The Wailing Killer

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Chapter 24

Amelia and Mykel met, they went to a restaurant to confront Amelia about something; the ambiance feels heavy as both of them were quiet and just stared at each other’s eyes. Mykel was about to speak up, but then the waiter arrived and place their food on the table. They waited patiently for the waiter to finish.

“What are we talking about?” Amelia asks with so much discomfort in her voice.

Mykel took a journal and place it above the table, making Amelia’s eyes widened from surprise.

“Ho-how did you find this?” she stuttered from nervousness

Mykel shrugged his shoulder with a look of sarcastically. It was a diary, a diary of what everything happens before and what she has done.

“Didn’t know you can do such to thing to my best friend”


Amelia moved her hands, feeling uneasy about their topic. She accidentally moved the glass, and a sound of broken glass was heard from the entire place. Mykel locked his gaze to her, didn’t even bother to help her. The waiter arrived and cleaned the mess.

“What’s with this topic love?” amelia continued

“Oh! didn’t I mention to you? Darling is my best friend, I left the town for 5 years before the incident, and didn’t know why she died, it broke me. Then I was surprised the real murderer who killed her was the girl in front of me, the girl I loved-damn amelia, I’m such a fool”

A tear fell into her eyes as she bit her lip. Mykel bowed his head and clench his fists.

“You have to pay for what you did”


A minute has passed the police arrived in the place making Amelia’s heart beats so fast. They arrested her, Amelia didn’t fight back and let her hands handcuffed. There are murmurs in their surroundings and all eyes are on them.

Amelia left the place along with the police. Yet Mykel stayed in his seat beside unbothered. He took a sip on his wine while staring in nowhere.

‘If I have known it sooner,’

· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·

“So you really did?— I knew it” Athena said with disappointment in her voice.

“Give me the reason!” Jax shouted.

Before Lucas could speak, a blast of gunfire hits the ground makes everyone caught their attention. Athena yelled in fear and so Jett wrapped her with his arms and take her away on the scene.

Henry aims the gun on Lucas furiously, looking at him. His clothes were soaked in blood and he was limping towards Lucas.

He tossed a stone on Henry’s hand that makes him lose his grip on the gun. Both of them exchange fists once again, fighting for the gun.

Jax was still on the ground, whimpering at his wounds and bruises.

Henry was able to kick Lucas away from him, causing him to take the opportunity to get the gun faster.

Before Lucas Could stand back up, Henry pulled the trigger, and the bullet hits him on his chest.


“NO!” Jax immediately took the other gun on the ground and pulled the trigger, aiming at Henry, when the bullet hits his chest, it stunned Henry for a second, and finally fell on the ground, soaked in his own blood.

Lucas stayed on the ground as blood flows on his clothes slowly.

The police siren appeared, getting louder as it came towards the place. The greyish-blue sky was so calm as the sun rose, as they realize it was the first flush of morning.

Lucas faces Jax who’s lying beside him, whimpering his wounds. “you can’t leave just yet, you need to answer me” Jax said with his low voice.

“It’s a long story, I wouldn’t be able to make it” Lucas’s voice cracked as he coughs between his words.


“This is just all I could say. Pride, selfishness, and resentment shouldn’t let take over from everything. Those three could break everything, it can even take someone’s life”

“Jax... can you keep an eye on my daughter? Anyway, I’m sorry...” he added with his very last breath before closing his eyes.

Jax froze and couldn’t even think properly. Everything is happening so fast that he couldn’t believe it’s done.

Dash arrived at the scene along with the police, he saw Athena runs to her father weeping for him. His eyes were brought to the other side and saw his father lying on the ground. He runs towards him and held him in his arms.

“Dash, I guess I have to leave soon, take good care of your mother for me, okay? I have to face my consequences from everything I’ve done.” Henry turns his head and looks at his lifeless friend. He lifts his fingers and caresses Lucas’s face in mid-air before he finally lost consciousness.

A liquid fell into Dash’s eyes. There he realizes he was already crying. He bit his lips forcing himself not to cry, “this is your consequence father” he stood up as the police came towards his father’s dead body.

Athena hugged her father one more time before letting go. Jax’s hands were tied by the police and pulled him away. Athena looks at him with teary eyes, Jax pulled his necklace and toss it to her.

She was able to catch the necklace and looks at it, Dash came towards her and Athena instantly wrapped her arms around his neck. There she started sobbing, making Dash’s collar drench with her tears.

· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·

The fire truck arrived and they calm the fire as the suspects are already taken to the prison while Keanu and Liam and the other injured officers are treated.

“Liam, you’re brave as always”

“Uhuh, because of a fact that I am your brother” he sneered.

The chilly breeze passed, and the brothers look up to the sky. So were Athena and Dash, who’s on the other side.

It’s been a tough journey, filled with bloody secrets and hatred.

· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·

The Attorney came out from his car after the trial of the case just ended; the reporters are rushing towards him and charge him with their microphone while the cameras are all focused on him.

He fixed his tie before facing everyone. Mr. Anderson’s gaze trailed down into the corner where Charles is. He stood there contemplating him for every move he’ll do. His eyes were narrowed to his, getting darker for every minute, making Mr. Anderson feel a shiver through his spine.

He gulped as he blinks multiple times before speaking. “I would like to announce the case of Ron Tuffin is declared officially close. The suspect isn’t Macey Luella Thompson but, Officer Dylan Madden”

“He is also charged for the murder of the old woman, Mrs. Widdleton” he continued.

The crowd murmured, a lot of whispers were heard. Officer Madden appeared as they handcuffed his hands. He bowed his head, feeling embarrassed about it.

“.... and I, I’m the one who covered his mistakes”

The crowd booed the attorney and throws him anything that they got on their hands. Everyone furrowed their brows on him and the entire world knew about it. The camera came closer to him, to show his face and how stupid attorney he is.

The police came towards him, and he handed them his wrist. As they handcuffed him, the attorney was hit on his shoulder with an egg. Making his clothes stained.

At that point, the noise is getting louder, hurtful and harsh words coming from the netizens.

· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·

Jett went home with a weary look, Macey, Ace, and Gordon stood up as soon as they saw him.

Everyone was quiet it filled the place with sadness. “Where is he now?”

“He’s already arrested-and the answers he’s searching for, he was able to find it”

“I don’t know, but it feels like it’s a new start. This long journey just ended. The pain eases slowly and I hope everyone feels the same”

The door opened, and Charlotte immediately hugged Jett tightly.

She sighed in relief and caresses the back of his head.

“Oh, my!” Macey exclaimed from surprise as she stared on the screen. Everyone followed her gaze all of them were surprise.

“Attorney Anderson just confessed from all the world about the recent case of Ron Tuffin, a child who’s killed by Dylan Madden, and frame it to a girl named Macey Luella Thompson. On this day the trial begins again and everything was clarified. Officer Madden and Att. Anderson is now arrested”

-End of Chapter 24-

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