The Wailing Killer

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Chapter 5

Third person’s point of view

Benj stayed in his place with his gang, cleaning their weapons and preparing for their mission. His phone rang, and he answered it without looking who the caller was. After a few responses, he hangs the phone; he stood up and face his troop.

“Today this will be the last day for the search of the remaining member of the gang we’re pursuing, if you fail I’ll put your head in one of my collections” Benj threatening them and even shows them the wall full of heads of humans. Some were afraid, but some just acted normal.

Everyone leaves right after they left Benj behind. He lights his cigarette and played with his lighter.

“Jax, Jax, Jax Lombardi” he keeps on mumbling Jax’s name with a devil smile. Carl, one of Benj’s team, leads their mission. They went to different places searching for him.

Athena works at the convenience store on her afternoon shift. A muscular guy with piercings enters the premises “welcome sir” Athena greeted, but at the back of her mind, she knew this is one of Benj’s team.

The guy looks at Athena with suspicion in his eyes, yet Athena acted normal. The guy looks over around the place and keeps on glancing at the CCTV before he walks outside.

Athena immediately took her phone and called Dash, “what?” Dash answered her. “I think one of your uncle’s men is here,” Athena said with a tremble in her voice feeling obnoxious

“chill Athena, just chill, act normal, like you never knew Jax” Athena nodded as if Dash would see it. She then hangs up the phone and continued her duty. She was trembling from fear, but she stayed calm in front of everyone.

When her shift ended, she immediately went to Jax’s apartment, knocking on his door loudly. Jax opened the door with frustration on his face “what do you want?” he said in annoyance.

“Uhmm... Can I Come in?” Athena acted weird, Jax finds her suspicious but nodded his head as he gapes the door for her to come in. As Athena entered the room she quickly pulled Jax closer to her that force Jax to sit beside her.

“Well... Uhmm, about the research we already have the topic, it would be all about the recent crimes nowadays, since it’s very well-known today about these cases it would be easier for us to investigate and study about this,” While she was explaining, Jax was so occupied thinking about something, he’s there yet his mind was not on the topic.

“so uhmm... Does the topic alright with you? If you have any---“

“It’s good” he cut her speech off as his eyes were busy looking out on the window.

“Athena, can I leave you for a moment, I have to take a dump” Athena was thinking twice to let him go or not, but because Jax gave her a puppy eyes look she couldn’t resist it so she nods as a response, her eyes followed his every movement until he entered the toilet, though it’s not suspicious at all, she still has this feeling that he’ll escape from her.

Minutes already passed, Jax hasn’t come back “what took him so long?” Athena commented. She stood up and open the door at the toilet, and all she saw was a broken window.

“Damn Jax!” she exclaimed and immediately went outside and call for Dash. The phone just keeps on ringing, Athena rocks her leg in distress, “oh! come on answer me” after few missed calls, Dash finally answered her. “what took you so long to answer?! Jax escaped!”

“What?! Damn it! Where are you?”

“I’m still in his apartment”

“Stay there and don’t even think about going anywhere. If you do, I’ll kill you”

Then Dash hangs up the phone. Athena is feeling very uncomfortable as her hands got cold like a corpse and her lips paled for being tense about it. She stayed there, as Dash says.

Dash immediately took his motorbike to search for Jax, even though he doesn’t really know Jax, because it was his best friend’s friend, he has to save him.

Dash came into his uncle’s place and saw that no one was already there that makes him anxious.

· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·

Benj took his car going to his old friend’s place named Noah. As he arrives, he saw him playing gambling with a girl sitting next to him. Fumes from the cigarettes are everywhere and drugs are on the table.

“You arrive, my old friend” Noah greeted him with a hug and tap on his back.

“It’s already settled, I’ll make sure this time, it won’t fail,” Benj said with a tremble in his voice.

“You better” Noah answered while sipping on his drink. Benj stayed there, standing nervously as he keeps on blinking. “oh, come on, sit down and have fun” Noah said and grab him next to him.

He handed Benj a drink and a drug. Yet Benj stared at it for seconds, thinking twice to take it, but in the end, he took it, fearing they would kill him if he disobeyed.

· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·

Jax was running nervously, searching for someone. Then he heard noises at the back of a building, in a dark alley. He runs towards there and saw his friend getting beaten by several guys. Jax’s eyes were blazing from anger. He grabs one of the men’s collars and punches him on his face.

The remaining men followed and attack Jax on his back, but he notices it faster that’s why he could catch their punches and avoid them.

Although Jax is outnumbered, he still did his best to attack them one by one, he’s now spitting blood with a bruise on his eye.

He fell on the ground suffering the pain; he tries to stand, but the man hit him with a steel pipe that makes him fell on the ground.

He took a glance at his friend, which is now lying full of blood on his clothes. Jax felt weak that time and wanted to give up, but then his friend whispered to him.

“please live”

With his last word, he died. Jax remains silent and can’t process his mind clearly. Then suddenly he was out of his consciousness, Jax raged from anger as his weak body suddenly got heat up.

He took the steel pipe and shove it against the man’s chest, causing blood to come out from his mouth. It terrified the remaining guys. Jax pulled the steel pipe on the man’s chest, and walk towards the others, while blood was flowing down on the pipe, dropping on the ground.

The other man attacks Jax with the knife, but he swiftly avoids it and then hit him with the pipe through his head and caused him to feel unconscious.

Jax finished the remaining men. Blood was spilling through the pipe and it filled the place with weeping screams.

The five men were lying on the ground filled with blood. Jax was back in his senses and was surprised by what happened.

His eyes were terrified, his hands were trembling, and he looks at his hands with blood, then a memory flashed in his mind that causes him a headache. He saw his friend lying on the ground, and a tear fell into his eyes. Police sirens appear. His heart was beating so fast that all he could ever think was to run away.

As he runs, his vision blurred because of his tears blocking them. He never knew where to go, he just runs away, away from that place.

Until he ends up in a dark street, and a light from a car headlight appeared in front of him, causing him to fall on the ground.

A man came out of the car, holding a desert eagle gun. His eyes were bloodshot, his clothes were loose, and he smiled like a devil.

“At last, we met, Jax Lombardi”

-End of chapter 5-

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