The Wailing Killer

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Chapter 8

“Athena, are you ok?” Mrs. Wilson asked me in concern after she saw my spoon slipped on my hands. “uhh—yeah! I’m alright” I place my hair at the back of my ears as I answered her.

After dinner Dash takes me to my apartment, I tried to take the helmet off, but I was struggling with it, so he reaches his hands on me and help me to take it.

“You haven’t changed at all, you always struggle to unlock helmets” he mockingly laughed at me, so I smack him on his shoulder, and he yelped in pain as he stroke it gently. “Chill bruh!” He said as he continues to caress his shoulder.

“Drive safe” I smiled at him before I turn my back at him. As I arrive at my apartment, I let my body fall from the bed and took the letter Mr. Wilson handed to me earlier.

I opened the letter and read it with my mind. And it turns out, my mother is leaving the country with her fiancee, that’s good for her, no one will ever bother me anymore. And she also states her address and contact number if anything happens. I place the letter in my drawer and changed my clothes.

The next day I was rushing to get out of my apartment because I didn’t notice the time and I was running late. I was busy running while checking my bag if there is anything I forgot, then suddenly I bumped into someone and it causes me to fall to the ground and drop my bag.

“I’m so sorry—oh! Ms. Athena?”

I lift my head and I was surprised to see Mr. Beckett in his civilian clothes while holding a drink. He helped me, stood up and handed me my bag. “Mr. Beckett, are you off duty?” I asked him while repeating my gaze looking at my wristwatch “you look like you’re in a hurry, I think you must go” he answered me.

“Yup” I really have to go” I instantly rushed going to my school and I couldn’t even say thank you to Mr. Beckett for helping me out there. As I arrive, the class just ended. I Sighed heavily and leaned on the door “dang it!” I exclaimed in frustration.

Keanu came towards me and handed me his notebook “here, some notes”

“Oh gosh! Thank you, Keanu”

“No worries—Uhm, well class is over do you wanna hang out? If you don’t mind?” his cheeks started to burn from embarrassment.

“Yep! Sure”

His cheeks even got more red, like a tomato almost gonna explode. We went to an arcade, when we arrive we played ‘house of the dead’ shooting zombies and win tickets to buy some prizes, we enjoyed ourselves a lot and have some fun.

The time was so fast; we didn’t notice it was already dark. We walked together while eating McDonald’s that we bought, just some fries and burger. “you know what, I thought you were a shy type guy, now I spend time with you, you do have a side of being a naughty guy aren’t you”

“Hahaha yeah, many people said the same thing, actually my brother and I love playing combat, actually he’s a police officer now.” And someone pops into my mind, but I won’t expect what I’m thinking.

“Keanu, there you are”

Keanu and I lift our heads and I was surprised to see Mr. Beckett, so what I’m thinking earlier was true. “Bro, I’ll just take Athena home and I’ll follow,” Keanu said as he turns his gaze on me.

Mr. Beckett looks at me with surprise “Ms. Athena we met again”

“Yes uhm, I’m so sorry about earlier, and thank you at the same time” he laughs at me and taps my shoulder “Don’t worry about that”

“Why what happen?” Keanu asks as he turns his gaze on his brother.

“None of your business,”

“Oh, come on!” Keanu exclaimed.

“You know what, just take Athena home safely, be careful alright?”

“Of course bro, leave it to me” Keanu answered his brother and held my hands. I was surprised and suddenly I felt electricity running through my body. We left while Keanu still held my hands.

When we arrive at the front of my door, I instantly pulled my hands to his. “I-I’m sorry” he apologizes as he bowed his head a little. I awkwardly smiled and thanked him, then went inside my apartment.

I leaned my back at the door as I sighed heavily, thinking about the awkwardness earlier. But what I really not expecting was Keanu and Liam are brothers. I was really surprised by it, and they seem so close.

· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·

Third Person point of view

Keanu arrive at his home, and his mother greeted her. He came to their kitchen and greeted his father, which is now reading a newspaper, while her brother was now eating.

“How’s your day, Keanu” his dad started the conversation. “It was great” he replied.

“Keanu started dating” his brother interrupted them, his father stopped reading and look at his son “is this true?” he asked like was a surprise

“Stop it bro, no father, that is not true,” Keanu said as he prepares his meal. “Really? Then what about those holding hands? Hmm?” his brother teased him. Keanu smack him in the head and so their mother scolded them, but they just laugh at it and they started eating.

After dinner, Liam went to his office and organize his things, and did some reports for the assigned case. He also checked his schedule, and it turns out he will be assigned for the interview of Jax Lombardi to his case of homicide.

Liam saw Jax’s information, and it turns out Jax goes to the same school as his brother at Monarch College. Liam called his brother out and asked about Jax.

“Jax, go to the same school with you, right?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Do you have any small information about him at school or how he behaved in there?”

Keanu looked up and place his hand on his chin, thinking something. “All I remember about him is, he always came late, and get into troubles”

“That’s it?”

“Yup!” Keanu responded as he left Liam’s room. Liam was not satisfied by his brother’s answer and so he digs in deep information about Jax.

Athena was busy organizing Jax’s things in her room. As she was separating them, she found documents, and she was really curious about what was written in those papers. After she reads it, it left her shocked, and it was very unexpected.

· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·

The day arrives Liam should interview Jax about his case. He entered the interrogation room and saw Jax sitting and waiting there patiently. Liam sat before him and place his hands above the table. Jax’s gaze was straight looking at Liam’s eyes.

“You surrender yourself, so I guess you should confess everything in here, right now, to me,” Liam said sternly. Jax was silent for seconds. He leaned on his chair while his gaze is still locked in Liam’s eyes.

“I killed them, the bodies that were found near the abandoned building two months ago at 10 in the evening. I used a steel pipe to kill them. But I never killed Benjamin Wilson—“

Liam frowned “stop lying!” as he slams his hands on the desk getting infuriated. Yet Jax stayed calm and locked his eyes to Liam’s eyes.

“There is a witness, Jax, and the witness stated everything he saw. It says you killed Benjamin Wilson with an eagle gun and aim it at his head”

Jax stayed silent, the room was quiet and only the sound of their breath was heard from silence.

“Why did you kill them?”

“because they killed my friend” Jax immediately answered him in monotone, in a serious straight face. But you can still tell that he’s hurt through his eyes. They started to sparkle from tears, but he was forcing it not to fall by moving his head side to side.

Someone came into the room and whispered something to Liam. Yet Jax’s gaze stayed the same. Liam nodded as a response and stood up. Before leaving, he took a serious glance at Jax.

After a couple of minutes, Liam came back and start flipping papers on the desk as his eyes were alternating between Jax and on the papers. Liam’s brows raised as he saw Jax’s medical information. “this is unexpected. You suffered PTSD?”

-End of chapter 8-

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