The Six Murders in Seattle

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Detective Benjamin Greyson is called from suspension when back-to-back Murders rock the city of Seattle, with the Killer following the same pattern, and the same murder weapon-a blade. No apparent link connects the victims, until a strange lead is found, connecting everything back to an Ashram in India

Mystery / Thriller
Ekam Singh
Age Rating:

Chapter 1- "You get to solve a Puzzle"

Chapter 01-

“You get to solve a puzzle.”
“So, what brings you here officer? Let me guess-” The man began, bringing the cigarette out of his mouth and letting some of the ash fall into the ashtray.
“-another criminal is beating your ass, and just sucking up to Morgan won’t save your job this time.” He finished with an air of arrogance, black eyes dancing with mischief and a hint of amusement.
“Look, Greyson, I know we don’t get along. I’m very much aware of that.” The other man replied, grimacing at the man seated behind the desk, as if it physically pained him to be there.
Light beams scattered throughout the room from the opened curtains, illuminating it. Leaning back in the dark leather office chair, Greyson put his dress shoes clad feet up on the massive mahogany desk, crossing at the ankles. Cigarette in hand, his black eyes roamed over the figure present in the room, standing in front of his desk.
A tall man with a good build and a sour expression on his face. His dress shirt clinging tightly to him and his brown coat resting on his arm. Green eyes narrowed and his nostrils flared at the man he was standing in front of. David Coleman had had no choice but to approach Ben Greyson for this case. Standing now, in his office, with Greyson leisurely leaning against his leather chair, David had to compose himself, in order to succeed at getting help.
“You are an egotistical maniac.” He said and was answered with a snort from the man in the leather chair.
“Who kind of thinks, he’s some Sherlock Holmes. But as much as we have.. our differences, I need your help. The department needs your help. This is beyond you and me.” David continued, his voice serious.
“I don’t want to work with you. The entire department, actually.” Greyson replied, cigarette in mouth once again.
Ben Greyson was a man of quite an interesting personality. His black eyes and jet black hair, added to his already cold and threatening aura. But the man was a genius. A genius who had the ability to solve the most difficult of cases with his sense of paying attention to every detail and thinking very much out of the box, unlike the rest of his fellow detectives.
“I know that. But think about it..” Coleman sighed, before continuing,
“You get to solve a puzzle. You love those right? And you can even rub it in my face, that I came begging to you. More food for your ego.” The officer finished, his eyes narrowing once more.
“It would be another dumb case that your guys are too lazy to solve on your own.” Greyson said, taking his feet off the desk.
“Well, me and you both know that I wouldn’t be here, had I any( had i had) other option.” David replied, his voice stern and body tense.
“Not exactly a fan of how you work, and how you think everyone deserves to suffer just because you are miserable. But you have made your own way, and aren’t a kiss-up, as you like to describe me, like I am. Someday maybe, I will gather the guts too. But right now, we want you back. We really do.” Coleman added, a flicker of plead crossing his eyes.
“Look, David, flattery won’t get you anything. Why are you still here?” Greyson asked, cocking his head to the side.
“People’s lives are at stake, Ben. At least hear me out once.” Coleman spoke, his voice getting slightly louder.
“I don’t care about people dying. Most of them just had it coming anyway.” He replied, a frown on his face.
“Three murders, back to back. All killed in the same fashion–a spear point knife embedded right in the heart. No signs of any struggle whatsoever.” The officer continued, putting a file on the desk in front of Greyson.
“Alright so, another nutcase trying to make sense of his pathetic life. Must be some common motive, or some low key thug just trying to get some fame.” Greyson replied, eyeing the file on his desk before meeting Coleman’s gaze.
“All of them were in their apartments, and apparently were having a good time right before they were killed. Here is the file, just in case you change your mind.” He gestured to the file on the desk and turned to leave.
“Where is that friend of yours by the way? You know, the Dr. Watson to your Sherlock.” The officer scoffed before closing the door, rather too forcefully, behind him.
“You suck at small talk even more than you do at your job, Dave.” Greyson chuckled, turning in his chair to look outside his office window.
“Where were you?” asked Greyson, as the door to his office opened slowly, a head poking inside.
“On a date.” Rohan replied with a sheepish smile as he took a seat in front of his boss, across the desk.
Greyson lifted an eyebrow at the response and crossed his arms.
“Oh you know, the thing where people go out and mingle. Get to know each other, you know. And then they-” Rohan began, only to be cut off.
“I know what a date is!” Greyson replied, annoyed.
“Well, I’ve never seen you with a girl, so I wouldn’t know..” Rohan muttered as Greyson's glare deepened.
Rohan Bakhshi was Ben Greyson’s friend and colleague for almost 4 years now. Immediately after graduating, Rohan had approached Ben and with enough persistence, secured his place beside him. Indian heritage clearly visible in Rohan's slightly darker skin tone and those dark brown eyes that were always curious. His lean built and cheeky smile made him all the more attractive.
“What’s this?” Rohan said, checking the file, and thus effectively changing the subject.
“David left it.” He replied, once again eyeing the file. He hadn’t once touched it ever since David had left it on his table.
“David Coleman was here?” Rohan asked, excitement visible in his voice.
“No, David Beckham.” The detective quipped. Rohan rolled his eyes.
“Oh boy, why do you act all worked up every time he visits? Reminds you of the glorious police force days?” Rohan teased, winking at Greyson.
“Why am I friends with you again?” Greyson raised his hand, pinching the bridge of his nose.
“What? What do you mean?” Rohan replied back with a question of his own, eyebrows furrowing. His friend was unpredictable at times, even though Rohan had been with him for years.
“You are way younger than I am. We don’t have anything in common. And I am kind of weird.” Greyson whispered the last part to himself.
“Uh yeah, wait a second. You don’t even want to know. You are either bored or just trying to dodge my question.” Rohan knew his friend too well to fall for his ploy and thus went straight into the kitchen to grab a bite, without even waiting for an answer.
“What’s on it though?” Rohan returned to the lounge, scrolling thorough the files once more.
“Three murders.” Rohan muttered, answering his own question with a frown on his face. “Could be serial killings. No apparent link between the victims. All of them murdered brutally with a blade. Oh boy that’s a lot of blood!” His self commentary continued as Ben stayed silent. He did raise an eyebrow when Rohan mentioned the weapon used in the crimes but didn’t say anything.
“You know what, this is fun. I mean when did we last have killings like these? Finally, a real case to solve! God, I’m turning into you, Ben.” Rohan’s eyes widened and he shuddered as if to shake off the recent revelation.
“So, does the department want you back? Yeah, why else would David be here?” Rohan continued, earning a glare and a heavy sigh from Ben. “Ben! I’m talking to you. Are you listening?” He nearly yelled in Ben’s ear.
“Yes, he does want me on the case.” Came Ben’s short reply, “Apparently the entire department's thought process has hit a brick wall.” He added, leaning back in his chair.
“Well, all they do in the name of an investigation is get phone call records and keep juggling with it. But come on, let’s do some real detective work, you know.” Rohan snickered before turning to Ben with the expression of a kid expecting candy on Halloween.
“Yeah, and a get a new suspension letter, once they are done.” Ben replied dryly.
“Look! I know you don’t bother about the department, or the people, but you like to solve things. You pretend like you don’t miss it. But come on, let’s solve this and rub it in Coleman’s face!” Rohan bolted, pumping a fist for effect.
Ben picked the file at the table to have a look and Rohan’s eyes lit up, his speech having the desired effect on Ben.
Ben and Rohan walked inside the concrete giant known as Seattle Police HQ, and made their way to the bureau of investigation. Walking past the rest of the departments and office cubicles, hushed murmurs surrounded by police officers and others, alike, as the duo passed them. Brushing aside the stares and gossips, the two made their way to the destination and Ben knocked once, before entering the massive hall.
“Detective Benjamin Greyson! Welcome back. Good to have you here again, son. Glad you changed your mind.” A man of around 55, a mop of salt and pepper hair resting on his head, blue eyes gleaming, greeted Ben and extended a hand, which Ben shook firmly, responding back with a smile of his own. Derek Morgan, read the name plate.
“Thank you, Chief. Glad to be working here again.” Ben remarked.
“This is Marcella Rodriguez, from Forensics. She will be with you on this case.” Derek motioned for a lady to step forward beside him and in front of Benjamin. Ben turned to the woman and was met by a set of beautiful yet hard coal gray eyes. Her blonde hair was styled into a neat bun and she wore a white button down shirt with a pair of grey pants, a grey jacket on top.
“Hello detective Greyson. I have heard a lot about you and I’m sure we’ll work to our best capabilities to solve this case.” Marcella said to Ben and the two shook hands, Ben returning her words with a few professional ones of his own, before turning to Chief Morgan.
“Chief Morgan, I want Detective Bakhshi on this case, as well.” Ben told him, gesturing towards Rohan who was standing next to him.
“Oh. But he just started his career. Are you sure?” Morgan replied. “What do you think detective Bakhshi?” He asked Rohan.
“It will be an honor, sir. I have been with detective Greyson for years now and I’m proud to say that I have gotten a chance to learn from the best. I assure you, you will not have any complaints regarding my capability.” Rohan replied, his voice filled with confidence.
“It’s decided, then. We all have our beginnings some day, and this is yours.” Morgan announced. “And Ben, I know you and Officer David don’t have the warmest of relations. But he will still be on the case. Although, you report directly to me, for anything you need.” Morgan finished, as the group moved to the briefing room.
“Okay guys, this is what we have so far. Three murders; all male, different areas, no pattern in the day and time of the murder. No signs of struggle, nothing taken from the houses, and we have found the murder weapon every single time. We are thinking it was left there on purpose, the method for all being the blade embedded straight into the chest piercing the heart and killing the victim on spot.” Marcella paused, giving everyone a once over.
“There is one more startling fact. All of the victims seem to have engaged in sexual intercourse or other sexual activities, right before they were murdered. So, we are thinking our guy could actually be.. a woman.” She added, handing out the latest details to everyone.
“Or a really horny gay killer.” Rohan mumbled to himself, snickering.
“Detective Bakhshi, do you have anything to add?” Marcella pointed it out, a stern look on her face.
“Uh no, officer. Just really happy to be here.” Rohan gulped, quickly averting his eyes to study the papers in his hand. Marcella continued to stare at Rohan for a while, before nodding and continuing the briefing.
“I haven’t seen you here before. You new?” A man in his mid 60s walked up to the girl, his eyes roaming her body momentarily, before coming back up to settle his gaze on hers.
“Yes. I just moved here from New York. Couldn’t take it there anymore.” The girl replied, slightly nudging the man.
“Yeah, the greenery here can be a good antidote as compared to New York’s skyscrapers.” He said, eyes once again taking in the girl’s appearance.
“Anyways. It’s Richard.” He added, extending his hand towards the girl.
“Erica.” She shook his extended hand. Her own eyes doing a once-over on him. Dressed in a grey pant suit and a blinding pink tie, he sat next to her on the couch and crossed his legs, letting his silver tipped black dress shoes shine in the club lighting.
“So, you were actually checking me out for a while right? Or am I grossly mistaken and this is going to be awkward.” Richard said with a nervous chuckle, as he drummed his fingers on the armrest of the couch.
“Guilty as charged!” Erica laughed, nudging him with her elbow once again, making Richard look briefly at her arm, then back up to her eyes.
“Sorry. It doesn’t happen to me often. So, it’s good to confirm.” He laughed, visibly relaxing at the information.
“Uh, yeah.” Erica said slowly as she took a nervous look around the club.
“You alright? You seem a little shaky.” Richard asked, taking a look around the club himself before meeting her eyes once again.
“Yeah, yeah. It’s just the drink talking, I suppose.” Erica answered, seeming more calmer than before.
“This club is pretty boring don’t you think? How about we take this to my place?” Richard suggested as Closing Time started playing in the background.
“What?” Erica drew her ear close to Richard, wanting to hear him better with all the music. Her skin smelt as if it was dipped in musk for hours, and Richard took the opportunity, taking many whiffs.
“I said, we could take this to my place. I live nearby!” Richard yelled into her ear.
“Oh okay!” Erica smiled and got a hold of her purse. “You go ahead and I’ll just follow you out in a bit.” She added, yelling herself.
“Excuse me, ma’am. You forgot to pay for the drinks.” The bartender said as Erica passed by him.
“No need to shout. I can hear you.” Erica spat, handing him the cash.
“So Erica. What do you do?” Richard asked as the two settled down in Richard’s living room.
“I um.. work for an IT company.” Erica replied with a wide smile.
“I must say though, you are the hottest nerd I know.” Richard laughed, placing his hand on Erica’s thigh.
Erica responded to the compliment with a sly smile, inching closer to Richard’s side.
“Isn’t this night beautiful? I don’t know, I just feel like something is going to happen.” Richard began, raising his other hand to play with the strands of Erica’s auburn hair.
His hand continued caressing Erica’s thigh and the hand in her hair went to grab the nape of her neck, bringing her close. Erica gave a smirk as she threw one leg on top of his. Richard gave a grin and he smashed his lips to Erica’s.
Erica got up to straddle his lap, never breaking the kiss and fisted her hands in Richard’s hair. Richard’s hands grabbed at her butt and he kissed her sloppily. Grunting, Richard pulled away before joining their lips again and urging Erica to open her mouth. Their tongues moved against one another and the grinding of the hips continued before the pair pulled back for oxygen.
“I have kissed more times than one can count, but this was something else. I am telling you, you should coach people.” Richard told Erica, squeezing the flesh of her ass in the shorts she wore.
“Why don’t you go take a shower? And I’ll treat you to my favorite sandwiches.” Erica suggested with a wink. Richard’s eyebrows furrowed, before he caught up with the underlying meaning of her sentence and the corner of his lips lifted up.
“Don’t you want to give me some company?” Richard’s eyes lit as his smile grew wide at the prospect.
“No. Go already! We have the rest of the night to ourselves anyway.” Erica pushed him away with a smirk on his face.
A while later, Richard came out of the bathroom, a towel loosely wrapped around his hips as he ran a hand through his wet hair.
“Hey I am out! Where are my sandwiches?” Richard called out, his voice in a sing-song. He frowned at the lack of an answer and entered the living room, looking around for Erica. The sound of shuffling caught his attention and he turned around with a smile on his face, only for it to be replaced with a horrified expression as he realized it wasn’t Erica.
“W-What.. who are y–” his sentence was cut off and replaced by a muffled scream as the person covered Richard’s mouth with a hand and slashed the blade against the skin of Richard’s chest.
Richard then fell to the ground groaning in pain as the person let him go. Blood oozed out of the wound, Richard pressing his hand on it to stop the bleeding.
“What.. w-why are you doing th–” once again, he was cut off as the person connected the blade to Richard’s leg, impaling the appendage. Shoving a cloth into Richard’s mouth, the screams of agony muting, and the person kneeled down next to him.
Richard’s eyes were wide with fear as his eyes darted towards the door, only to snap his eyes back to his tormenter as a chuckle escaped the unknown person’s mouth. Richard’s body trembled at the sight of a smirk on the person’s face and the eyes shining with a thirst for blood–his blood.
“Don’t worry. I’ll make this quick.” The person said and embedded the knife right into his chest, piercing his heart. Richard’s muffled scream was cut short as his cold body dropped to the floor and blood pooled around him.
“Phew! Another tough day at work.” The killer said aloud, looking at Richard’s limp body.

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