The Wailing Killer

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Chapter 25

Her lips curved up to her ears. Happiness flows all over her body as Macey felt relieved that her case is now closed and clarified. Suddenly the door opens and Charles came in with his hands inserted into his pocket.

Macey runs towards him and hugged him tightly, “you did it didn’t you?” she asked him while her arms are still wrapped on his neck.

“Jax Lombardi an escaped prisoner from the fire incident is now arrested after killing another victim in Larkus lake past 3 in the morning. The victim was identified as Henry Wilson and they found another body identified as Lucas McCarthy the authorities are still investigating the crime,”

Everyone turns their gaze on the television and they were all speechless at that moment. The ambiance was heavy, after hearing what it was reported, Jett was staring in nowhere, so as was his wife. Macey bit her lips and close her eyes, forcing herself not to cry again. Both Ace and Gordon clenched their fist, feeling guilty about something.

“This isn’t fair, we should surrender too” Gordon speaks, making everyone turn their attention to him.

“We’re also prisoners and this is so unfair to him, we should surrender too,” Gordon continued, “that’s right,” Ace speaks and stood up.

Jett sighs heavily and looks at them, “I agree with that”

Gordon and Ace turn their gaze on Macey who’s now looking so worried, she bit her lips and looks at both of them. “Thank you, thank you for everything I was so grateful I was able to meet you guys”

“Same here, Macey,” Ace said and pats her head. Macey’s cheeks burn like a tomato ready to explode as Ace touched her.

“Don’t worry, we’ll visit you guys,” Charles said, which makes Gordon’s smiles widened.

“Make sure to complete your sentence and don’t escape again, I’ll be expecting you guys to be officially release soon,” Charlotte speaks that makes both Gordon and Ace chuckled.

“Roger that” Gordon salutes.

“And soon we’ll reunite again”

They all look at each other, Jett held Charlotte’s hands and Macey hugged his brother once again. Gordon looks at Ace giving him a cringed look, with his weird smile and weird brows keep on going up and down.

“Don’t even think about it”

· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·

Dash takes Athena home, her under eyes were wet from crying and her hair was a mess, a complete drain woman.

He looks at her with concern, Athena stayed standing in front of him staring nowhere. Dash held the back of her head and lean it against his chest. “You’ll be fine... we’ll be fine” he whispered. After a minute he let go of her, he gave her a smile to cheer her up a little. Then right after Dash takes his leave.

Athena opened the door. As she lifts her gaze, her stepfather was standing in front of her with open arms. She didn’t hesitate and immediately run towards him and hugged him tightly. She burst out sobbing on his stepfather’s chest. Mykel pats her back slowly, “I know how it feels to lose someone, cry till your heart’s content”

Dash drove fast, going home. As he entered their house, her mom was on the couch watching carefully the news on the television. She turns her gaze on him, and her eyes were bloodshot from crying. She immediately hugs him and cries on his son’s chest.

“How could that happen? Why?!” his mom shouted and burst into tears, sobbing even louder. Dash held his mom, and a tear fell into his cheeks. ‘they all commit a mistake, they should face their consequences’ he mumbled from the back of his head.

He turns his gaze on the other side where a family photo of them was placed there.

Dash and her mother went to their room and open his father’s old photo album. As they open it, it was full of photos of his father together with his friends before. “They all started in smiles and ended in tears, I wasn’t expecting from their friendship it lies hatred and resentment” Dash commented as he continues to flip the pages.

“Your father was such a good man, he just couldn’t let go of his past and it ended like this”

· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·

After the incident, Keanu stayed in the hospital for his treatment so as Liam. “Liam, thank you,” Keanu said with his low voice.

“For what?” Liam faces him, and his brows furrowed in confusion.

“For everything”

“You don’t need to thank me you know, it’s my responsibility, and don’t worry bout Jax, I know you’re not really close with him but still he’s your classmate right?”

Keanu nods and looks straight in the wall, “I’m also worried for Athena—maybe hmm.. you could also help me with that” Keanu whispered and hide his face away.

“Don’t tell me you still didn’t court her?”

“First, I’m scared, second I don’t think I have a chance maybe I’ll get rejected,” Keanu bowed his head and played with his fingers.

“Coward” Liam sneered and averted his eyes.

The door opens and her mother came running towards them with her eyes filled with tears. “Thank goodness your alright” she kisses Keanu’s forehead multiple times, Mr. Beckett came towards Liam and pats his shoulder.

“You did a good job, son” his father commented, Liam smiled at him, his mother turns her gaze on Liam and held his hands.

Suddenly the door opens and Riggs appeared, Liam’s colleague. “I’ll hold your case, for now, go have some rest,” he said and smiled at him. Liam was looking at him with so much concern.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of him” Riggs said and gave him an assuring smile. Liam sighed in relief after what Riggs said. Liam was deeply worried by Jax, he knows from the start that Jax isn’t a bad guy, he was in just pain that makes him commit a crime.

· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·

Mykel and Athena went to the prison to visit her mother. Amelia was in her orange uniform while her hands were cuffed. She sat in front of her, a glass was between them. Athena locked her gaze to her mother as she took the phone beside her.


Amelia’s brows furrowed in confusion, “what did you call me?”

“Amelia, what else should I call you? I couldn’t speak the word mom, I’m sorry,” Athena said sarcastically and raise her brows, making her mad.

“Are you here to insult me?”

“I’m here to tell you my goodbye”

“What do you mean?”

“Mom you did such a brutal thing, and I couldn’t forgive you for that, everything was in chaos because of you, because of your selfishness,” Athena wasn’t able to control herself that she started sobbing again.

“I hope you’ll rot in guilt, face your consequence mom, goodbye”

Athena place the phone back. Her mother was still speaking on the phone, but she already stood up and ignored her.


Mykel stood up and looks at her in concern, “Did you say everything you want to say?”

Athena nods at him and gave him a smile. “Let’s go”

· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·

Three weeks after...

Murmurs are everywhere as Jax entered the court room once again. His hands were cuffed, he was wearing his orange uniform, there are a lot of people in the room there are cameras everywhere and reporters. The police let him sat in front, he was given to talk to his side, the reason behind everything.

“I Jax Griffin Lombardi pledge to tell the truth, only the truth.”

“It’s not my intention to kill—I’m not that kind of person. I was just hurt, I was in pain after everyone I loved disappear one by one,” he continued.

The murmurs still goes on, “silence!” the judge smashes his gavel, making everyone shut their mouth. The camera focused on him, and it was played live.

“My family was massacred, that causes me depression. My friend who’s been always with me was killed by protecting me,” his eyes started to fill in tears. Jax clenched his fist, forcing himself not to cry in front of everyone.

“I couldn’t take the pain-filled in my heart, and so I killed them thinking I could take revenge and feel relieved after I finish them for everything they took away from me”

Everyone was speechless, some bowed their head after they heard his side, his painful past that makes him a monster. Some were just staring at him, listening carefully for every word he speaks.

“I know what I’ve done was wrong, revenge is wrong I admit I was wrong. But I won’t say sorry, sorry won’t make things change, my punishment of life imprisonment deserves me”

It was a moment of silence, after Jax said whatever he wanted to say he stood up guided by a police, and let him go back to his seat. The people inside the court were waiting for the judge to speak. The judge was out of the blue, looking so bothered about something while staring at Jax.

“Your honor?” the attorney speaks, making the judge back to his senses.

“Ah yes, I declare Jax Griffin Lombardi guilty! Facing his punishment of life imprisonment. Thank you Jury, for your service today. The court is adjourned.”

“All rise!” the bailiff yelled. Everyone in the room stood up and followed by the judge.

Everyone who’s watching the television and social media live was in jaw drop. Everything that just happened gives them mixed emotions, they were surprised, they pity and they’re also mad.

Jax has an innocent face, a typical young adult man that you couldn’t tell he was a killer. After that trial, the reporters labeled him as a wailing killer after hearing his side. The netizens blow up on social media by commenting and giving their opinions about him making it a trend.

And from that day Jax Griffin Lombardi was known as the wailing killer.

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