The Wailing Killer

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Chapter 22

Athena was out of words. She doesn’t know how to react after knowing everything about what happened before. Amelia was about to hold her hands, but then Athena avoided her and took a step backward. She slowly sways her head from side to side while her eyes are locked to hers.

“Mom, how could you do that? I—I wasn’t expecting this! I’m really disappointed in you!”

Athena turns her back as she forces her tears not to fall, she opens the door and was about to leave. Suddenly her mother grabbed her arms, making her stop.

“Don’t you dare speak to me like that!” she shouted in anger

“Don’t you dare touch me without my consent, you monster!”

Amelia slapped her, making Athena held her cheeks. From the impact, her cheek turns red and appeared a marking of a hand. She faces her mom in disgust before she totally left the room. Athena instantaneously took her phone and dialed Dash as she runs away. And her tears are no longer controllable.

Amelia was about to follow her but suddenly her phone rang “damn it!” she cursed out in frustration.


“Can we talk?” Mykel said in a dark, serious tone of his voice, making Amelia nervous.

“What are we talking about?”

“I found out something that I’m not supposed to know,” he replied bluntly, making Amelia speechless.

· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·

Officer madden was able to escape from the house when Jett suddenly arrived. He held Jax on his arm, shaking him to get back on his senses. But Jax was just staring in nowhere, his eyes were filled with tears. Jett looks at the old lady on the floor, bathing her own blood. He immediately averted his eyes to avoid feeling disgust and helped Jax to stand up.

Both of them went back to the car, “Ace you drive” Jett ordered as both of them sat on the back seat, Ace drove fast going back to Jett’s apartment. When they arrived, the girls immediately escorted them inside.

“What happened?” Macey said in concern and she places a glass of water on the coffee table. “Where’s Charles?” Jett’s eyes search all over the room.

“He was here a while ago,” Charlotte replied.


“What’s up?” Gordon said while spitting bubbles on his mouth. He continued brushing his teeth while waiting for Jett’s reply.

“finish that first idiot” Jett turns his back and went upstairs to look for Charles.

“Jax? Are you OK?” Macey said as she sat beside him caressing his back, but Jax never said a word he was just staring in nowhere looking so weary.

“I’ll put him to bed,” Macey said and escorted him going upstairs. She opened the door and let him sit on the bed. Jax was so drained, and for sure he went through a lot nowadays.

Macey came closer to him and lifted his chin as she pressed her lips on his forehead. Jax looks at her with confusion.

“My mom used to kiss me to calm me down and cheer me up” she smiled at him and slowly turn her back. She was about to walk, but all of a sudden Jax grabbed her and wrap his arms around her waist, making her halt.

“Let’s stay like this for a while” he buried his face on her back, soaking her shirt.

· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·

Keanu was walking going home after he visits his friend. The grey sky started to appear. In any second the rain will burst. He runs fast before he’ll get drench in the rain and crosses the street, Keanu was about to take his turn but a man appeared in front of him oddly suspicious and covered his nose with a cloth along with chloroform in it, making Keanu lost his consciousness.

The clock is swiftly ticking, and the sun slowly vanished. Liam was in the front door rocking his leg while his arms are crossed against his chest, patiently waiting for his brother.

An hour had passed, but he never notices Keanu’s presence. He alternately switches his gaze on his wristwatch and the road. The door opened and his mother appears, looking so worried “Honey Where’s your brother?” she asked in concern.

Liam bit his lip, feeling so edgy. ‘this isn’t right’ he thought to himself. He walks away and tried to find his brother. All of a sudden his phone vibrates, making him more anxious.

My patience is limitless man, come and collect your bruvver, or I won’t be able to stop myself from killing him instead of you

As he read the message he received, anger was flowing throughout his body “damn it!” he cursed out as he clenches his phone, making it cracked. He immediately took his car and drove fast to get Keanu. And when he arrived in a spacious warehouse; Liam barged in without any caution and saw his brother tied up in a chair, his mouth was wrapped with a cloth and he was full of bruises. Keanu was shouting and moving in his chair agressively.

Liam was about to take another step when suddenly he felt a cold metallic against his head. He turned his gaze and saw Noah holding it, aiming the gun on him.

“Take another step, and I’ll blow you up”

Liam raises his hand slowly, acting up in surrendering, and when he got the chance to fight back, he took the gun fast as a bolt of lightning. Both of them exchange fists, giving each other an immense strike. Noah elbowed his chin, making him bite his lip and feel the blood coming out.

Liam knock him out and pinned him on the ground, stifling him hard, Noah was struggling out to breathe. He raises his knee and thumps it on Liam’s groin, making him groan in pain. Noah stood up and stomp him again on his back, which makes completely stumble and fall to the ground.

Keanu was so loud shouting and trying to escape the tie, his big sweats were flowing all over his body as he looks at his brother suffering.

Noah sighs heavily and smirks as he gives Liam another kick, making him groan in so much pain.

“You’re such a pain in the ass officer Beckket” he commented before he took the gun on the ground.

· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·

Jett hasn’t found Charles yet, but he opened his drawer where he places all the documents he gathered and pieces of evidence about the massacre. Skimming the papers one by one.

Once he got the document he was looking for, he took it and quickly went to the other room. He tossed the paper above the bed in front of Jax. “The massacre wasn’t just a massacre, it was a revenge. Before the murder is your father or mother fought one of his or her friends or relatives?” he asked in a serious tone and raise his brows.

Jett leans on the table in front of him as he places his arms above it for support.

“I remember once my father’s been acting so weird lately, he’s always out for some business, even though our company was in good condition. He’s been on his phone often and I notice on his office, a picture of him along with his old friends, there’s a man on that photo that was scratched out. I had his album too but unfortunately, it’s in the apartment”

“Elijah’s apartment right?” Jett answered him, Jax nods in response.

“Could you get it?”

“Yes, sure”

Jax stood up and took his coat before going back to the apartment. When he arrived, his apartment was empty, making him confused. He turns his gaze on Athena’s door, thinking twice to ask her about it or not. He was feeling guilty after he denied her in front of his friends. But he got no chance but to do it.

Jax knocked on her door and not a minute was wasted when Athena opens it right after. They were staring at each other, don’t know what to say. “Uhm...ha-have you seen my things?” Jax stammered as he avoided her eye contact.

“Yes, it’s here come in” she replied with a smile which confuses Jax, “aren’t you mad at me?” he asked in irritation.

“Why would I?”

“About the time I denied you?”

“Yes, I was hurt by that, but it’s okay maybe you’ve got reasons why you had to do it” she answered and turn her back on him, Athena escorted him towards his things, Jax entered and looked all over her room, he caught his attention in a frame on the side table where a guy on the photo was so familiar to him. Jax immediately took his father’s photo album and opened it, scanning his father’s old photos.

He saw the picture of a three man, obviously, his father’s friends, when his gaze landed on the man on the left side. Jax’s eyes wide open from surprise when he saw the same man on Athena’s frame, which is the man that was scratched out.

It also surprised Athena to see the same photo that Dash gave it to her when he found his father’s old pictures.

“This can’t be” together both of them utter, slowly facing each other.

· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·

Henry receives a message a week ago saying it was Lucas. He agreed to meet him and he drove fast, going to what Lucas gave the address. Henry arrived at the same camping site where they stayed before, where Darling died. The water from the lake was glistening from the moonlight and the place was filled by darkness, giving the only light from the moon.

“I wanted to finish this long fight right here, right now” Lucas speaks as he steps in showing himself looking so furious.

“Is this what you call revenge?” Henry smirked sarcastically.

“I prefer calling it, returning the favor”

· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·

-End of Chapter 22-

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