She Can Fight (Book 1 of Fight Saga)

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She was kidnapped when she was seven. She has been abused and forced to take part in the underground fight club to entertain the bigwigs of New York. They are friends. They are going to see what all this talk is about. They are owners of one of the biggest corporation companies. The night they decide to go to the fight club they see her and see that she doesn't act like the other fighters. Can they help get her out of this scene? And can they figure out on who's behind the kidnappings?

Mystery / Fantasy
Cora Morris
Age Rating:


Hey everyone!

I know I am writing another book, I can't help it, when I get an idea for a book, I have to write it down. This causes me to jump back and forth between my book.

Anyway, about this book.

There are mature themes such as violence, sexual scenes, strong language, and gore.

There is a slight trigger warning, there is abuse in this book.

Thank you for reading, please comment and provide reviews. I'd like to know on what you think of the story.

Thank you.

Cora M.
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