. It was also reported there are missing prisoners. Athena's heart pounds in a brisk, she looked all over around searching for Jax.

Dexter caught Athena's attention and found out she was looking for the same guy he was searching for, Jax. Athena asked anyone she passed by. She was feeling exhausted, her sweats are dropping, and she hyperventilated from exhaustion. The fire was still wild, and it's getting hotter. The authorities were busy that Athena couldn't see her way from the crowd. She suddenly fell when someone bumped her. She lifts her head and saw Jett.

"Athena, I'm sorry, are you ok?" Jett handed his hands to her and helped her stood up. He escorted her to take a seat and get her some water to drink. "Are you here to find Jax too?"

Athena nodded as a response while she drinks a bottle of water. She sighed heavily and looked at him. "they said there are missing prisoners and I don't wanna think that Jax was trapped inside the blazing fire, or escaped" Athena commented with so much concern in her tone.

Weeks have passed after the incident, Macey and the boys are on the wanted list. They escaped and stayed in a condo. "It's been a week and I'm getting scared," Macey said as she sat at the corner of the room. "don't be, we're here to take your revenge and find justice, remember?" Gordon said and stood up.

"Jax, Macey, what's the plan?" Gordon looks at them one by one, waiting for them to reply. "I have to meet someone first," Jax said as he stares in nowhere.

Jax disguise himself as he walks on the Street with the others. They all looked like a secret agent investigating a top secret because of their clothes.

"Gordon, stop it, you look like an idiot"

"What? I looked like Wiz Khalifa with this" Gordon posed in front of Ace as he squints his eyes trying to impress him with his cringe moves. Then suddenly he stopped and stood up straight, Gordon place his hand on his chin and looked straight to Ace, "aren't Wiz Khalifa and snoop dog related? Cause they look the same" giving Ace a confused look.


"Oh! by the way" Gordon's voice changed into a serious tone, which makes everyone stopped from walking and faced him.

"did you hear about the guy who cut off the left side of his body?"

Everyone's brows furrowed in confusion looking at one another.

"He's all right now"

Everyone's mood shut and sighed in irritation, "shut up dude!" Ace exclaimed. The three of them walked away leaving Gordon behind, "Hey aren't you gonna laugh? I was practicing about that the whole time!"

Jax arrived at Jett's apartment along with the others. As soon as Jett opened the door, his eyes widened in surprise to see Jax, his brows furrowed from confusion after he saw other people at Jax's back. He let them enter their apartment and let them sat on the couch. It shocked Charlotte to see Jax out of prison, "Oh dear!" she exclaimed in surprise.

"What are you doing here?" Jett asked him in a serious tone of his voice. Charlotte left them to give privacy and went to the other room. "I'm sorry Jett, I haven't told you about this, but I really need to do it. I'll take my revenge, remember?"

"But this is dangerous--"

"I know but, please, will you help me?" Jax cut off his speech and begged him as he held his hands. Jett was speechless and just stare at him like 'this is a terrible idea' look. He sighed heavily and narrowed his eyes to his.

"Fine, what would be the plan?"

"Can I meet the witness first?"

"Alright, I'll call him," Jett took his phone and dialed. "Are you free today?---yeah, I need you right now, I'll give you the address---alright," He hangs up the call and looks Jax straight in the eye. "He'll come, just wait here"

He nodded as a response, "by the way, this is Ace, Gordon, and Macey" Jax introduced them, and one by one they exchange greetings.

"Jax, you know the consequences of what you are doing, right?" Jett came closer to his ear and whispered. Jax nodded as he gave him an assuring smile that everything is alright.

An hour passed, the witness arrived at the apartment. Suddenly his lips parted and his eyes wides open when he saw Macey, Macey was acting the same way. Both of them run towards each other and embrace, holding each other very tightly. Macey's eyes started to tear up, for she couldn't control her emotions, Charles buried his face on his sister's shoulder and tightened his grip. After a minute Charles let go of her sister and faced her, "how did you?---"

"They helped me" Macey cut him off and faced the boys with a smile, Charles followed her sister's gaze and bowed his head a little for thanking them.

"So the witness was Macey's brother?" Gordon said, pointing them out.

Jett nodded as a response as he inserted his hands on his pocket, "It turns out that way"

All of them sat down and started talking about their plans. "Ace protect Charles at any cost, we can't lose the witness" Jett commanded.

"let me come with you, let's investigate together," Jax insisted.

"Alright, Macey stay with charlotte for your safety, Gordon, stay with the girls so someone is watching them"

"Roger, that!" Gordon salutes like an army, but then Ace hit him on his chest, telling him to be serious for once.

After an hour the plan was settled, "Jett, we'll be going for now, we'll be back by tomorrow" Jax said and stood up.

"guys, can I bring my brother to the condo?" Macey spoke with her low voice.

"Sure no worries" Gordon replied to her, Macey smiled widely and held his brother's hands. All of them left the apartment and now they are walking in the street at night. There are only a few people and the street is getting quiet, Jax was at the back of the boys together with Macey, suddenly someone called his name that makes him stop.


All of them turn around and faced Athena who was at their back, Jax faced her givng her a expressionless look.

"Who are you?"

She was taken aback by his words that she took a step backward from embarrassment. She bit her lip before answering him, "I-I'm sorry, I must have mistaken you for someone" Athena bowed her head with a disappointed look on her face and turn her back from him. The boys shrugged their shoulders and continued to walk. "Do you know her?" Macey asked him as she taps his shoulder.

"No, let's go"

They continued to walk, but Jax keeps on glancing on his back, checking on her. There are regrets written on his face, he bit his lip to wake himself up and focus about his plans, he took a deep breath and exhaled it slowly.

· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·

Amelia (Athena's mom) with her new husband Mykel went shopping to buy Athena a gift on her birthday.

"I think Athena would love this, what do you think?" She showed him the nude satchel bag. "this looks nice, but try this one" Mykel took the other design and showed it to her. "Nice choice honey" she smiled and took the bag. She called the sales lady for assistance.

Mykel sat at the bench waiting patiently, "I'll just go to the toilet" Amelia informed him and went out of the shop. As she was walking, she saw a familiar man entered a cafe. Her heart was beating so badly that her hands trembled. She followed the man and looked over at him, surveying him from head to toe. She sat at the next table before a vacant one near the counter. After the man ordered, he sat beside her table, making her feel discomfort. She hides her face, acting like she was busy.

"Mr. McCarthy!" The lady yelled and place the coffee at the counter. Amelia's body stood firm, making her stupefied. Her lips parted after she confirms that her late husband is alive.

Lucas left the shop with a coffee in his hand, walking towards his car. He entered the driver's seat and check the shoes he bought to give to Athena.

Suddenly his phone rang, and he answered it as he started the engine.


"Yes, darling?" Lucas answered her as he drove.

"Who's Aria Darling Hendrix?"

-End of chapter 17-
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