The dream that changed my life

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Saisha, a successful chef at Thailand, is the biggest fan of Arthit who is a famous actor of Thailand. Her dream was to meet him one day and it becomes true. But what will happen if she get's to know that Arthit is a murderer? What will happen when she get's to know Arthit's dark past? Will she trust her idol or would she prove him guilty?

Mystery / Thriller
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Chapter 1

“Order for table 2 is ready.” “Order for table 6 is ready”. “Saisha you should take a rest for while. Let me take your place.” Said Riya, my only best friend here in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Oh I forgot to introduce myself. I am Saisha a head chef at Chiang Mai’s famous and only Indian restaurant, The Indus Restaurant. I am an INDIAN but I work in Thailand because of my fandom for one person, Arthit Baramichai or simply called Arthit. He is one of the famous actors in Thailand and I have been his fan since I was 15. Now I am 25. This means it has been10 years since I am his fan. I have watched his all dramas. I had learnt Thai for him. So that one day I can come to Thailand and meet him. I have come to Thailand and also work at his birth place, Chiang Mai. But meeting him is still a dream to come true. I have worked here for 3 years now but still he never visited his birthplace. But I never lose hope.

“Saisha you are day dreaming again. Come let’s leave. Our working hours are over.” Said Riya, after watching me daydreaming again. She knows me so well. She is my childhood friend. We came to Thailand together. As you know Indian parents don’t allow their daughters to go out alone at night, how would my parents send me to a country alone? As Riya was also interested in hotel management, we both got graduated together and applied job together here in Thailand. It’s like we have done many things together. I like her so much as a best friend of mine.

I only don’t like one thing of her, she always flaunts of her beauty. I know she looks more beautiful than me. She has long and smooth hair, bright skin and she is taller than me too. Unlike me, I have bangs with not so much long hair. But I have dimples that she always envied me of. “Come on get in the cab. Did you forget your favorite actor’s show is coming today?” “Oh shit, I forgot totally. Let’s go.” “Riya, agar tu nahi hoti toh mera kya hota.[If you were not there how would I survive?]” “Ha ha bas kar. [Don’t exaggerate now.]” Every Friday Arthit’s drama series would come. Riya is not a fan of Arthit, because she thinks that these things are a waste of time. Unlike me.


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