The Wailing Killer

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Chapter 6

Dash hasn’t found Jax yet, so he stopped at his uncle’s place to search for answers on why his uncle targeting Jax. He secretly came to his uncle’s room and open his drawers and cabinets.

The room was getting messy, and Dash was highly strung. He never gives up and keeps on searching until he found a letter underneath his uncle’s ashtray. He opened the letter, and he was surprised by what’s written on it.

He immediately crumpled the paper, and he was getting anxious. The letter was an agreement paper from a man named Noah. It says, if he couldn’t kill Jax at the end of the night, and failed his mission, a bomb on his neck will explode that kills him.

Dash’s fear was running through his body. He loves his uncle even though sometimes he is a bad person, and he doesn’t want his uncle to die. Not now. His uncle became like that right after his daughter committed suicide from depression.

Dash’s always thought that his uncle will change soon and go back to his true self. Dash didn’t know what to do, and he was thinking twice to help Jax or help his uncle. It was a tough decision to make; he left the apartment with an unsure decision.

· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·

Athena was left behind, feeling uneasy. She couldn’t just sit and relax. She becomes a very pessimistic person, walking back and forth while holding the phone against her chest. The night is getting deep, and there is still no news from Dash.

Suddenly her phone vibrates, and she thought it was Dash, but instead, it was her professor reminding her about their research. She sighed heavily in disappointment and lay on her bed, feeling bothered by thinking of him.

· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·

Benj’s glare was full of wrath. He holds his grip on the gun tightly and aims for Jax “I’ve been waiting for this moment” he said with his eyes filled with tears and anger.

Jax didn’t react to any of his words, because he was too tired to escape, Jax thought of giving up and just die at that moment.

A sound of a gun blast all over the place. That makes Jax came back to his senses. He saw his arm bleeding, getting shot by Benj. He tried to stand up and fight him back in bare hands. Benj quivered after he shot him in his arm.

He was trembling from anger. He runs towards Jax and punches him in the face, Jax fell from the impact and accidentally bit his lips.

Benj sat in front of Jax’s chest, continued to punch him. Blood was spitting from Jax’s mouth and his knuckles were bleeding. Benj shouted in anger as he continues to punch him.

He was out of breath, needing more air to breathe. He took the gun on his side. He aims the gun at Jax’s forehead “any last words young man?” he said in a weary tone of his voice.

“Uncle Benj!”

Benj turns around and saw his nephew looking so worried. “You don’t have to do that!” Dash shouted as he was trying to get his uncle’s attention to distract him from killing Jax. “Don’t involve yourself from this matter, Dash!” Benj shouted back at him and turn his gaze on Jax.

Benj was about to pull the trigger, but Jax was able to hold his arm and the bullet blasts on the other side.

Dash looks at his wristwatch to check the time. And it’s currently 11:49 in the evening. It has only 11 minutes until the bomb explodes on his neck.

Dash tried to tell his uncle about this, but Benj never listens to him. He was full of resentment and couldn’t control himself anymore.

Their battle continued. Benj loses his grip on the gun when Jax hit him on his arm. The ground was stained by blood. Both Jax and Benj are now on their limits. But they never gave up. They keep on pushing themselves, hitting and punching each other until it fills their satisfaction.

Dash was out of his mind and couldn’t think properly, he was just there standing looking so frightened and nervous at the same time. The two continued fighting, both of them exchange fists, from the impact they both fell on the ground exhausted.

Benj’s eyes were cornered from tears. He was panting heavily “this will be the last day, and finally, I’ll meet my daughter once again” he whispered to himself. He stood up and took the gun.

Jax’s eyes widened from fear, thinking Benj will surely finish him off at that moment. But he was surprised when he aimed the gun at himself.

“UNCLE BENJ DON’T!” Dash shouted, as he runs towards him, but he was too late to stop his uncle before he could reach him, Benj pulled the trigger and blood was spitting on Jax and Dash’s face. Dash’s senses stopped for a minute.

He fell on his knees, very worn out. He cried in silence and bit his lower lip to force his tears not to fall. Jax was surprised by what happens and can’t process his mind properly.

All he could think was to run away, and so he did. Police sirens are now appearing, Dash was left there weeping for his uncle’s demise.

-End of chapter 6-

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