Hyde the Ripper

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Helena Jekyll created an experiment that brought out the "evil" in her known as Jacqueline Hyde. When Helena was Jacqueline she committed heinous crimes and became known as Jack the Ripper. Fast forward over a hundred years and Helena has been reborn. Only this time Jacqueline isn't in her head, she's her own person and she back to her old ways. Can Helena put a stop to "Jack the Ripper" before more lives are lost?

Mystery / Thriller
Emma Graham
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The sound of thunder barely phased Helena as she dashed around her lab gathering up what would appear to be random bits of paper and experiments to the unassuming person. But these were no unordinary scraps of paper and vials of liquid. They were apart of a larger experiment that Helena had been working on for the better part of a year now. Something she had given her life to.

Something that had nearly destroyed her in the process.

Helena knew that she needed to get rid of it so that she would never be tempted to use it ever again. She also needed to get rid of it so that the terrible deeps she had done while under its influence would never come to light. She needed to protect herself and her family from the shame that it would bring them if anyone were to ever find out the truth.

Helena’s husband stood at the bottom of the stairs watching his wife. His face was twisted into a look of concern as he watched Helena in her mad dash around the lab. Elijah watched as she tossed her journals, vials of the experiment, and anything else into a box to cart it up the stairs. He wanted to reassure her that everything would be all right, but at the current moment of time, he wasn’t so sure everything would be all right.

When it appeared that Helena was satisfied with her work she moved toward the stairs, Elijah stepping out of her way. “No one must ever know what I did,” she said, her voice shaking from fear and anxiety. “They can’t know what she did.” There was a flash of lightning outside that added an ominous tone to her words.

Inside her mind Helena could feel the presence of her other half, her alter ego if you would. Helena knew that whether she used her serum or not that this other her would always be there, lurking in the darkest recesses of her mind. Ther would be no getting rid of her now. You think you can get rid of me so easily, the voice hissed in her mind. Guess again, Helena. You’re nothing without me. I will forever be your greatest achievement.

Helena gripped her head and groaned, trying to will the voice away. “She’s there isn’t she?” Her husband asked softly. Helena nodded, and slowly lowered her hands away from her head as the other woman’s voice disappeared. “What is she saying?”

Helena righted herself and quickly grabbed a match to light the fireplace with, “Nothing important Elijah, I swear.” The wood quickly caught and a soft glow illuminated the drawing-room.

Elijah came to kneel beside his wife and together they began tossing all the papers and liquid into the fireplace and watched as the reddish-yellow flames ate away at it. Slowly the experiment that had caused them pain disappearing from their sight. Elijah wrapped his arms around his wife and held her closely, trying to reassure her and himself that this nightmare was now over.

It had been hard, but Helena felt stronger because of it. Elijah kissed his wife’s temple, “You did the right thing, Helena. You needed to do this. Not only for us but for the baby as well.”

Her hands drifted to her stomach, it had only been a few weeks since she discovered that she was pregnant with her and Elijah’s child, it was what had prompted her to do this. “What if they still figure out that it was me?” Helena’s eyes filled with tears. “What if they figure out what I created and they cart me off to prison or worse Bedlam?”

Elijah held her a little bit tighter, “No one is ever going to figure this out. I won’t let that happen. The police and the papers think that no woman could have ever committed these crimes. If it came down to it then I would lie and say that it was I who committed the murders.”

Helena looked up at her husband horrified, “No!” She was shaking now, “I won’t let you do that, Elijah. You have to protect this baby, whether it is a boy or a girl they will be ruined by the scandal if you confessed for my crimes. If I go then it will be just another woman who’s lost their mind. They can recover from that.”

He hated seeing his wife so torn like this, hated seeing the fear and panic in her eyes. He hated that this even had to be a choice that they might have to make. He hated that her own creation would now haunt her for the rest of her life. “She’s dead now. Jacqueline can’t come back. Jacqueline Hyde is dead. The secrets of what she did will die with us.”

That’s what he thinks, the voice chuckled. I will come back somehow dear, stupid Helena. You can’t get rid of me so easily.

Helena kissed her husband, finding some solace in his arms. “Help me make sure I got everything.”

He nodded and helped her up off the floor, the two of them heading back down to her lab together, hand in hand. It looked like someone had come in and ransacked it once they were done. They had left no corner untouched in case there was more waiting, hidden in a secret nook.

Jacqueline was no fool. She would have seen this coming, and she would have a backup in case of emergencies, but the two of them found nothing. All that was left was the research that Elijah and Helena had created together.

Sleepily Elijah carried his wife back to bed and covered her up. She was asleep almost instantly. The past three years taking a toll on her, on the both of them.

Her experiment had started out innocent enough. She wanted to know if she could bring out a person’s more violent side. The side that would be considered bad. Elijah had watched as she created serum after serum, constantly getting discouraged when one didn’t work. Until one day he watched as she transformed right before his eyes.

His dark-haired, fair-skinned wife was turned into a beautiful blonde woman with fair skin and brilliant green eyes. She had smiled at Elijah and introduced herself as Jacqueline Hyde. The two of them sat in the lab and talked for hours. She was charming and seductive. Almost like a siren waiting to strike their prey.

The first dosage had only lasted about three hours, and then Helena appeared before him, asking what had happened. Excitedly Elijah had told her everything as she wrote it down in her notebook.

The next time was a few weeks later, this dosage lasted nearly five hours. Jacqueline had tried to seduce Elijah, but when he refused she had grown angry with him, her more violent tendencies becoming evident.

He had warned Helena when she had changed back. But she hadn’t seemed all that bothered by it.

A month later the first victim appeared.

Elijah had gone to bed, not knowing that Helena was planning on taking the serum again. When Jacqueline had appeared, she slipped out into the night and taken a trip to the Whitechapel district where she killed a lady of the night by the name of Mary Ann Nichols. Jacqueline was thrilled by the kill, the excitement of it.

She had traveled back to the Jekyll mansion still high off the experience, the thought crossed her mind at how easy it would be to kill Elijah. She stopped herself though, if she killed Elijah then it would draw attention to Helena and her experiment and then her fun would be over. No, Elijah Jekyll would be saved from her wrath.

From that moment on whenever Helena would take the serum, Jacqueline would go out and kill another woman. Most people believed it was a man doing the killing, and to further that speculation she wrote letters calling herself Jack the Ripper. It thrilled her to be outsmarting the police in such a manner.

Both women were becoming addicted. Helena to the rush taking the serum gave her, and Jacqueline to the feeling of getting away with murder. It wasn’t until Jacqueline killed Frances Coles that Helena began to regret ever creating the serum.

And so she and her husband destroyed the serum thinking that they had both washed their hands of this horrible crime forever.

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