Queen does it again

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A shory of a young politician's daughter who is aching to avenge the dad's sudden demise and in turn is chased from home but in the process heals her own broken soul

Mystery / Romance
Terry Anne
Age Rating:

Woke up with the wrong foot

Have you ever had a nightmare come true?She did that day,she couldn't explain but just wanted to see her dad. Tripped by her own slipper, she rushed down the mahogany strong stairs into the vast space that acted as the eating area just below her teal painted room.

Dad!!!!!!! Dad!!!!!!! But all she could her was her own pitchy voice in the 8 bedroomed mansion.But why did they even have an 8 roomed mansion if they only have me as a child.

Laura's voice could be heard literally heaving after the rather difficult arrogant Child that she would rather retire than talk of her "insolent" behavior.

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