The Wailing Killer

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Special Chapter 1/2

Jax Griffin Lombardi POV

I went inside my cell together with Ace and Gordon. Both of them jump above their bunk bed and lie in a prone position. They must be so tired after our cleaning session.

“I need AC!” Ace complained.

“Yeah, it seems like this is a free trial in hell,” Gordon added.

I sat above my bed, was about to sleep when suddenly a police officer unlock our cell, all of us stood up and looks at them, patiently waiting for their intention. Suddenly another man came in as his hands were cuffed. He is a bald, muscular man. The officer took the handcuffs off of him and push him inside our cell.

All of us were quiet. He looks bold and strong. His eyes were vicious, and I wouldn’t dare to mess with this guy he seems dangerous—

“Hi! This is Ace, and this Jax and I’m Gordon Ramsay nice to meet yah!—oh just tell me if you want some seasoned steak I’ll make it for you right away”

I didn’t know Gordon has the audacity to talk with this guy. The new guy looks at him from head to toe and purses his lips, giving us a furious look.

He snorted in response and went above my bed.

“Go talk to him” Ace mouthed me.

“Hell no,” I mouthed back as I roll my eyes.

“Damn it, wish I didn’t do that, he looks mad” Gordon mouthed and did gestures while giving us his weird facial expressions.

I think we won’t get along with him from the way he acted. He is a cold man. Colder than Ace. Few weeks had passed, he’s not very fond of interacting with others, I always saw him all alone, or maybe because he just has a strong aura that fears everyone? I don’t know.

When bedtime arrived, all of us started to headcount again before going back to our cells. I heard his name was Bryant. It was in the middle of the night when suddenly the fire alarm started ringing loudly. The cell automatically opens. All the prisoners were confused, but they still got the chance to escape.

The hall was crowded with wild prisoners, desperate to escape towards the exit. The police officers rushed to stop the prisoners from escaping.

While the cuss still goes on at the exit area, I turn my head on the other side where the alarm was located. I went to check it if it’s not a false alarm.

There I saw the container of the button was damaged intentionally. It seems like it was hit by a strong man. I roam my eyes around to search if there is someone, and a shadow of a man passes through and turns to the other way. That man caught my attention, I followed him, keeping my distance from him.

The man opens a cell gate and went inside, another man came out along with him. I couldn’t tell who that man is, because all I could ever see was a silhouette. When they stepped into the light, my lips fell open as I saw Bryant with a stout man beside him. They were escaping to the other route. I followed them, letting my guard down.

As I was about to turn the other way, a strong punch welcomes me that makes me tumble to the ground. I lick my lip as I taste my blood. I tilted my head and saw him glaring at me with furrowed brows.

“I don’t want to mess with you, but you want to mess with me” he bent his neck, creating a cracking sound before he held his arm up high in an orthodox stance position.

“Let this show on the road” he mumbled before he thumps me with his right hand.

Good thing I was able to avoid it and step on his foot as I strike his chin, causing him to step backward.

He spits his blood when he accidentally bit his lower lip. As we exchange fists together, I notice the stout man was missing. I kick on his groin that makes him fall on his knees. I came towards his back as I stifle him, locking my arm around his neck.

“Why did you do it?”

Bryant was wheezing, struggling to breathe while he’s trying hard to lose his grip. He stayed silent and ignore my question, I won’t waste my time if he won’t answer me. I use my other hand to hit his nape, causing him to lose his consciousness.

I left him lying there as I roamed around to search for that porky. Something is not right in here. When he saw me catching up with him, his eyes widened in surprise. He panicked for a moment. He breaks the emergency kit where there was an axe place in there.

He runs towards me as he yelled, a scream of irritation. He attacks as he swings the axe at me; the axe passed in inches away from me. The sharp part cuts through my hair, causing it to break my bun.

He continued swinging the axe, trying his best to hit me, but I’m fast enough to avoid the axe touching me. He was out of breath after a couple of minutes trying to attack me. I was just there panting, waiting for him to hit me. It’s funny to think this vicious-looking man doesn’t know how to fight.

I heard steps coming closer. As I turn onto my side, I saw Ace and Gordon running towards me. Their eyes widened as they saw the stout in front of me, raging in anger.

Gordon started shaking, alternating his gaze on the man and me. His lips were very pale, “I-I dunno how to fight, I-I’ll just stay in there and—”

“Don’t be a coward, dumbass!—I’ll call Keanu,” Ace imparted.

“I’ll handle this one” I replied. Gordon stayed on his feet, trembling in fear.

The stout man throws the axe at us, Gordon closed his eyes frightened that the axe coming at him, but I was able to catch it. I rush running towards him, threatening him. The man runs away in fear, while running he keeps on glancing at me, not focusing on what’s in front of him as a result. He stumbled and hit his head on the floor.

I stopped in front of him, my forehead wrinkled. I think he fainted.

“That was easy...”

Gordon catches up with me. He was on his knees, panting heavily. Ace and Keanu arrived in a minute. “Thanks for your work, man” Keanu patted my shoulder before he took away the stout man. Ace raises his thumb on me before turning his back.

The prisoners were able to go back to their cell, thanks to the other prisoners, including Ace and Gordon, who help. They sent us back to our cells and Bryant along with the stout man was under investigation.

The next morning it was a usual day, like nothing happened before. Ace, Gordon, and I were in the canteen taking our lunch.

“I added a new good deed, hehe soon I’ll be released!” Gordon exclaimed in jubilant.

“And I won’t agree that you’re the only one’s going to release, heh!” Ace mocked him as he feeds himself.

“JAX LOMBARDI” everyone caught our attention to the officer who just entered the premises.

I turn around and stood up, “Sir” he looks at me and gestured to come over. I followed and left them. This must involve what happened yesterday. We went inside a room. There were 3 officers, Bryant, and Porky.

“Jax, sorry to disturb you but I want you to determine who’s one of them break the alarm, they ain’t gonna tell the truth and keep on lying. So you’ll stand as a witness, young man”

I look at them one by one, their expressionless look. “It was Bryant, and he helped this man to escape his cell” I pointed out.

“Do you know what are their intentions?”

“I don’t know, sir”

“Are you sure?” he squints his eyes on me just to make sure.

“Yes, sir” I instantly replied.

The officer looks at me straight in the eye, like searching if I was lying or not. “Alright, dismissed.” An officer opened the door for me and I left, but before that, I took a last glance at Bryant.

The following day, it was announced that Bryant was actually a spy, and he intended to escape his boss, the stout man, and it turns out that man was a very dangerous man, the most wanted serial killer, kidnapper, and rapist.

Within that day Ace, Gordon, and I along with the others who helped the incident were called. When we entered a room, the parole commissions were there.

“I have seen good behavior from all of you, you helped the incident yesterday that became easier for the officers to handle. And I appreciate your actions for that. Especially you Jax Lombardi, who stopped the spy that gets in the jail,” he said sternly, looking at us one by one.

“And so as a reward for all of you, I’ll be putting you under parole, you’ll be released soon enough. But! Under this, you must have to follow these conditions each one of you has an individual officer who will supervise you from time to time. You can’t break the law, if you do you’ll be sent back to jail. And you must stay in your specific residence and you can’t pass through other places. Unless your sentence has ended. These are the people that their sentence will be ended this year, Ace Hudson, Gordon Carter, ***, ***.”

I knew my name wasn’t included, and I wasn’t expecting either since my punishment is life imprisonment. After what they announce, we went straight back to our cell. Gordon kept his smile on his face, especially Ace.

I stared into the window where the crescent moon shines brightly, covered with the sparkling stars scatter all around the blanket of starry night.

“Can’t wait to be released soon,” Gordon snapped.

“Me either, I’ll meet my siblings soon” Ace added and place his hands under his head, making it a pillow. Both of them were excited till that day comes, and I’m feeling the same way to surprise my daughter and Athena with this good news.

-End of Special Chapter 1/2-

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