The Wailing Killer

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Chapter 23

“Ace, Gordon, Macey go find Charles I’ll wait for Jax,” Jett said as he stood up and came towards Charlotte.

Ace and the others nodded, then left the house. Jett and Charlotte were left behind.

“Babe could you stay with your parents for a while, I don’t want you to involve with this” Jett said as he glances at their child.

Charlotte caresses his cheek, “yes babe, but please be careful we’ll be waiting for you”

Jett smiled at her and kissed her head, charlotte went upstairs along with her baby to prepare their bags.

· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·

Jax stood up with a blunt expression, “where are you going?” Athena followed him.

“I have to apologize in advance,” he said in a monotone, “what are you apologizing for?” she asked him in confusion. Yet Jax never replied to her. He continued to walk and opened the door.

“Jax, wait!”

“Please! Just stay here!” he yelled with so much anger, he left the room and slammed the door, making Athena jump a little.

Athena felt discomfort after finding out the same photo with Jax’s father, her father, and Dash’s father. She took her phone and dialed Dash instantly. While waiting for him to pick up, she took a glance at the photo of her father once again.

“Come on Dash, pick it up!”

After few missed calls, Athena gave up and decided to follow Jax on her own. She went outside and saw a motorbike of her neighbor; she snatches it feeling like she owned it; she started the engine and drove fast. The owner saw her and tried to catch her up.

“HEY!” the owner shouted furiously.

“Sorry! I’ll give it back after!” Athena shouted back at him and turn her face back on the road.

Jax arrived and entered Jett’s place, “did you get it?” Jett asked him instantly.

He handed him the album, and Jett quickly turn the pages looking for the photo. Then, as he found it he flips it over and saw a message at the back of the photo.

Always better together...

Henry Wilson,

Lucas McCharthy,

Amelia Hudson,

Aria Darling Hendrix,

Matthew Lombardi

“I knew it!” Jett exclaimed like winning a jackpot. He turns his gaze on Jax. But unfortunately, it was only him in the room. His eyes widened and as he goes out, and found Jax started the car and drove away.

He tried to follow him by running, “Jax! Wait up!” he shouted repeatedly as he runs until his knees got weaker and he was out of breath. He stopped in the middle of the road and pants heavily.

He decided to go back. He was about to open the front door when suddenly Athena called his name, making him stop.

“Where’s Jax?” she asked between her breath.


“What?! To where?!” she exclaimed in surprise.

“How am I supposed to know that? Let’s just follow him. He took my car”

Jett came towards her, but immediately halted and peeked on the motorbike, looking at her with uncertainty

“Wait! I’ll drive, I’m afraid you might put us in an accident, I still have a child to take care”

Athena gave him a grimaced look, and shrugged her shoulder as she looks at him from head to toe, “Yeah I think that’s a better idea, I almost got an accident earlier, but my friend drive it like a piece of cake”

“uhuh, so if you’ll drive now we’ll lose our life just a piece of cake” Jett sarcastically answered her.

Athena scrunched her nose and pouted her lips as she gets out from the motorbike.

· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·

Charles picked up his phone after it was ringing for a very long time, “where have you been?!” his sister shouted on the line, making him move the phone away from his ears.

“chill, I went somewhere” his voice lowered, feeling guilty about lying, Charles walks up to the street while holding his phone against his ears. Suddenly he caught his attention to a familiar man that passed by him while driving a car. At that moment their eyes met, making Charles surprise. ‘Jax?’ he thought to himself

His sister was still scolding him on the line but he speaks up cutting her speech off, “where are you?” he said in panic.

“Near the Booze Bar?”, she stutters in confusion.

Before Macey could speak again, Charles immediately hangs up the phone and went to call for a cab heading to where his sister was located. Charles then message Jett, about where Jax is heading to.

As he arrives, he saw his sister along with the others, Macey immediately hugged him and checked every part of his brother body, looking for injuries. After a few seconds of checking him, she smacked him on the head. “Where have you been, idiot?!”

“That hurts man! I’m just... chilling—anyway, where is Jax heading to?”

“You saw Jax?” Gordon said in surprise.

“He already came back?” Ace interrupted.

“He’s heading to the north, the camping site area near the lake of larkus”

· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·

Liam was lying on the floor, soaked in his own sweat and blood. Noah was breathing heavily, he boot Liam on his stomach making him groan and cough continuously. Noah turns his back on him after he felt the satisfaction of beating him. And then Henry pays his attention to Keanu as he walked towards him...

Liam saw how frightened Keanu is. He gathered his strength as he crawled towards Noah and grab his leg, making Noah lose his balance and tumble on the ground.

Liam climbed above him and use his leg to pin his broad shoulder into the ground as he gave him and continuous punch.

Both of them were on their limits, their weary eyes, the smell of sweat and blood fighting against each other. Liam grabs his collar as the police sirens appeared. With the flash of blue and red lights that hits on their faces, a sarcastic grin of Noah makes his brows furrowed.

“This isn’t the end”

Noah whispered and laughs like a devil, Liam had enough of him and gave him another strike in the face yet he never stops to laugh.

The police arrived and aim their guns at Noah. One police officer handed Liam the handcuff, he takes it and places it on Noah’s wrist and the other police came towards Keanu to untie him.

Noah remains smiling like a creep which confuses Liam, his instincts are telling him that there is still something lying on the place that may be dangerous, and so he surveyed every corner of the warehouse, and there he heard a ticking sound.

“Kaboom” Noah whispered to him, making Liam’s eyes wide open.


As he shouted, the place explodes, a massive explosion enough to break the walls. Dark smokes are everywhere and the blazing fire started to appear. Liam tightens his grip on Noah and dragged him out of the place. His eyes immediately search for his brother, for a few seconds later he saw Keanu walks outside and held his arm for supporting his injury, his clothes were worn out and the warehouse was still wilding on fire.

“Liam! officer Moore covered me. Go check him inside—” Keanu coughs between his words and tumbles on the ground.

· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·

Jax arrived in the place, and blasts of guns were heard from afar. He runs towards where the sound came from and saw two men spar on the lake.

Lucas stifles Henry and forces to pin him in the water, trying to drown him. “this is how you kill her, right?” Lucas said with so much anger running through him.

Henry was able to grasp a rock on the water and strike it on Lucas’s forehead, making him lose his grip.

Henry stood back up and elbowed him, making Lucas step backward continuously until he felt the hard, rough trunk of a tree on his back. Henry took his knife to the ground and runs towards Lucas to stab him. But before that happen Lucas took a thick log beside him and smash it on Henry’s face, making him stumble.

Lucas hit his throat, making Henry cough. He wrapped his arms around Henry’s waist and heave him up high, and gathered strength to drop him hard on the floor, making Henry groan in pain.

Lucas sighed heavily as his big sweats are flowing on his forehead. He limps as he walks to get his gun that lies on the floor; and he aims the gun on henry, who’s now very strained.

He was about to pull the trigger, but a bullet hits his hand and lose his grip on the gun. He turns his gaze and saw Jax aiming a gun at him.

“Found you,” Jax said, still aiming the gun at him.

“Jax Lombardi” Lucas sarcastically called his name, “I thought I’d already finish you, what a useless hitman I hired” he continued and laugh at him as he held his other hand that got hit, which is now bleeding badly.

He continued to laugh, making Jax furrowed his brows. In a blink of an eye, he took his hunting knife and launch it towards Jax. The sharp end of the knife hit his pale, thin skin, as the knife passed through him and it pierced in the tree.

The cut on Jax’s face bled a little. He stayed in his place without even reacting to the pain. Lucas runs towards him and did the same thing he did to Henry, Jax whimper in pain as he hit his back on a stone.

Henry stood up and runs toward Lucas’s back as he wrapped his arms on his shoulder and dragged him to the ground. He locked his legs in between Lucas’s face and pulled his arms against his chest, making Lucas shout in pain.

“COME ON! YOU WANTED TO END THIS RIGHT?!” Henry yelled with so much anger that his face turns red and his veins showed on his neck.

Lucas’s vacant hand took his other knife from his pocket and stab it in Henry’s legs to lose his grip on him.

He stands up, and he was panting heavily. He caught himself off guard, making Jax took his opportunity to strike him.

Lucas was about to hit him back, but Jax was able to avoid it. Henry Followed to thump both of them. The three of them continuously blow punches on one another, making them feel the exhaustion.

Lucas took a hard branch and attack it on Jax’s eyes, making him blink multiple times, and fell to his knees on the ground.

Henry pushed Lucas through the tree, stifling him with so much force, Lucas’ gaze turns on the knife that pierced on the tree. He took it and shove it to Henry’s stomach.

A sound of the gunfire appeared, making both of them caught their attention on Jax who’s now holding the gun. He aims the gun at Lucas as his hands were shaking in exasperation.

Lucas charged him and both of them are fighting for the gun, Jax fell on the ground as Lucas climbed above him. Their hands are both on the gun’s handle, fighting for it.

Jax tried hard to avoid the mouth of the gun which is now facing right through him, in any second from now he could be dead if Lucas will pull the trigger.

“I can see through your eyes how desperate you are to finish me”

“CONFESS IT! DID YOU KILL MY FAMILY?” Jax shouted while his eyes are cornered with tears.

Instead of answering him, Lucas laugh, laugh like a devil. At that moment, Lucas’s psychotic expression fades and it was replaced into a dark, serious look.

“I killed your family!”

Lucas shouted as he locked his bloodshot eyes on him, without knowing, as he let go of those words, Athena just arrived with Jett.

“So you really did it?”

All of them faced her in surprise, especially her father.

“Athena,“ Lucas stutter.

-End of Chapter 23-

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