The Wailing Killer

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Ashyranna Jazlynn Lombardi


5 years later...

“Mommy, wake up”

I open my eyes when Shyra jolts me with her face so close. “mommy wake up we’ll visit daddy today, remember?” her tiny voice echoed in my ear. I sat on my bed and hugged her tightly as I drag her with me to go back to sleep.

“Mommy, you’re so lazy”

“Hey! Mommy is not lazy, mommy is tired”

“Duuh!” she rolled her eyes and went off of me. I laugh at her and stood up. Shyra’s been so matured when she’s just 5, she took her blanket and walks straight downstairs. I look at my side and stare at Jax’s photo.

“Good morning, love” I smiled and went off of my bed, together Shyra and I take a shower and played with our hair, creating different styles with the shampoo.

“Look mommy’s shark” I went deep into the tub and tried to act as a fish, which makes her yell louder. A thin screeching sound of her voice echoes through the bathroom.

“Aaahhh! Shark!”

As soon as I catch her, I tickled her belly, making her laugh loudly. After taking a shower, we went straight to our closet to pick our outfits, “mommy let’s match our outfit” she giggled and start pulling clothes. This is gonna be a mess again. I sigh heavily and just let her be. After I changed her and did her hair. I also prepare our things and put them inside the car.

“Shyra, get inside the car”

“Aye!” she salutes and runs towards the car door to open it and sat on the passenger seat.

I followed and started the engine; I drove slowly, focusing my gaze on the road. My phone rang out of the blue, Shyra picks it up and answer it.

“Hello?—papa!” she yelled in excitement and turn her head on me.

“Mommy, it’s papa!” she handed me the phone, and I took it from her hand as I answer the caller. “Dash, sup”

“By the way, I bought Shyra some gifts for her birthday—belated happy birthday, sweetie! Sorry, papa wasn’t there yesterday. Papa is so busy,” Dash said on the line while I place the phone on Shyra’s ear.

“It’s okay, Jace was there. We played a fairy and Prince charming,” she replied and bit her lip from embarrassment.

Dash chuckled on the line. Which makes me laugh too. “If Cynx heard you call him Jace, he’ll quit being your Prince charming,” Dash teases her.

“Oh no he won’t” she scowled pointing out in nowhere.

“Anyway drive slowly Athena”

“Yes, papa!” I answer him by mimicking my daughter’s response every time. I laugh between my words and ended the call.

We arrive at the jail at the exact time I expected us to arrive. There isn’t traffic, so it was smooth and easy for us to be here right away. As soon as Shyra saw her father, she runs towards him and glomps at him.

“Daddy!” her loud thin screeching voice echoed the whole place makes everyone caught their attention to her.

Jax kneels and opens his arms for her. I saw Liam at the corner, looking at us with a smirk on his face.

“Daddy! I’m already 5, I’m a big girl now”

“Yes you are, and daddy has a surprise for you!” Jax touches the end of her nose and puts her down. Jax took something on his back and show it to her. Shyra’s eyes glimmered as her cheeks turn red, “whoa! Daddy, you made this?!”

It was a portrait of us, “daddy, it looks exactly like me” her eyes stayed on the canvas surveying every detail. She surely was mesmerized by her father’s art. Jax came towards me and held my hands. “How are you?”

“The usual”

“I’m sorry I couldn’t be by your side at this time, I know you’re tired and suffering, I’m sorry I’m not there when you needed me,” he said in disbelief and bowed his head.

“It’s okay, I understand you don’t have to worry about it, I’m fine, we’re fine,” I caress his cheeks and lock my eyes at him. Shyra was playing with Ace and Gordon, who just got out of their cell.

Few hours have passed, the sun got low; the light got redder, and the shadow got longer. I peeked in the window and called Shyra it’s time to go home.

“Athena, take care,” Jax said and kissed my forehead. She lifted Shyra once again and whispered something to her, Shyra nodded and looks at me. After a minute Jax puts her down and she came running towards me.

I lifted her and gave Jax our farewell, along with the others. Every time we depart from them, it hurts even though it’s been years, I still got this feeling of ineffable emotion. I want Jax to be with me, by my side, but it’s impossible.

While driving, I turn my gaze on my daughter sleeping on the passenger seat while holding her teddy. When we arrive home, I carried Shyra on my shoulder as I was struggling to unlock the door. When I successfully open it, I carried Shyra to her room; she was sleeping peacefully, obviously; she got tired from playing earlier with Ace and Gordon.

I was about to leave her room when suddenly she spoke. “Mommy, why is daddy in jail? Why does my other friend’s daddy is not in jail?”

I was stunned by my place. How should I tell her? Is this the right time to tell her? I mean, she’s too young to tell the brutal past of us. She looks at me patiently waiting for my answer; I lick my lip and came closer to her. “Uhm sweetie, you’d didn’t hate daddy that he’s not right here, right?”

“I do”

I bit my lip as she said those; it was a like knife pierced through my chest. “Ashyranna, you may not understand everything for now, but someday you will” I kiss her forehead before I finally left her room. I lean my back on the door as I close my eyes. A flashed of memories appeared in my mind about everything.

I open my eyes as the rays of the sun hit my eye; I rubbed my eyes and yawn while I roamed my gaze around my surroundings. I’m outside my room, so I fell asleep last night? I’m thinking too much, I’m so stressed lately.

I knock on my daughter’s room and open it; she was still asleep; I came towards her and touch her arms. My eyes widened when I felt her temperature rise. I immediately took the thermometer and check her temperature.


I went downstairs and took a bowl as I fill it with lukewarm water inside and a towel. I dip the towel in the water and wring it before I place it above her forehead. I cover her with a blanket to keep her warm and place a porridge above the nightstand and her medicine.

“Mommy...” she snapped.

“Yes, sweetie?”

“I won’t go to school today, I’m not feeling well.”

“Of course you won’t, I’m not going to work either, I have to take care of you,” I stood up and place the bowl on the table. She looks at me with concern, “am I being a burden to you, mommy?”

“Why did you think that way?”

“I mean you have to take a leave for me, your boss might scold you for that,” her voice is getting lower, and she bowed her head a little. I smiled at her, holding her hand tightly, “no sweetie, my boss understands, I already told her”

“Then mommy could you read me a book?”

“Of course I’ll get you—”

“No mommy, I want you to read this for me” she stood up and enter my room. When she went back, it surprises me to see her holding a big, thick book.

“This one” she smiled at me and went back to her bed.

I stared at the book she handed to me and turn my gaze to her right after. “Why this one, sweetie?”

“It makes me curious about it, and it’s the only book that looks so interesting, unlike the other book is so colorful while this one is darker,” she answered me with her innocent voice.

Fine, I’ll read it for her. This will give her a clue to understand in the future.

“Alright, ready yourself honey we’re time-traveling 26 years ago,” She giggled and sat properly while holding her, Teddy.

“A cheerful man lived peacefully with his family, but then suddenly a tragedy happened that makes him drowned in pain and sadness.”

Shyra was looking at me with her serious face while her lip fell open. “That man is such a pity” she commented.

“He was hurt emotionally that all he could ever think was revenge, his heart was full of resentment until he killed someone, with his crime he was labeled as the wailing killer, and his name was Jax”

“Just like daddy’s name”

“Yeah, because it is your daddy”

-End of The Wailing killer-

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