Hyde the Ripper

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Chapter One

A hundred and thirty-two years had passed since Helena Jekyll had created the serum that gave the world Jacqueline Hyde. Helena should be dead, she had died. But God or whoever ruled the cosmos was not done with her just yet because she was alive once again. This time she was not in her home country of England but in the United States of America.

When she was younger life had been strange, she remembered things that she shouldn’t have, people had called her weird, others had wanted to run experiments on her. It had taken her years before she realized that she was a reincarnation of her former self. That for some odd reason she was living again, just in a new place and time.

Currently, Helena was lounging in her office sifting through her emails and seeing what others were asking her to do. Her phone was on the desk beside her, occasionally lighting up with notifications from her different apps. It was a slow day and she wished that she could call it a day and head home. Her head ached slightly and she thought about grabbing some fast food on her way home.

She decided that if she hadn’t heard anything by three o’clock then she was going to head home and watch the newest season of Buzzfeed Unsolved. Her best friend Gianna thought it was odd that Helena was into all the true crimes shows seeing as how she was a private investigator.

“Don’t you get enough of that at work?” She had asked once.

Helena had merely shrugged off her friend’s question and merely said it was fascinating to her. That was true, in her time true crime hadn’t been as prevalent as it was now. No one had really cared to hear about unsolved mysteries or murders that had taken place from her time. And when she had been deciding what she wanted to do with her life in this time she thought that she would stay away from the sciences.

She didn’t want another disaster to befall her. This time around she didn’t have Elijah by her side helping her and watching over her. All thoughts of her former husband made her chest ache and she could feel the burning in her eyes as if she wanted to cry. She would squeeze her eyes shut and count to ten in hopes that the wave of emotions would pass.

There was no point in crying over Elijah, she had lived a long and happy life with him and she was grateful for that. Gianna had tried setting her up in the past when they were in college together, but Helena had always turned the offer down. She wouldn’t date or marry in this time. She would just live her life to the fullest that she could without someone by her side.

Her phone rang startling Helena and she quickly picked it up, “Helena Jekyll Private Detective Services, this is Helena speaking, how may I help you?” The introduction rolled off her tongue so easily that it almost felt like she was a robot saying it.

“Miss Jekyll, my name is Ryder Lynch, and I’m an agent with the FBI, I’ve been assigned to investigate your parents’ murders.” Helena froze at the mention of those words.

When Helena had been in college her parents had been brutally murdered one night. They had been cut up much like the victims of the Ripper killings had. When the news reached Helena, she had gone into panic mode. She had been screaming and crying for the most part, but then there was the period where she refused to talk to anyone. Her friends were concerned for her safety and well being had her committed to a mental institution. Gianna had been the only one that continuously visited her while she was there to check on her progress and make sure that she was all right.

Realistically, Helena knew that she wasn’t the one that had committed these murders. Copycats were a thing that happened from time to time, and she didn’t have any of her serum to turn herself into Jacqueline Hyde. There was no way she could have done this, she wasn’t even anywhere near them when they were murdered. Hell, they weren’t even in the same state.

It was just a coincidence.

For several weeks she had watched the news to see if anyone else was murdered in a similar fashion, but it had only ever been her parents. When nothing came of the case and no one was formally charged with her parents’ murder she had pushed it to the back of her mind and left it there. She didn’t want to think about it or deal with it.

Now there was an FBI agent on the phone telling her that they were reopening the case because a new murder had been committed in a similar fashion. She wasn’t going to lie, it was causing some panic to rise up inside her. Those same feelings she had felt when her parents had been murdered crawled up her spine. The doubts she had shoved aside were creeping their way back in. But she hadn’t heard Jacqueline’s voice inside her mind since being reborn, she wasn’t with Helena this time.

“Miss Jekyll?” The agent questioned after she hadn’t spoken for several long moments.

Helena sat up a bit straighter and cleared her throat, “I’m sorry, I just… I hadn’t expected to hear that. I haven’t really thought about their murder in a while, it’s not pleasant for me.”

“I understand that this is difficult for you, and I’m sorry that I have to do this. There was another murder that happened in a similar fashion and we thought it would be best if we also reopened your parents’ case,” the agent, Ryder, explained. Now that the initial shock was over there was something familiar about his voice. “I’d like to speak with you in person if that’s all right. You could come to my office at the FBI headquarters or I could come to yours.”

She was a little wary of meeting someone that she didn’t know. He claimed that he was an FBI agent, but anyone could lie about that. He could be a stalker, murderer, or this could be some kind of prank. If that were the case he was a sick individual for bringing up her past trauma like this. But then there was the fact that he wanted to meet at his office, if he wasn’t a true agent why would he offer to meet her there? “I’ll meet with you at your office,” she replied. “When do you want me to come in?”

“Tomorrow if you have time,” he responded.

“How about eight o’clock tomorrow morning?” She asked.

“Sounds good, I look forward to seeing you then, Miss Jekyll,” he hung up the phone before she could say another word.

Helena lowered her phone and debated what she wanted to do next. She wondered if she should call Gianna and tell her what had just happened. She knew that Gianna would be worried over her because of this. Her friend would probably want to baby her over this and would watch her like a hawk to make sure she didn’t have another break.

But she also couldn’t do this without Gianna.

She picked her phone back up and called Gianna who almost immediately answered, “Is something wrong?”

It was amazing how she could sense these things, “Why would something be wrong?” Helena tried to sound nonchalant about this, but even she cringed.

She could practically see Gianna narrowing her eyes, “Because you never call me in the middle of the day unless it’s an absolute emergency. So what’s wrong?” Taking a deep breath Helena launched into what had just happened on the phone with the FBI agent. When she was down she heard Gianna say, “Oh Hel, I’m so sorry.”

Helena shrugged as if Gianna could see her at the moment, “It’s okay. I just wasn’t expecting it, ya know? It’s been five years since their death, I just thought that it was all behind me now. Obviously I was wrong.”

“Do you want me to come with you tomorrow as moral support? I can tell my boss I have a family emergency in the morning,” Helena loved that Gianna wanted to be there for her and that she considered her family, but this was something she had to do alone.

“I’ll be fine, Gi,” she told her friend. “Thanks though.”

Gianna hesitated before speaking again, “All right, but if you change your mind then you know how to reach me all right?”

“Yeah, we’ll talk later okay?”

They said their goodbyes and Helena leaned back in her chair, staring up at the ceiling. She kind of wished it would collapse on her so that she wouldn’t have to deal with this anymore. She didn’t want to have to deal with Ripper killings again, even if this was just a copycat. She had gotten enough of it when she had been alive the first time. Then again the thought that this was her punishment flashed through her mind. Maybe God was seeking his vengeance and this was her final test.

Hopefully, she’d pass.

In the morning Helena got up and went to get coffee before she made her way to the FBI building. Her palms were clammy and she felt like she could throw up. Her past sins had haunted her dreams the night before, the stress of it all manifesting within her dreams. She noted that whenever she was stressed she often dreamed of her former life, though sometimes the events were changed.

In the dream, she had had the night before Jacqueline had killed Elijah and Helena had woken up in the pool of her husband’s blood, his mangled corpse lying beside her in their bed. Helena had shot up in her room in this time period and quickly glanced beside her just to make sure that it wasn’t real. Elijah wasn’t there and there was no blood beside her. She had let out a long breath and tried to recenter herself before getting up to get some water to quench her parched throat.

When her alarm had gone off that morning she had taken one look in the mirror and cringed. The dark circles under her eyes clearly told a story of how she had slept the night before. Maybe she should call Gianna up and tell her that she wanted company on her trip to see Agent Lynch. Then she decided against it, she could do this alone. She wasn’t a suspect, Lynch just wanted to go over the facts of her parents’ case.

Cool air greeted her as she pushed the door open to the office building. She found herself in a modern waiting room with a desk where guests could check-in. She made her way over to the man situated there and hopefully gave him a pleasant smile, “Hello, my name is Helena Jekyll, I have a meeting with an Agent Ryder Lynch at eight.”

The man typed some things on his computer and then nodded, “I have it here, I just need to see your I.D. and I’ll give you a visitor’s badge.” She handed her I.D. over and he quickly made a copy of it and handed it back along with a visitor's badge. He informed her that she could take a seat until Ryder came down for her.

She took a seat by the windows and watched as the D.C. traffic passed her by. It was a normal Thursday as people tried to make it to their jobs in a timely manner. She was so absorbed in her thoughts that she barely registered the elevator ding to alert her that someone had come down to her level.

“Miss Jekyll,” she froze in her seat at the sound of the voice beside her. She knew that he had sounded familiar to her on the phone, but hadn’t quite put two and two together at the time. She slowly turned her head and standing before her was her husband Elijah. He offered her a smile and said, “I’m Agent Lynch, if you’d please come with me.”

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