The Wailing Killer

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Chapter 27

4 weeks have passed since we visited them. I went to my work, as usual, my colleagues invited me to have a little celebration for my promotion. And so I agreed with it.

We went into a resto-bar; we sat on the stool together, Mikayla ordered the drinks while Dianne and Andrew waited for the others outside.

“Athena, you heard the new law, right? That the prisoners will be free outside the prison every holiday, isn’t that dangerous? I mean they’re criminals,” Dianne said while looking at me, but I ignored her, I sip on my drink and open my phone to distract myself.

“Exactly and then you heard the wailing killer, right? Jax Lombardi, am I right? He’s a dangerous man,” Lyzel added.

“He’s past is quite tragic tho”

“I can’t believe the Congress and the other officials in the government agree with that law”

They continued talking about Jax, and I’m getting irritated, I know they don’t know the exact detail about what happened to Jax but they can’t just label him as a dangerous man because he isn’t!

The others entered the bar, we’re quite many didn’t expect they invited so many people. Everyone was enjoying. Suddenly my phone rang. And it looks like my father is calling me. I pick up the phone and went outside.

“Yes, father?”

“Where are you?”


“Oh okay, I’m not coming home right now, I’m going back abroad for business—gonna hang up my flight is here, ”

“Okay father take care” I ended the call and went back inside. After an hour, some of them were very plastered, but some aren’t.

“Guys, got to go something came up, Andrew, you sure you can handle all of them?” I lied, I just want to go home badly.

“No worries, they just need a smack in the head and they’ll wake up soon,” he looks at me, giving me an assuring smile.

I nodded my head and left the bar. As I arrive home, I quickly open my laptop and continue to write my book. Yep, I’m writing a book it’s a hobby of mine to waste my leisure. After three hours sitting on my desk moving my only fingers, my body hurts so bad, especially my back.

I stretch my entire body and lean on my chair; I check the time and it was already 2 in the morning. I didn’t go to sleep, just waited till the sun rises.

My morning was usual, my phone rang and I answer it instantly.

“Good morning, sunshine! Don’t forget to eat breakfast, going to hang up I’m running late byeee!” Dash prattle on the line and hung the phone without waiting for my response.

He is in a hurry but he makes sure to call me every morning; he knows I live alone, so he always checks up on me.

After my usual work, I went to buy some drinks for new Year’s eve today. As I push my cart, I accidentally bump another cart.

“Oh, my goodness, I’m sorry—Jane? Wait, Liam?!” it surprised me when I saw both of them together.

“Athena” Liam exclaims and smiled at me.

“Wait, are you two?”

“No, no, that’s not what you’re thinking, Jane is my fiancé’s sister,” Liam said and place his elbow above Jane’s head. She rolled her eyes, getting annoyed.

“Ohh okay, I thought you two are dating I’m sorry” I chuckled, I had a short conversation with Liam before taking my leave.

Jane changed, nostalgic memory keeps coming back from college after I met her. Missing those days she’ll get scolded by the principal together with her stupid boyfriend Tristan.

After I bought the drinks. I went straight to Jett’s place. Everyone was there, yet someone is missing. Suddenly my phone vibrates, so I open a message.

‘Come at exactly 10 outside Jett’s house,’

What? Who’s this? This number isn’t registered on my phone. Chills run through my body. Is this a stalker or something? I ignored the message and place it back in my pocket.

Charlotte prepared the table while Macey is still in the kitchen, I look after Cynx who’s now playing with his toys while the boys are decorating the house and preparing some fireworks.

“Is everything settled?” Macey asks the boys.

A tiny hand grab the hem of my shirt, I look at Cynx which is now holding his iPad, “coco... Melon” he said with his tiny voice. I lifted him and smiled at him.

“Of course, little one,” I open to YouTube and let him watch his favorite show.

Time flies so fast, it was already 10 in the evening. My phone vibrates again, and a message floats on my screen.

‘I’m waiting,’

Ok now, this creeps me out, but I have to find this person. Out of curiosity, I went outside without telling everyone where I’m going. I look at my left and right side if anyone was there, but unfortunately there isn’t.

The cold breeze embraces every inch of my skin, I look up at the blanket of stars above me. The crescent moon shines brighter, giving the neighborhood a dim light, along with the lamppost.

As I switch my gaze on the lamppost, a silhoutte of a man standing behind it captured my attention. I don’t know, but my lips curved. I ran towards that man and I stop in front of him, as soon as he saw me he clasped my hands.

“Let’s spend the new year just two of us” he whispered with his husky voice and I knew who’s this man.


I wasn’t able to speak another word again when he pulled me gently and we both entered the car, “wait where did you get this?”

“Jett, let me borrow it” so Jett knew about this? He started the engine and drove away. I don’t know where are we going, but for sure we’ll be going far away from here.

“Wait, you’re the one who texted me?”

“Yeah, sorry for creeping you out” he chuckled while his gaze is still on the road.

“You scared me!” he laughs even louder, I scrunched my nose to him and cross my arms against my chest.

We arrive at the beach, and not a single person was there. At the shore, there is a tent, a blanket, some food, and a bonfire.

He opens the door for me, and I was speechless. When did he prepare for this? Does Jett know something about this too?

We sat on the blanket above the golden sand. The stars shine brighter in here; the waves are smashing towards the shore, making me feel at ease. I saw a scissor above the blanket, “you told me to cut your hair, right? Let’s cut it right now”

He chuckled at me like he doesn’t have a choice; I comb his hair with my fingers and started cutting his hair little by little. After I finish, he looks at himself in the car mirror.

“You like it?”

“I love it,” he replied and looked at me. His stares were different making me confuse. We went back at the shore, I played with the fire while Jax was just looking at me. Suddenly he spoke, making me surprise.

“Athena, I’ll be straight and forward, what do you think of me?”

I was taken aback by his question? What does he mean? What should I answer him?

“I love you”

Those three words came out from my mouth, only that three words, and I couldn’t think of anything else.

He smiled and came towards me. He places a strand of hair at the back of my ear. He looks at my lips and switches back to my eyes. Suddenly I felt an emotion that I couldn’t explain. This is new to me. He presses his lips against mine and an electric feeling runs throughout my body.

He places his hands at my nape, pushing me closer to him. He let go of the kiss and lock his stares on me.

“I’m owning you tonight?”

“Wh-what?” he lifted me and we entered inside the tent. He climbed above me and planted wet kisses on my neck. He’s nipping my sensitive skin, leaving a hickey behind.

He took his upper shirt off, and now he’s half-naked. His warm body wrapped around me. My body reacts on its own and I couldn’t control it.

His kisses trailed down to my chest, we both pleasured each other sensation.

We’re now lying in the tent, he places his arms at my back making my pillow. He wraps me with a blanket, securing I’m all covered up.

Suddenly a glimmer at the sky caught our attention. “The fireworks are starting!” I exclaimed and sat at the end of the tent. I unzip the tent and look above us. Jax followed me and sat beside me.

“Happy New year love,” he whispered.

It surprised me when he called me love so I immediately turn my gaze on him; he was staring at me while his eyes shine like he was looking at his future. I felt butterflies in my belly. I smiled at him and gave him a peck on his cheeks.

“Happy New year”

· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·

-End of chapter 27-

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