The Wailing Killer

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Chapter 26

Athena’s Point of View

4 years later...

The sky was calm, so as the moving cotton clouds; I stood up in front of my father’s gravestone. I place a flower above and caress it, “father, how are you? How’s heaven?” I ask as someone might answer me, I chuckled after realizing what I just said. I’m making myself look dumb.

After a few minutes of visiting my father, I went to Dash’s place, he’s in the kitchen cooking, “Hey hey, that’s unusual” I teased him as I sat on the stool. He looks at me and chuckled, “mom’s not here, she’ll be staying with her parents for a while.”

I nodded as a response and took the sandwich on the table. He places the cooked eggs and bacon on the table as he took his apron. “dig in” he said and gave me a plate. We had a brief conversation, like usual.

My phone suddenly rings, I answered it without looking who the caller was; I continued my meal as I gave quick responses. “who’s that?” Dash said as I hang the call.

“My colleague”

“Anyway, I have to go now my meeting will start an hour, I should prepare” he stood up and put his coat on, he face in the mirror to fix his tie, yet he was struggling to put it.

“Here let me help you” I stood up and came towards him to help him fix his tie, I observe Dash became just like his father, his facial physique and body. His voice is getting deeper too. Dash is now a CEO after he takes over to his father’s company.

“Thank you, I’ll be going now,” he said before he finally left the house. I checked my wristwatch, and it’s already 10 in the morning, so I left the house and went straight to my office.

When I arrive at the company, I saw a bouquet above my desk; I smirked and shakes my head’ cause I knew who gave me this again.

I took the letter above the rose and read it in my mind.

‘curve those lips, you look cuter wearing that smile’

I chuckled after reading his cheesy lines every day. I took my phone and called him; he picks it up instantaneously, not wasting any second.

“What’s with this again, huh?”

“Come on, gimme chance pwezz?”

“I told you no” I laugh and sat on my swivel chair then turn my computer on. I browse social media while Keanu was still talking on the phone.

Guess there’s a new law, the prisoners are given a free day outside the jail for every holiday. After reading what it said I felt mixed emotion , Jax immediately pops into my mind.

“I—I can’t wait to see you,” I whispered.

“You can’t wait to see me?!” Keanu happily shouted on the line like he won a jackpot.

“No-no I—” I wasn’t able to finish what I’m about to say when suddenly he speaks.

“I’ll wait outside your building after your work,” Then he hangs the phone without giving me a chance to reply. I sigh heavily and stare at my screen.

I left the building after I finish my work. I saw Keanu outside, leaning on his car while wearing his police uniform. He came towards me and greeted me.

He opens the door for me, I entered the car and he followed right away. We’re both quiet the entire ride, I didn’t even notice we’re already in front of my house. Yes, I bought another house.

Before I could get out, Keanu spoke, making me stop. “Athena, you’re still wearing the bracelet I gave you”

I look at my wrist and switch my gaze to him, “Oh yeah, I heard this is special, your brother told me that this is from your grandmother. He also told me to give this bracelet to the girl you loved”

Keanu stayed quiet and averted his eyes, I took off the bracelet on my wrist and held his hands. “Keanu, I can’t give you want you wanted” I open his palm and place the bracelet above it.

“This thing is so special, this doesn’t deserve me. I know you’ll find someone who truly loves you, the one who looks at you the way you look at me. So please give this to her, she’s more worth it to wear this,” I smiled at him and let go of his hands. He looks at the bracelet one more time and turns his gaze on me after.

His eyes were cornered with tears, he bit his lip and avert his eyes, “yeah” he said with his low voice. The ambiance was heavy, so I went outside and close the door.

I walk towards my house without even turning my head to check on him, what I did is the right thing, I can’t give him high hopes on me. Because someone already owns my heart.

The next morning, I had my day off; it was Sunday, my phone keeps on ringing, making me woke up.

It turns out Charlotte keeps on calling me, I called her back and she immediately answers my call, “Wake up sleepyhead! We’ll visit Jax and the others today, remember? Don’t tell me you forgot it?”

“Almost... Forgot it” I immediately went out of my bed and straight to the bathroom to take a shower.

I directly went to Charlotte’s place, I saw them outside waiting for me together with their son Cynx Jace.

“Where’s Charles and Macey?” I asked.

“Charles coming after his exam” Jett replied while putting the bags on the trunk of the car.

“Same as Macey after the trial,” Charlotte said and lifted her son.

“Okay let’s go”

We arrived in the visitors’ area. Gordon came out like a dog escaped in a cage. Sorry, but this what really he looks like, I was just stating some facts.

Ace followed as he rolls his eyes, getting annoyed by Gordon. “What’s up!—hey there little fella” Gordon stoop down and face Cynx, the child hide on his father’s back getting scared to see Gordon.

“You’re scaring the child Gordon, back off”

I turn my head and saw him. His hair was getting longer tied up into a bun, he became more muscular too; I mean, he’s muscular before, but he became a man even more.

He looks at me and gave me a smile. The boys had some conversation, suddenly someone spoke behind us which makes us all turn our back.

“Care to join?” Macey said, Charles is with her still wearing his uniform, while Macey was still in her formal suit. She became an attorney and held many cases and win them.

She sat beside me while Charles and the boys are exchanging greetings.

“Macey, how are you? It’s been a long time” I said.

“I’m doing great, how about you?”

“I’m happy and contented right now” she smiled at me and patted my back.

“By the way new year is coming—Jax, you’ll be free during holiday, right? I heard there’s a new law about that?” Charlotte added.

“Ah yes there is” Macey interrupted.

“Oh my! Oh my! Let’s celebrate together!”

“That’s a great idea!” Charles exclaimed.

“My house everyone!” Jett said.

“Drinks on me”

“Foods on us,” Charlotte said, and looks at Macey.

“Then Uhm... Decorations on me?” Charles said with an unsure look because he doesn’t have enough money because of playing in the Internet cafe all day.

“Then it’s settled!” beamed Gordon, making the guards warn him.

“Idiot” Ace smack his head again making everyone chuckled.

Suddenly I felt someone held my hands underneath the table. I turn my head and my eyes widened when I saw Jax beside me.

When did Macey and Jax exchange places? I look at Macey, who’s now giving me a ‘hehe take your time’ look.

“How are you?” he asks me while staring straight into my eye.

“I’m fine—by the way you should cut your hair it’s getting long”

“Would you cut it for me?” he lock his gaze on mine.

“I don’t mind”

His eyes went down on my neck, “You’re wearing it”

“Ah yes, the necklace you tossed to me”

“That’s your father’s necklace, he gave it to me with his last breath and told me to take care of you”

I was out of words. My father said that? I despise him for what he did, for lying and killing. But here’s Jax, he wanted to fulfill my father’s request despite he’s the one who killed his family. Jax still has a good heart.

Suddenly he places his hands at the back of my head and leans it towards him as he presses his lips on my forehead, I was stun in my place, I can see everyone’s stare from my peripheral vision, and my heart palpitated so fast.

· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·

-End of Chapter 26-

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